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Ross Tucker

The NFL analyst talks training camp.

July 22, 2019 - 10:57 am

Info & Stats: Football Analyst

All Topics: NFL Training Camps opening | Training Camp as a players is not fun | The NFL not suspending Tyreek Hill | Surprised that the NFL didn’t suspend him | Jarran Reed being suspended six games | Rob Gronkowski’s retirement

July 22nd 2019

Feb 13th 2019

All Topics: Joe Flacco being traded to Denver | John Elway’s quarterback moves in Denver | Elway having so much trouble finding the right quarterback in Denver outside of Peyton Manning | Qb available now | Nick Foles | Kyler Murray | Likes Kyler | Oklahoma had the best offensive line in college football | Rob Gronkowski’s back



Jun 29th 2019

All Topics: Pre-game spread food | Super Bowl 53 pre-game spread | NFL Tailgates | Working the sidelines for cold games | The Patriots offensive line | Dante Scarnecchia | Explains what Scarnecchia does so well | Tom Brady’s competiveness |

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Nov 19th 2018

All Topics: 2018 Season | New Orleans Saints are the best team in football | Drew Brees is playing the quarterback position as good as anyone ever has | Sean Payton going for it on 4th and 7 while they were up big | Philadelphia Eagles | Philly’s play has been stunning | The Eagles are not mentally in the game | Frank Reich in Indy | Andrew Luck hasn’t been sacked in five weeks | Losing Reich and Joe DeFilippo | Drew Bledsoe incentivized his lineman when he kept them clean | Lamar Jackson’s first start | Jackson’s running too much |



Sept 24th 2018

All Topics: Week 3 | New England Patriots | Matt Patricia’s game plan vs. Pats | 2018 New England Patriots | Everyone always wants to shovel dirt on the New England dynasty | Buffalo Bills beating the Minnesota Vikings is what makes the NFL great | Josh Allen’s game | Buffalo’s defense | Josh Allen | Jimmy Garoppolo injury | Jimmy signing that life changing contract | Clay Matthews continues to get flagged for unnecessary roughness | Earl Thomas not practicing because the team is not investing in him | Thomas puts Pete Carroll’s entire culture at risk