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Russ Has A New Contract

And a cringey video.

April 16, 2019 - 12:35 pm

According to reports, Russell Wilson has a new contract. And according to Jim Rome, that’s a good idea. This was always kind of a weird story. There was the deadline that Wilson set for the team to get him a deal by midnight last night. And there was the suggestion that the Seahawks might ignore that deadline. Or that they might deal him.

That silly season stuff got to the point where you had Tyrann Mathieu tweeting that Russ wanted to go to New York. And then there was a ton of digital ink spilled over what the Giants should give up for Russ. Hey, here’s an idea: everything. Give up everything to get him. Because if you don’t have an elite quarterback, you don’t have anything. 

That might be a gross oversimplification and yes, you shouldn’t do a Hershel Walker trade to get him, but in the NFL, there are two types of teams: ones who have elite quarterbacks and ones who don’t. And there’s only one type of team who wins consistently – the ones with elite quarterbacks.

So if you have an NFL team and you want to win NFL games, you better have an NFL quarterback. And Russell Wilson is an NFL quarterback.

If you find one, you keep him, until you can’t keep him any longer. 

Which is why all the noise…, all the hemming and hawing about whether Seattle would pay him or should pay him, was ridiculous. If they were serious, they’d pay him. And they did.

Reportedly to the tune of a four-year, $140 million extension that includes a $65 million signing bonus. And that deal makes him the highest paid player in the NFL. 

Great. Grand. Wonderful. 

Turns out that deadline worked. So how do you celebrate that? With this video from bed.

Okay then. You do you.  And nothing is more Russ than that video….which gets its own take a little later. For now, sticking to the football part of this…

Look, the fact that he has a new contract isn’t surprising. Let’s not make this complicated. Is Russell Wilson a good quarterback? Yes. Should you pay him? Yes. Okay, thanks. We’re done. 

So it’s not surprising that he has a new deal. Just like it’s not surprising that he’s the highest paid player in the league. This should not be something that people freak out about. Really. 

Is he the best player in the NFL? 

No, but that title of “highest-paid player in the NFL” is always about two things: being a quarterback and timing. 

Because Russell Wilson took that belt from Aaron Rodgers who took it from Matt Ryan who took it from Kirk Cousins who took it from Jimmy Garoppolo who took it from Matthew Stafford and so on. 

So given the list of other guys who’ve had the title, is there any reason that Wilson shouldn’t have it? No. He has a Super Bowl.  He should have two. He’s been to one Pro Bowl after another. There is no doubt that he deserves to be paid. 

I know that Wilson is a polarizing player for some, but that argument is old and tired. The fact is, he was a third round pick who was thought to be too small to play in the NFL. Remember when there was a debate over Russell Wilson or Matt Flynn? 

That debate ended a while ago. And he’s worked to put himself in the spot to be the highest paid player in the league. He’s earned his money. Teams don’t give that away. So good for him. 

And no, I don’t care that Wilson’s deal makes it hard for teams to sign other guys because of the salary cap. And I’m not interested in your breakdown of teams that win the Super Bowl and how that compares with the salary cap hit the quarterback takes. That’s not Wilson’s problem. That’s the team’s problem. 

And it’s an artificial problem with a very simple solution: raise the salary cap. NFL teams aren’t hurting for money. Each team could add 10 to 20 mill to the cap and not even notice. 

These are guys who play a very violent game and take a lot of hits. Wilson has taken more than his share over the years. He deserves to be paid and he’s getting paid. It’s very simple. Don’t make it complicated. He got paid. And he earned it. Period. And yes, I’ll get to the part of the take that you really want: his cringey announcement from the sack, a little bit later.