Mike Moustakas

USA Today

Rockies vs. Brewers

Two teams with freaking zombie blood.

October 05, 2018 - 10:40 am

Rockies. Brewers. Game One of the NLDS. Two teams with freaking zombie blood, that have been fighting for their lives for the better part of a month, got together in Beer City yesterday to kick off a best of five. And let's just say that things got weird.

Because last night wasn't a baseball game. It was a reboot of Flatliners. But instead of Kiefer and Julia and one of the Baldwin Bros taking turns putting themselves in the ground, it was the Brew Crew and Rocks going Flat Line for Flat Line, and each time these dudes looked left for dead, they put the paddles to their chest and got out of it. 

For 8 innings, the story of this game was simple. The Brewers had Christian Yelich and the Rocks didn't. Because in the bottom of the third with a runner on first, Yelich came to the plate. And instead of giving him the Barroid treatment and putting him on first base, Rockies starter Antonio Senzatela tried a change piece, and Yelich launched it half way to Whitefish Bay. 

Look, what this dude is doing is straight-up insane. Two more knocks last night. Three against the Cubs when they crashed the party at Wrigley. An on-base percentage of .500 in September to go along with 10 bombs and an OPS over thirteen-hundred. And I'm never gonna tell my man Buddy Black how to manage, but there are 8 other guys in the Brewers lineup. And I'd rather pitch to all of them then put another Rawlings anywhere near the bat of Christian Yelich. Do you think Jeets made the Brewers sign an NDA after he dropped that gift basket on their door step? Damn, was that an absolutely BRUTAL trade. 

But because this is Colorado and because this is Rocktober, you knew the Rocks weren't going quietly. Even after putting up just 1 hit through the first 8 innings. 

Gerardo Parra led off the ninth with a single. Matt Holiday chased it with a knock up the middle. And after Charlie Blackmon had a ground-rule double overturned after it missed the chalk by less than an inch, he manned up, went back to the dish and got himself another knock. 

Just like that, it's 2-1. And then the very next batter, Orlando Arcia made an error.  


Now the Rocks aren't just alive, they just put the Brewers are on their freaking backs. Bases juiced. No outs. Nolan Arenado at the dish. If you'd have told Brewers fans they'd be seeing the 10th inning they'd have been thrilled. Yet somehow they did. 

Arenado hit a sac fly. David Dahl hit a grounder to first. And after a little hot box and an absolutely macho strikeout of Trevor Story, the Brewers took this thing to extras and let MOOSE DO THE REST:

Walk-off winner. That's why Milwaukee went and got this dude. For moments like that. Moose was clutch as hell with the Royals in their World Series run, and a couple seasons later he's doing it for the Crew. 

One game, one absolutely crazy finish. Two teams dodging death like Mason Storm. And they're turning around and going at it AGAIN this afternoon. 

Love this match-up, love these teams. And sign me the hell up for five games of this.