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Padre fans, how are you feeling?

February 20, 2019 - 9:19 am

Padre fans, how are you feeling this morning? White Sox fans, how are you feeling? And yes, those two are linked. 

Let’s start with San Diego. 





Manny Machado! 


Machado and the Padres reportedly agreed to a 10 year, 300 million dollar deal. That would make it the largest free agent deal in the history of American sports. 300 mill for ten years to live and work in San Diego. Not bad. Not bad at all.

And if you’re shocked that the Padres pulled this off, get in line. The guy in second place in that line is none other than Villanova basketball coach Jay Wright. I broke the news to him yesterday here in the Jungle. Roll it.

But as shocked as noted Phillies fan Jay Wright is, he’s still not nearly as stunned, and floored and pained by the move as the Chicago White Sox.

White Sox executive vice president Kenny Williams was involved in the Machado talks and he can’t believe he and the White Sox just got punked by the Padres.

And what it is, is, you getting absolutely embarrassed by San Diego. America’s Finest City just got over on The Second City. San Diego 1, Chicago 0. Scoreboard. Look up at it.  

Credit to Williams for wearing his sunglasses to hide his shocked face… and he should be shocked. Because Chicago went all in on Machado.

They signed his good friend Jon Jay as a free agent. You know you want a guy when you’re willing to sign his friend. But that’s not all. 

They also acquired Yonder Alonso, Manny’s brother-in-law, too. So they went to get his friend and his brother-in-law and Machado still said no. That’s not shocking, that’s humiliating. And pretty hilarious. 

And nice try by the Sox over the offseason to say those moves were just about adding pieces to their roster. Sure they weren’t. You just happened to sign the close friend and brother-in-law of your number one target, but they’re just pieces you’re adding? Hell no. 

Don’t get me wrong. I respect the hustle. That’s smart thinking. You were doing whatever you could to get Machado and you still couldn’t get him. You were a day or two away from bringing in his mailman and his butcher, just to make sure you could get him. 

And he still wanted nothing to do with you. You’re bringing in his friends and family and he still hit you with a Heisman. 

And I know what you’re thinking – Machado passed on Chicago because they reportedly weren’t offering as much. You know, the report they were offering him 8 years for $250 mill instead of 10 for 300 in San Diego. And that might be the case. 

And if that is the case, then that’s on Chicago, because it was pretty clear that Machado wasn’t signing for less than 300 mill. So if you want to get him, forget paying his friends and family, pay him. 

But wait, about that contract offer from the White Sox. According to reports that they really seem to want to get out there, it could’ve gone over 300 mill with incentives. And Williams seemed to be implying that in his comments to the media while wearing his shocked face. 

I’m not sure what’s worse – the White Sox thinking that they were going to get Machado and not getting him, or the White Sox still trying to argue that their deal was the best deal? Because if that’s true,  that means that he’s taking less money to go elsewhere, which isn’t the message I’d want to be selling. Or is that just fake hustle after the fact. Losing the race, but sprinting at the end and saying that you really could’ve won if you wanted to or if people really paid attention. Either way, you lost. 

And you lost him to the team that got Fernando Tatis Junior from you and it looks awful.  

Ah, well, White Sox fans, at least you can start making plans to trade for Bryce Harper’s extended family members, to bribe him into signing. After all, you’ve got the money that you would’ve given Machado, maybe that can bring Harper.

Or ehhhhh! 

Because according to Jon Heyman, the Padres are all over that too. Heyman tweeted: Padres are pulling off one surprise (once Manny’s finalized) but here’s another shocker : they aren’t ruling out Bryce Harper, too. 110M payroll (with MM) is still lower than most.

The only thing more legendary than ripping Machado from the White Sox would be ripping Machado and Harper from the entire league. Holy freaking crap that would be legendary. And doing it a year after signing Eric Hosmer for $140 mill.

I’m not saying that would guarantee them a World Series, but it would set off the biggest party San Diego has seen in a long time. What a moment that would be for the Padres. 

The Phillies came into the offseason talking about signing not one, but both of the big name free agents and now the Padres could rip them both? 

San Diego, a team that has been quietly developing the best farm system in baseball now has Manny Machado and could get Bryce Harper?!? Get the hell out and look the hell out. That would be incredible. 

They’ve already got a roster loaded with young talent and then you add not one, but two perennial all-stars. That would be completely insane. That’s taking the rebuild and hitting it with a couple Red Bulls. Do that and you put yourself in position to take a big step this year. 


Mission valley!

El Cajon!


And even if they don’t, they still have Machado. And even if some of you hate the move, because you hate the guy, I like it. I like the message it sends. Message being, we’re not going to just sit back and say, we have this tremendous farm system, and a five year plan, and we’re going to maintain payroll flexibility and then ask the fans to be patient. No.  They’re taking their shot. And it’s a big brass swing. And they want to win right now, not in three to five years. And I respect the hell out of it. Machado has done some things, I’m sure he’d like to have back. Some things I would never condone, and didn’t like. But I like the move. I like what it represents. He’s a gold glove third baseman. And excellent shortstop. Big bat. 26 years old; one of the top free agents available, and the Padres took him down. And they punked the White Sox to do it. I really do like the move for San Diego. Just make me look bad for saying it, my man. But I do like it.