Rod The Bod’s Men

Go Canes.

Jim Rome
May 02, 2019 - 10:16 am
Rod Brind'Amour

USA Today


A round and a half into the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and there's only one team ripping its way through the bracket right now. 

Rod Brind'Amour's Carolina Hurricanes. 

The Canes are on fire right now. Rod the Bod's men are kicking ass and taking names. And if you're looking for the moment this team turned into a monster, it's not hard to find it. 

Game Three, Round one. Nine minutes and one second left in the first period. When Alexander Ovechkin's right hand caved in Alexander Svechnikov's face. 

That punch was supposed to light the wick on another Cup run for the Caps. Instead, it put the freaking paddles to the Canes chest.

You talk about taking a freaking punch. The Canes literally took one of the most violent right hands ever delivered in the playoffs and they're freaking unstoppable now. 

Carolina is on a five-game winning streak. They're doing it at the toughest time of year against the toughest teams in the league. They ripped the belt of the champs in a Game 7 double overtime win. They walked into the Islanders building and ripped two more tight games. 

Then last night, back home for the first time in 9 days, JERK NATION showed up loud and proud. Every team has a rallying cry. But nobody has embraced being called a BUNCH OF JERKS like these dudes.  

And then they went out and stuffed the Islanders in a locker. 

You talk about the perfect recipe for a playoff win? Here you go. 

Fast start? Check.

Demoralizing Felony Theft between the pipes. Why not?

A freaking ridiculous penalty box, to dump pass, to one handed catch, to breakaway snipe? I'll have one of those.

And then a game-sealing dagger by Mr. Game Seven himself.

After two empty netters, Jerk Nation was rocking. And Rod the Bod delivered the perfect locker room message. 

You talk about a freaking boss. Coach Rod the bod walks into the room, starts his speech with, "I'll be brief, men," and then 30 seconds later that place is electric. The buttons this guy is pushing right now are incredible. 

He's turning the Islanders inside out after the Isle took a broom to the Penguins. That's not some chump on the other bench making line changes. That's Barry Trotz. And Rod's flexing on him like its Leg Day and he's pushing 600 pounds around on the Squat rack. 

This team is playing with crazy mojo right now. Curtis McElhinney makes his first playoff start ever a couple weeks shy of turning 36 and he's out there dominating. Justin Williams is delivering Game Winners at age 37. And the Canes went from wild card to one win away from the Eastern Conference Finals. 

There is no better time to get hot than the Stanley Cup Playoffs. And there is no hotter team on the planet than the Carolina Hurricanes. And these dudes turned getting one-punched into a 100 gallons of premium Jerk Fuel. 

Go Canes.