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Schilling On World Series Snub

Could you imagine if he was upset?

October 26, 2018 - 11:10 am

With Boston two wins away from their fourth World Series of the century, there's a very real chance that Fenway Park has seen its last game of the season. And if it has, let's just say that Boston did it right. 

Titletown pulled out all the stops. Game 1 had The Hood dropping some smooth voice over. Edelman and TB12 were throwing shade at LA. James Taylor rocked that incredible anthem and Yaz threw out the first pitch. 

But don't sleep on Game Two's Festivities. 

Because if you happened to forget in the last 24 hours that Boston is better at sports than your town, the Red Sox flexed again, when they got some of the old crew back together who basically started this whole run. THE IDIOTS. The team that killed the curse Cowboy'd up one more time and threw out the first pitch together. 

TEK. Wake. Kevin Millar. Pedro. Keith Foulke. Big Papi. Hell, there was even an Alan Embree sighting. THE ENTIRE CREW WAS THERE. WELL, ALL BUT ONE... THE one dude who was as responsible for the moment as any of them. That one dude? Curt Schilling. 

And if you thought Curt might have something to say about that, you're damn right he did. 

Because after briefly taking the high road on Twitter and saying "No worries..." and "it's all good," Schill thumbed out an absolutely amazing statement on Facebook that made it pretty clear not only did dude not get this invite, he’ll get another to Fenway: not after he tried to burn that yard to the ground:

"The men who sit in that ivory tower and pass their judgment from on high know EXACTLY what I did and it shames them as men knowing they’ll never in their lives be able to do anything remotely close to that. I can wake up tomorrow and peek at the 3 World Series Trophies, or put on the 3 World Series Rings and know what was and is. I don’t need a ceremony to know what we did that year. I believe to this day that year made all the subsequent years possible and ONLY that group of men could do what we did."

So no, I didn’t get invited, I didn’t get snubbed. I just didn’t get an invitation from a few weak ‘men’ who’ve spent their entire lives paying and watching other men achieve.’ 

That's an incredible statement for about a thousand different reasons. One, that's Curt Schilling, World Series hero, going scorched earth on Red Sox leadership with all sorts of crazy Curt Schilling smack wrapped into it. People in Ivory Towers. "Weak men who've spent their entire lives paying and watching other men achieve." 

This is a dude who should've never had to buy a beer in Boston ever again for the rest of his life and he's out there throwing blow torches at the franchise that he carried through an October with that bloody sock and epic smack about Mystique and Aura being "dancers in a nightclub." 

Now this dude is ranting on Facebook like that crazy aunt or uncle you blocked on social a long time ago, and he's wondering why the Sox found Alan Embree and trotted him out on the hill instead of letting Curt on the premises. 

In his Facebook statement, Curt linked to a podcast where he laid out the source of this blood feud. And believe it or not it wasn't anything this dude has done during his controversial career post-baseball, it was about the one-year, 8-million dollar contract Schill signed in 2008. Apparently the team thought Curt didn't play it straight about the health of his shoulder and 10 years later this dude is still hung up about it. 

Look, Curt Schilling has done some crazy things since retiring from baseball. Dude made 115 million dollars during a 20 year career and managed to light that money -- and 60-plus million dollars of Rhode Island's -- on fire with a failed video game venture. He got fired from ESPN for making idiotic public statements. And he died on one of the all-time weirdest hills to die on when he went on Fox Business Channel back in the day. 

But beefing with the Sox over an injury disagreement a decade later might be crazier than all of those.  

Curt used to be one of the most interesting guys in sports. The guy you wanted to talk to. He used to come on this program and he was always great. Now he's the guy lighting up his old team with Facebook manifestos because he WASNT UPSET about not getting invited to join a group of teammates throwing out the first pitch. 

Could you imagine if he WAS UPSET? 

The old Curt Schilling becoming the new Curt Schilling might be the craziest transformation in sports. A guy who should be remembered as one of the greatest clutch pitchers in all of baseball is now a dude who is lighting his old team on fire because somebody forgot to lick a stamp.