Bill Belichick and Tom Brady

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Same. Damn. Pats.

The Pats are done when Tom and the Hood say they're done.

January 21, 2019 - 10:22 am

New England 37, Kansas City 31. And boil this game down; Strip away everything -- the Kansas City comeback, the controversial replay decisions, the mind-numbing offsides penalty. The multiple fourth quarter lead changes. Hell -- even the Tony Romo sorcery... It all comes down to Three Simple Words: 


I tweeted it in real time as it was all going down and I'll repeat it here: That game was so predictable and still so unreal. That game was the most Chiefs game ever AND the most Patriots game ever

Patrick Mahomes took all of Kansas City and strapped it to his back. Patrick Mahomes played a second half for the ages. The Chiefs scored 31 points in the 2nd half. On just 32 PLAYS. And they STILL didn't win. 

Because this all came down to one thing and one man. 

A coin flip. And Tom Freaking Brady. 

Whoever came up with the saying that "Tails Never Fails" never got in the ear of the Pats special teams captain. Matthew Slater called heads last night in Arrowhead. And after he got it, he said ONE THING: "We want the ball." 

Look, I'll get to the GOAT in a second. But how about a minute for the GOAT of coin flips, Matthew Freaking Slater? The dude has been calling heads for every coin flip for almost 8 years running. And with both offenses trading scores for the final FIVE possessions of regulation, there might not have been a more important coin flip in NFL history... And Slater nailed it. 

In the middle of telling cheesy dad jokes to Jim Nantz during the Lamar Hunt trophy presentation, even TB12 put some respect on Slater for the absolutely brass call. 

If Chiefs fans want to feel even WORSE about today, just think about what could've been had Dee Ford not lined up offsides, and had Matt Slater not called heads. Because once the Pats got the ball you knew one thing: They weren't giving it back. There was no way they were going to let Patrick Mahomes get his hands on that rock.

And with bonus time running, and Patty Big Gun stuck on the sideline, Tom Brady did what Tom Brady does: He started gutting dudes. 

Say what you want about this guy, and believe me -- I have. But there's absolutely no denying that this dude is still an assassin. 13 plays, 75 yards. And three absolutely clutch 3rd-and-10 conversions. 

Third and 10 from their own 35, Brady finds Julian Edelman with an absolute rope for 20 yards.

Two plays later, 3rd and 10 from Kansas City's 45, TB12 finds J.E.11 for 15 more to move the sticks.

And finally, 3rd and 10 at the 30, Gronk is split wide and in 1 on 1 coverage, and the two hall of famers did it one more time.

I know technically, that wasn't BALLGAME, but let's be real: That was ballgame. Three 3rd-and-10 conversions. Three chances for the Chiefs D to get off the field and give the ball to Mahomes, and they just couldn't get it done. 

And now the Pats are headed back to their 3rd straight Super Bowl, their 4th in five years and the NINTH in Brady's career, and it's the SAME DAMN PATS. 

Look, let's be straight: Slogan t-shirts that you sell for 30 bucks that say "BET AGAINST US" are lame. They are tired. They are completely, 100%, NOT bad-ass. 

But walking into Arrowhead, going toe-to-toe with the best young star to hit the league MAYBE EVER, and walking out with a win? That's totally bad-ass. 

That was vintage Gronk -- 6 catches, 79 yards, and 2 absolutely clutch late-game grabs. That was Julian Edelman as gritty as freaking ever. That was THE HOOD game-planning a first half that was absolutely incredible. And that was TB12 doing what everybody on the planet expected him to do. 

Dude slayed the dragon. Then he f-bombed the postgame interview.

And then he hit Jim Nantz with an all-time terrible joke, on Josh McDaniels having a touchdown play on his play sheet. 

"YES I DO." TB12 is the coolest dude on the planet until he opens his mouth. But don't get it twisted: He is also a stone cold killa. Who has a chance to win Ring Number Six. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The Pats are done when Tom and the Hood say they're done. And after one of the craziest years ever, they're right back where they always are: Playing for another Lombardi. 

Same. Damn. Pats.