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How are you feeling right about now, Raider fans?

December 12, 2018 - 10:02 am

Give me some Autumn Wind. And give it to me now. 

Normally, when I open a show with Autumn Wind, it’s because the Oakland Raiders have just smashed someone and the phone lines are jammed with people yelling the Silver and Black are back. Raider Mike is crushing the Raider boards and Autumn Wind is a victory song.

But not today. Today, it’s a mourning song. 

And not for the 3-10 season. Not for the trades of Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper. And not for the fact that this was a playoff team two years ago and now they’re arguably the worst team in the league.

It’s worse than all of that. Because it looks right now that the Oakland Raiders have three weeks left in their existence. Three weeks. 

And just one game left in Oakland, on December 24th against the Broncos.

Why the change? Well, the City of Oakland filed a lawsuit against the Raiders yesterday “to recover damages resulting from the Raiders’ illegal move to Las Vegas, including lost revenue, money that Oakland taxpayers invested in the Raiders and other costs.”

I’m not going to get into the details of antitrust law and the city’s assertion that the team violated the NFL’s own policy on moving, but after reading that press release, it’s pretty safe to say, the City doesn’t seem fired up about extending its lease with the Raiders for another year. Not when the city attorney being quoted as saying the defendants “brazenly violated federal antitrust law and the league’s own policies when they boycotted Oakland as a host city.” 

The release went on to say: “For years, the NFL defendants – a carefully limited number of football clubs – have been recognized as a “cartel” in the marketplace for professional football.”

A “cartel” blast? Normally, you hear that and you think you’re watching Narcos on Netflix, not the Raiders on Sunday.

Team owner Mark Davis told ESPN that the suit was “meritless and malicious” and that he would have no further comment. Except for one further comment: "My feeling is we're 3-10 and we're still relevant. It's a legal issue, and I'll let the attorneys make any further comment." 

Uhh, what? “My feeling is we’re 3-10 and we’re still relevant” not sure what the hell that means. But I’ll take a stab: Translation: we suck, but people still pay attention. Right. They’re paying attention because you’re a freaking train wreck. 

You’re in the news and people still talk about you not because of anything good you’ve done on the field, because there’s none of that: people still care because you’re being sued by the city where your team plays and because you don’t have anywhere to go or anywhere to play next season. That’s why you’re relevant. Because we’re all slowing down to rubber neck that trainwreck of a football team and organization you have. Dude has this Jerry Jones thing working where he doesn’t give a damn what they say about them, as long as they’re talking about them. The all publicity is good publicity thing: but it’s not. And especially not as it relates to the Raiders, Davis, and Chunk Gruden.

So again the question, where the hell are these going guys going to play next year. We can assume, not Oakland. Now when you consider this report filed by Jason Cole: High ranking Raiders official said today there is “no way” the team plays in Oakland in the 2019 season after the city filed suit today. Source said there are 5 or 6 cities the team will consider, including some that already have NFL teams.

And if they’re not in Oakland, they’re officially homeless. 

And let me cut this off right here, there will be no bumsmack as it relates to the Raiders. In fact, there will be no bumsmack at all.

I’m not interested in “War the Raiders owner having to cut his own hair to save money” blasts. From the looks of things, he ALREADY DOES THAT. Or Kirk Hinrich cuts Davis’ hair with his spoon. But that’s neither here nor there. We’re not talking about that.  We’re talking about where the Raiders are going to play. And what they’re going to do.  The Raiders will find a place to play. They aren’t going to be using stale bread as a football and traffic lights as goalposts. Nobody in silver and black will be playing flag football with toilet paper. They won’t play in a parking lot with the yellow lines for parking spaces as yardlines and shopping carts as first down markers. And they certainly won’t be using hollowed out melons as helmets.

But where will they be playing?

The new stadium in Las Vegas won’t be ready next season, playing at UNLV’s home stadium for a season doesn’t make sense because of all the improvements it would need. What about squatting in the 49ers joint for a year? 

According to Cole, that’s a non-starter: Source also said the Raiders won’t play at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara and likely nowhere in Northern California at all.

So where does that leave them? San Diego has been mentioned a number of times. How that is grab ya, San Diego. Not only did you lose your team to one of your biggest enemies ever, L.A., now, your single biggest enemy ever, the Raiders and Raider Fan could potentially move in and try take over your hood. 

Then, Instead of having Raider fans come down once a year for Hell Week, you could have them in your city eight times a year during the regular season.  But not to play your team. Because they would be YOUR TEAM! HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE: Instead gearing up to give Raider Fan the hands, you would become RAIDER FAN!   ACTUALLY HAS AN AWESOME RING TO IT: THE SAN DIEGO RAIDERS!  SAAAAN DIEEGOOO SUPER RAIDUSH!! SING IT WITH ME, EVERYONE, SAAAN DIEEEGOO SUPA RAIDUHS!!

And how are you feeling right about now, Raider fans? One game left in Oakland. And what a year to go out on. Remember when Mark Davis and Chunkie were feeding you that bullcrap about winning you a world championship before they bounced? Yeah, that, or fielding the worst team in the NFL. I always say gimme and A or gimme an F. And Davis was bumping his gums like he was going to dominate that class only to end up as the dumbest kid in it.  F-.

And while you had to pay for and endure this unbelievable tank job, you won’t even get to watch them rise again, in the event they do: Vegas gets that, when you were the ones who put it all the sweat equity. And even that’s not going to happen immediately, which brings us back to the original point: where the hell are these guys going to play next year?  I don’t know. I just hope its San Diego, because that means the Raiders haven’t hit rock bottom; they can sink even lower. And the only thing worse for the fans of San Diego than losing their beloved Chargers to Los Angeles, would be having their most hated enemy come in and replace them. Sing it with me San Diego!  San Diego Suuuuper Raiders!! 

El Cajon! LA MESA! LEMON GROVE! PACIFIC BEACH! I wanna hear from you!  For years you wanted to knock Raider fan the hell out. Now, you are Raider fan!!!! Is thing on?? Anyone with a pulse!!

Have to feel for Charger fan: great, great fan base: but one that has been jacked around, had their team ripped from them and now we’re talking having the enemy post up and take their money, drink their booze, eat their grub and sleep in their beds. Charger fan, any way you‘d allow that. Any way that could ever happen. San Diego, if this team shows up on your doorstep, would you take them in, would you support them.