Seahawks 23 Eagles 17

What happened to Philly?

Jim Rome
December 01, 2020 - 9:16 am
Carson Wentz

USA Today


The Seattle Seahawks beat the Philadelphia Eagles 23-17 last night. And of course it wasn’t that close. The Eagles tacked on a Hail Mary and a two point conversion in the final seconds that was the definition of meaningless and meaningful at the same time.  More on that shortly.

And I hate to be a huge buzzkill for you 12s, but don’t go patting yourselves on the back.  I’m not that impressed by what I saw last night.  

Yes, the defense had six sacks and forced five three-and-outs. And DK Metcalf had himself a night going for 10 receptions and a career-high 177 yards. And he did most of that against Darius Slay.

Slay didn’t just get burned for that bomb, he got roasted by Seahawk linebacker Bruce Irvin on Twitter. Irvin is out with an ACL, but he’s still got twitter and dropped this.

Slay PFF grade going to b terrible. 

Rather than just cracking Slay, let’s acknowledge that was a great performance by Metcalf. And of course after the game he was talking about how it was "kind of like coming home. A place that had a chance to draft me but didn't, so I’ve got to make them pay."

I get it. You’re going to use everything that you can for motivation and if you’re the Eagles, that’s going to leave a mark. And not just for a few days or until they hit the field again; but for as long as Metcalf is in the league dominating suckers, because Metcalf is exactly the type of player Philly needs on offense right now. And they could have drafted him. And they didn’t. And you can bet your ass he’ll remind them off it any time they play. And even when they don’t.

Because the Philadelphia Eagles need players on offense right now. Anyone. At any position. If you have football experience at any level, just swing by the facility and fill out an app, because they’ll probably give you a pair of pads and a locker. 

That’s why I’m not here to hype the Hawks. Because they really didn’t do anything other than what they were supposed to do as an alleged super bowl contender. Namely, beat a bad NFC EASTERN TEAM. Just don’t tell me they sent any messages or made any kind of statement in doing so. Because they didn’t. Again. All they did was beat a bad NFC eastern team. 

I mean, Russell Wilson was solid enough.  He was back to doing Russ things: and his days of being a turnover machine seem to be a thing of the past. But the running game was pretty much non-existent and they spent the better part of the second half locked in a battle with a broken team. 

Because that’s what the Eagles are right now. Broken. Shattered. From top to bottom. Offensively. Physically. Mentally. And spiritually.

Philly committed three personal fouls in the first 21 minutes of the game. They gained four yards on their first five possessions. I’m no analytics genius, but if you’re averaging less than a yard per possession, that’s not good. That’s below not good. Speaking of analytics geniuses….how many of you want to give the hands to the analytics genius that  told Doug Pederson to go for two last night after that Hail Mary, when it didn’t mean a damn thing to him, but created one of the most horrific back door covers ever??? More on that shortly. Back to crappy the Eagles offense is, and how jacked up they are under center. 

I know that most of the heat is going to be directed at Carson Wentz. Understandably. Because watching him go from not just an MVP candidate, but the MVP favorite a few years ago, to a sack-taking, horrible-decision making, turnover-giving machine has been jaw-dropping.

It really has. In 2017, he threw for 3,300 yards and 33 touchdowns in 13 starts. He had a passer rating of 101.9. He was the future of the league. He was the guy you wanted to build around.

This guy was number 3 on the NFL’s top 100 in 2018. Granted, that is not the most definitive list ever, but it shows you the level of respect that he commanded around the league just two years ago. Now I’m not sure he’d make the NFL’s top 300.

Everyone around the league was asking, how do we get our own Carson Wentz?

Now everyone is asking, how can we avoid a Carson Wentz situation? He went from being the next big thing and not only the face of the franchise but of the entire league potentially: to being a cautionary tale. 

He went from the guy every single franchise wanted, to the guy you might want to get rid of.

And it’s happened pretty much overnight. Last season, he had a four game run where he completed 68% of his passes for 1200 yards, eight touchdowns, and zero picks. And he was doing it with a bunch of practice squad guys and dudes off the street.

Just four months ago, he was still thought of as an elite quarterback. The only question was – could he stay healthy? Could you keep him on the field?

Now the question is – can we get him off the field? Hell maybe off the roster? Can we talk someone else into taking him?

Because it has all crashed and burned in a truly spectacular way. It’s not just that he’s making bad throws.

It’s that he’s making terrible decisions. There is no doubt that he’s pressing, that he’s trying to do too much, and I get that. Because he’s surrounded by a crew that can’t do much.

But it’s not just that he’s pressing, it’s also that he’s indecisive. And that is a brutal combination – being slow through your progressions and pressing is the perfect storm of bad quarterbacking. And it leads to disaster. And now, he looks a shot fighter. I keep waiting for the ref to step in and stop this fight, because this dude is taking serious punishment and clearly is no longer capable of defending himself. 

I’m talking about 68 combined sacks and turnovers this season, which is 17 more than anyone else in the NFL. I’m talking about trailing in a division where the other quarterbacks are all backups. And you’re a former number two pick overall. Then again, not easy to play the game when you’re running for your life, all your guys are covered and you’re afraid you could get your broken at any second. 

And for everyone who’s saying they need to rip him out and replace him with Jalen Hurts, if it was that simple, it would’ve been done by now. But it’s not.

Because it’s not just about the quarterback. It’s about everything, including this fact: I’m not even sure they’re well coached.

I can’t believe I’m saying that last one, but it’s true. Because somehow Doug Pederson went from this swaggering, gun slinging offensive genius, to a guy who consistently makes truly whack calls. This is a guy who was the head man when they were running plays like The Philly Special.

Do you remember how brash and brass of a call that was?

That team was awesome. That team had a ton of it. A team that had grown men so hyped they were eating horse crap. Literally.   

They went from winning the Super Bowl to this. They went from being so good that they could win the Super Bowl with their backup to not knowing if their franchise guy is their franchise guy. And they did it in a heartbeat. This wasn’t a slow erosion, this was a complete implosion.

What I’m saying is, you’re pretty much screwed right now. The only good thing is that home games aren’t loaded with tens of thousands of bitter, angry Philly fans looking to give their own players the hands when they leave the field. And yes, you are looking up at the Washington football team and the New York football Giants, but you’re still just one game back. So you have that going for you. Which is nice. Wake up Doug. You’re failing in the worst division ever. Alienating nearly ever gambler in the world and your peer who is looking up at you, Mike McCarthy can’t even believe your play calling: and he’s the dude running fake punts that no one, anywhere, is buying.