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Rondo Spitting Fire At CP3

I could not love this more.

October 24, 2018 - 11:41 am

If you thought Rajon Rondo v. CP3 started on Saturday night, you were wrong. And if you thought that fight ended Saturday night, you’re wrong again.

First off, the two guards have a long history with each other and it goes without saying, they’re not bros. And even though Saturday’s throw down ended with both guys being suspended and Rondo accused of spitting, it’s not ending there either. For one thing, Rondo is still insisting he didn’t spit on Paul: "I had a mouthpiece in my mouth and I [was] exasperated because I was about to tell him to 'get the bleep out of here.'”

That’s a strong opening argument. As far as arguments go, “I was exasperated because I was about to tell him to get the bleep out of here” is nice. 

Now Rondo moves on to the video evidence: "Look at my body language [in the video]. My hands on my hips. I turn away for a second. Look at Eric [Gordon] and Melo [Carmelo Anthony] in the video. If they saw me spit, they would have turned their face up or something. They had no reaction."

And he wasn’t done in his denials about whether or not he spit on Chris Paul. He moved from the video evidence to the theoretical. 

"One, if I spit on you, bottom line, there is not going to be no finger-pointing. If you felt that I just spit on you, then all bets are off. Two, look at my body language. If I spit on you on purpose, I'm going to be ready for a man to swing on me. You ain't going to have my hands on my hip and my head look away at someone if I spit on them.” 

Look, I don’t know if he did or did not spit on him and if he did or did not spit on him intentionally. The slow-mo, high definition video, sure makes it look like there is a liquid of some sort coming from Rondo to Paul, but Rondo is adamant that he didn’t do it.

He is also adamant about something else, something even spicier than spitting, if you can believe that. And here comes the pivot from the fight to Chris Paul as a person: “After the bleep goes down, within 30 seconds, you run and tell the sideline reporters that I spit on you? If I spit on you, you are trying to get to me. You not trying to make up a story so you can look like a good guy. It makes no sense to me.”

Rondo’s getting loose now. He’s worked the body repeatedly and now that he’s got his opponent to drop his hands, he’s going head hunting:  he’s looking to ice this cat: looking him to put into sleep: check this, quote: "Everyone wants to believe Chris Paul is a good guy. They don't know he's a horrible teammate. They don't know how he treats people. Look at what he did last year when he was in L.A.; trying to get to the Clippers' locker room. They don't want to believe he's capable of taunting and igniting an incident.”

The phrase “he just went there” has been beaten to death, but Rajon Rondo JUST. WENT. THERE. With Chris Paul. "Everyone wants to believe Chris Paul is a good guy. They don't know he's a horrible teammate.”

Calling someone a horrible teammate is such a great line. And calling Chris Paul, a guy who takes a lot of pride in his reputation, a horrible teammate is an even greater line. And of course it was Rondo who said it. He lives for this. He thrives on moments like this. I mean, how many times you have heard that about Paul behind the scenes. Countless. But how many times have you heard another NBA player put it right on the record like that?  Have a guy come right out and say what I always say about most of these guys: that we really don’t them. Well, that’s exactly what Rondo just did: in effect, he’s saying y’all think Paul is a good guy, but y’all really don’t know him. But I do. And he’s a horrible teammate.

Rondo says he didn’t spit on Saturday night, but he was spitting fire yesterday. That is venom. And it is incredible. And he wasn’t backing down from it. The only thing missing was a “did I stutter?”

And of course that set off a reaction on social media. 

Daryl Morey, Rockets GM and one of the greatest Twitter users in the game, went with an image of a pot and a kettle.

Genius. Big Baby Davis, on the other hand, didn’t take the subtle, artistic route. He went with the Instagram post that read “I played with both of them. CP3 is a very bad teammate.”

And then he deleted the post. Come on, Glen. If you’re going to post it, keep it. It’s not like it wasn’t seen and everyone now knows about it. Deleting it doesn’t change anything. Stand by your opinion, because it’s interesting.

The fight was Saturday night. It’s now Wednesday and punches are still being thrown. And I love it. I could not love this more. 

And I will remind you all that the NBA season is just one week old. We’re only a couple of games into the season and we’ve already had a fight, an aging rock star kicked out of the arena, and a “horrible teammate” blast directed at one of the best players in the league. And. Y’all are tripping on the Lakers being 0-3. I can’t remember the last time I was this fired up on the Lakers or the association overall in the month October.

Did he spit on Paul or not. If he did, what’s it say about Rondo? And is Rondo when he says Paul isn’t at all what he’ll have you believe, in fact, Paul is actually a horrible teammate. Hit me up.