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Tip your cap and keep moving.

January 09, 2019 - 1:34 pm

It’s Wednesday, so everyone has had a full day for Clemson’s beatdown of Alabama to sink in. Feels like it would be a good time to check in on the Alabama players and see how they’re doing. Answer: not great. That was a beat that is going to take a while to get over. And it’s not just that they lost, it’s that they have to hear about it from everyone for the entire offseason. 

Nothing is more tired than the concept of calling something a “hot take.” That phrase can take a seat on the bench next to screaming “are you not entertained” after anything that is remotely entertaining. 

That said, in the wake of Nick Saban and Alabama being humiliated on national television, some folks were flying in with the most whack claims about what this meant for Saban and for the future of Alabama football. Plenty of folks were looking to be the first to declare that Clemson was the new Alabama, that Dabo is the new Saban, and that Alabama is finished.

But even those ideas, as absurd as they were, were nothing compared to what Alabama defensive lineman Quinnen Williams has been going with. Now, before I share it, let me remind you a little about who Quinnen Williams is. He’s the Outland Trophy winner this year. He could very well be the first pick in this year’s draft. And he’s got takes for days. 

Takes like this on Clemson’s offense: 

“They weren’t hard at all. They were very easy. They capitalized on a lot of mental errors. We made a lot of mental errors. They didn’t come out and do nothing special. We played greater offense than that – Oklahoma offense or Georgia offense. We just made a lot of mental errors and they capitalized. That’s what good teams do – they capitalize on mental errors.”

Uhhh, what? Clemson could’ve named their score and you’re telling me that they weren’t hard at all. Quote: “They were very easy”? 

They averaged more than 7 and a half yards per play and they were easy? C’mon, man. . What would they have done if their offense WAS  as good as Oklahoma’s or Georgia’s? If they put up 44, which in fairness to Williams, includes a pick six, with a “very easy” offense, what could they have done with a hard one. 70? 80?

But Williams had more: “They really didn’t do anything that caught us off guard. We knew everything was coming. We ran a zone and they ran go routes. 50-50 balls. Trevor Lawrence threw the ball up — it ain’t like he just put it on the money, dropped dimes, none of that. He just threw them up and the receivers made plays. You’ve got to give all the respect to the receivers.”

My man, if you hit Trevor Lawrence as hard during the game as you just did after the game, maybe you’d have won that game. 

Look, I get it, you want to make sure the receivers get their due. And they did. Justyn Ross put on a damn clinic. He had a year’s worth of highlights in one game against you, so sure, you want to show him some love. But are you kidding me with “Trevor Lawrence just threw the ball up”? 

That’s the angle you’re taking on that one? Because that’s ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as those plays Justyn Ross made on y’all.

But let’s circle back to the idea of Alabama’s defense knowing everything that was coming. If that was true, what the hell happened? 

Because they looked completely lost out there. Like they had NO idea what was coming. Guys were routinely running free in the secondary. They never got any pressure on Lawrence. Clemson did whatever it wanted on offense, and that’s apparently with an easy offense and Alabama’s defense knowing what was coming.  

You just lost and it really sucks to lose. It hurts. And maybe you don’t want to hype the opponent after a beatdown like that. But tip your cap and keep moving. Trevor Lawrence played a hell of a game. He wasn’t sacked. He didn’t have a turnover. And he threw for more than 300 yards. 

Watching the game, you might have thought that Trevor Lawrence was a lock to be the first pick in the draft as soon as he’s eligible, but Williams wasn’t that impressed.

“The receivers really adjusted on every ball he threw. Because he didn’t throw great balls. He didn’t throw pinpoint balls. He just threw 50-50 balls. He threw it up. They have receivers that make plays and their receivers made plays.”

Uhh, Q. Trevor Lawrence just had 374 total yards and three touchdowns. He barely threw a bad ball all night. That wasn’t just a matter of throwing the ball up or throwing 50-50 balls every time he dropped back. 

Again, I know you’re young and I know it hurts to lose on the biggest stage, especially the way that you lost. But saying that Clemson’s offense was easy and that Trevor Lawrence just threw the ball up is a terrible look.  AND ALMOST AS BAD AS YOU ALL LOOKED ON THE FIELD. 

To quote the great Phil Jackson, give them some bleeping credit. I mean, for real.