Scott Frost

The head coach sees the same progress in Nebraska as he did at UCF.

May 13, 2019 - 4:00 pm

Info & Stats: Nebraska Head Coach

All Topics: 86,000 fans at Spring Game | Ameer Abdullah’s compliments of a Scott Frost program | Former alumni supporting the program | Recruiting to the program | Decision to embrace the walk-on program once again | First season at Nebraska | Year 1 was about growth | Culture | Attitudes changed after Purdue loss | Time at UCF | | Outside linebacker coach, Jovan Dewitt’s battle with throat cancer | His time as a player in the Nebraska program |

May 13th 2019

Aug 14th 2018

All Topics: First 8 months as Nebraska’s head coach | Nebraska’s historical standard | Having Nebraska alum’s in to speak with current team | Having Tom Osborne in his corner | Already building momentum with this team | Expectations for 2018 Season | Chip Kelly |



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