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NFL Red Zone host joined Jim.

Jim Rome
July 22, 2020 - 12:07 pm

Info & Stats:  NFL Red Zone Host

All Topics: COVID-19 | His father Dick passing away last month after battling cancer | Patrick Mahomes contract | Mahomes leaving money on the table | NFL cancelling all preseason games | Could be some rough football to start the season | Arizona Cardinals | NFC West | Preparation for the season | Magazine guy

July 22nd 2020

Apr 8th 2020

All Topics: COVID-19 | NFL Red Zone replay is on for 17 consecutive days leading up to the draft | Normal NFL Sunday for him | Week long prep for Sunday’s games | 7 hours of commercial free football every Sunday | Studio is extremely small | Energy for the game | Going to Syracuse | Getting into broadcasting | Quitting broadcasting for some self-discovery | Becoming a Christian | Traveling | Mitch Albom | Running with the Bulls in Spain