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Sean McVay’s Taking Heat

This is just the start for the Rams. They'll be back.

February 05, 2019 - 11:51 am

This is a sports show. But let me hit you with a quick weather update. Two of them actually. 

The forecast for Boston: Sunny, and a high of 59. 

The forecast for Los Angeles: Rainy, and a high of 55.

The Patriots getting over on the Rams in the Super Bowl is one thing. Boston getting over on L.A. in the weather is a freaking 'nother. 

Let's be real: SoCal moved on pretty quickly after that Super Bowl loss. But if one more drop of rain hits the pavement after almost two straight weeks of it, another Purge movie is gonna break out. 

Rip a Lombardi out of this city's hands, and the best you'll get from most people is a shrug. But jam an umbrella in their hands, and it's time to call the National Guard and break out martial law. 

So while Boston enjoys perfect weather to run the Duck Boats out for the city's second parade in 100 days, back in LA, Sean McVay is watching the rain fall and probably still wondering what in the hell just happened. 

It's not even 48 hours later, and there are still so many questions about Super Bowl 53. 

How did THAT offense lay THAT egg? How did Johnny Hekker get nearly as many touches as Todd Gurley? How did Son of Bum run that winning race and still lose? And how did a team that scored more points than anyone the last two seasons score the least points ever in a Super Bowl? 

You knew the Hood would have something for the Rams. But let's be real; nobody saw that coming. Vegas sure as hell didn't. That was the highest over-under ever set for a Super Bowl. The 16 points scored was the lowest ever in a Super Bowl. 

And now, for the first time in his coaching career, Sean McVay is taking some. He's the one getting dirt kicked on him. People are telling Jeff Fisher jokes, and now he's the punchline. 

After two division titles in two seasons, 24 regular season wins and a run to the Super Bowl, it's almost 48 hours later, and McVay is still getting roughed up. And you know what? He should. 

That's the way this works. They hyped this dude when he lit up every scoreboard in the league. And now they're killing him for being one Greg the Leg missile away from posting a DONUT in the Super Bowl. 

There's only one thing you can do: Stand there and take it. And then, after you do that, you need to dust yourself off and get the hell to work. 

That's the part of this story that I'm interested in. What does Sean McVay do now? 

Last year, the Rams made the playoffs for the first time in 13 years, but went one and done. And GM Les Snead went out and had the most bad-ass offseason maybe ever. Snead could've taken a victory lap after making the brass move to hire a 30-year-old head coach. Instead him emptied his pockets, threw his car keys on the table, slid his watch off his wrist, and pushed everything into the middle. 

He swung trades that landed Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters. He signed Sam Shields. He closed Ndamokong Suh with a dinner in Malibu. He locked up Aaron Donald. Now McVay needs to have the exact same type of offseason. 

Look, notice what I'm NOT saying. I'm not coming in here and calling him overrated. Or saying he got exposed. 

You don't do what this dude has done for the last two years and do it with smoke and mirrors. Every GM with an open coaching gig this offseason wasn't sprinting to hire a McVay protégé because he pulled the wool over everybody's eyes. 

Dude said it himself: He got outcoached. By the greatest coach ever. No shame in that. 

Look, I spent yesterday telling people that Bill Belichick was the greatest coach to ever walk a sideline. That he might be the greatest coach in the history of American sports. And last year, the Hood got shredded by Nick Foles. And he left his best corner on the sidelines to watch it happen. He wasted a 3-touchdown, 505-yard night from Tom Brady. He was such a red ass that his Hall of Fame quarterback and his Hall of Fame tight end both hated the dude. A year later, they're buried in confetti and rolling through Boston with a six pack of Lombardi's. 

The Hood had his turn in the barrel. Now it's McVay 's. 

And while he's gonna need to hit that beatdown with some ICE and IBUPROFEN, don't get it twisted. This is just the start for the Rams. They'll be back.