I’ve got the perfect word to describe Nuggets-Blazers Game 6 last night.

Jim Rome
May 10, 2019 - 10:06 am
Zach Collins

USA Today


I’ve got the perfect word to describe Nuggets-Blazers Game 6 last night. One word and one word only. And that word comes courtesy of Seth Curry. But I’ll get to that in a second. First, let me set the stage.

Denver smashed Portland by 26 in Game 5 to take a 3-2 lead. Portland was coming back home with their backs against the wall and their season on the line. Could Dame and CJ get going? Did they have an answer for the Joker and the Anchorman inside?

And it’s a weird thing about Dame. He came into last night averaging more than 26 points per game. Just about every player and every team on the planet would be hyped about that. But you know he wasn’t. And the way he’s been playing, Denver was absolutely pumped that they had held him to 26 per game. But you know how it works with Dame, you can hold him down for only so long.

Dame Time is coming, whether you like it or not. Like Father Time and Tax Time, Dame Time is coming for you. It’s coming for us all. And it arrived last night in the second half.

In the third quarter, it was time for Dame Lillard to go Logo Lizard, with moments like this.

And this.

Sure, those shots are only worth three points, but let’s be real, they’re worth more. Especially when they’re chased by the opponent calling a time out. That’s what Dame wants. That’s what he lives for.

"Because I know how it feels being on the other side, the visiting team, when the crowd is going crazy and you've got to call a timeout. You've got to regroup and go in the huddle and have these conversations.” Then he added: “I guess that is true. I look for those moments."

He had 17 of his 32 in the third quarter. He was 2 for 2 from 30 feet for the game. An elimination game was the perfect time for Dame Time.

But it wasn’t just about Lillard. There was Rodney Hood coming up huge with 25 points. He had it all working – spot-up jumpers, getting to the bucket, and Euro stepping dudes into oblivion.

And it was Zach Collins blocking one shot after another. And CJ doing what CJ does.  Only problem… Denver kept doing what they do. They didn’t roll over. They kept battling as you knew they would, which is why this series has been so good. And so tight. And why we’re going to a Game 7 after Portland won 119-108.

Which brings me back to the perfect word to describe this game and this series. And that word came from this incident in the fourth quarter.

As Joker was driving to the basket, Collins slid over to draw the charge. And Collins hit the deck, as anyone would when Joker collides with them and that took Collins into Denver’s Will Barton a little bit. Curry went over to help up Collins, and gave Barton a nudge in the process, and Barton was having none of that.

The Curry nudge was met with a Barton shove. Curry took a step back, probably surprised that someone took exception to him helping up his own teammate. Then both guys start walking towards each other and then it’s on. And by it’s on, I really mean it’s in, as in Barton’s finger was in Curry’s eye.

And at that point, it was only the fact that Curry was being held back by teammates that prevented it from being an even bigger incident. You don’t put your finger in another dude’s eye and not expect there to be trouble. Four technicals were handed out, but really, the finest moment of that incident came after the game, when Curry described the incident. And the game. And the series.

And described with in an instantly legendary quote:

"He waited for a few people to get in between us, and when a few people were in between us, he put his finger in my eye. You know what I'm saying. I can't allow people to put their fingers in my eye.”

That’s the first part. And it’s awesome. He’s calling out Barton for being fake tough by waiting for people to get in between them before starting something. And then he’s dropping this: “I can't allow people to put their fingers in my eye.”

Like, hey Barton…yo man….you know, I have a strict “no-fingers-in-my-eye-policy.” Hey man… read the sign. I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them.

But that isn’t even the best part, because a good quote got even better. Roll it.

"That's real sassy. They got a few sassy dudes over there. Front-runners.”

Like damn. Those dudes are SASSY! I’m not sure I’ve ever heard an NBA’er, hell an PROFESSIONAL athlete of any sort, crack some other professional athletes for being SASSY. But my guy just did it! Twice. A few sassy dudes over there. And not just sassy dudes, but sassy front runners! 

What a legendary description for this series: it’s sassy.  Helluva lot SASS going back and for between these two teams. And it takes a different breed of cat to go with an eye gouge; you know, a cat with a helluva lot of sass. Seriously, when you look at these nuggets, what’s the first thing you think of?  That crew is sassy as hell.  This is not a crew you want to mess with.  Because they will GO.  And they will Sass.  They’ll give you the hands.  And the Sass.  Tell me how my SASS taste!!  And if it sounds like I love this quote, it’s because I do. I’m not even sure why I love it so much. Maybe it’s’ because it’s some freaky…Sassy!!

Another reason Seth Curry doesn’t get nearly the credit or respect he deserves. Sure, it can’t be easy being both Steph’s brother and Dell’s son, but damn my guy carries himself.  And deserves more respect than he’s getting, considering what he does on both ends of the floor and what he means to the Blazers. And most of all what he means to the planet, when he brings the Sass the way he does. Because sassy is an amazing word and that’s an incredible quote. So get your SASS in gear, because we have a Game 7. Gas, grass and Sass, no one rides for free. And if you’re not down, you got it all sass-backwards. Because dudes will be looking to OPEN A CAN OF WHOOP SASS.  DAMN THIS TAKE GOT SASSY!