Sean Payton Gets Nice On Twitter

52 All Go Special X Shallow Cross. 4 verticals or find Michael Thomas X.

Jim Rome
March 31, 2020 - 9:11 am
Sean Payton

USA Today


Sean Payton is one of the greatest offensive minds in the history of the NFL. That is not an exaggeration. That’s not hyperbole. That’s a fact.

And if you’re a football fan, getting a look at Sean Payton’s playbook would be one of the coolest things ever. But you know what’s even better than getting inside his playbook? Getting inside his playbook AND hearing where some of the terms come from.

And if you’re on Twitter, you got both. And the origin of the terms is so much better than I had hoped for.

It all started when Bobby Peters posted a tweet that read: Let’s start a fun thread: Post one of your favorite all-purpose concepts out of empty. Here’s one of mine. Gets the ball out of the qbs hands quickly and can leverage most coverages

And he included a diagram of the play. Cool idea.

Sure enough, there were responses, with guys like Dan Orlovsky and Case Keenum weighing in. And then came Sean Payton.

And Sean Payton brought the goods. The first play:

Gun Empty right Quizno

52 All Go Special X Shallow Cross. 4 verticals or find Michael Thomas X

And he included a diagram that he sketched out on notebook paper.

I love that the play call is really long and but the explanation is simply: find Michael Thomas. That could be pretty much every play call. That’s how good Michael Thomas is. You nine guys do whatever the hell you want, Drew, you find Michael Thomas.

The fact that Payton just jumped in and started firing off pics of plays is awesome. As he told Mike Triplett, "I quickly drew (one) up on paper and took a picture of one of our plays. Posted it, then just continued.”

He sure as hell did continue.

Gun Empty Right Quizno
52 Nudge Ole' HB Choice
Gotta get Alvin Kamara a touch!

That is a damn mouthful. And speaking of a mouthful, did you notice a pattern in the naming? Like the fact that Quizno is in the play call?

That’s not an accident. That’s not the hunger talking. That’s the playbook talking. Payton tweeted: We use sandwich terms for tight splits. JJ = Jimmy Johns, Club, Stack, Quizno @Quiznos

What? Jersey Mike’s didn’t want any of that? Nothing in the playbook for Panera or Arby’s? Is Togo’s getting shut out of this? And Which Wich too?

You better have a call for Wienerschnitzel, because that’s a guaranteed house cal. The play card looks like a giant menu and it’s actually got food on it.

Please tell me the rub routes are all named after barbecue joints. And there is at least one play call that references Denny’s.

What is there not to love about this clinic? My only regret is that food didn’t get worked into every play call. Because Payton posted another play that had zero food references.

Gun Bombers Right
352 Y Shock X Lucy

But he made up for the lack of sandwiches on that play by laying out the history behind it: Jerry Rice mastered this lookie option route. (Lucy)

Great compliment especially against Jimmy Johnson Quarters Coverage!

So there you go – Lucy means a lookie route. And if it’s Jerry Rice running that lookie option, he’s going to crush it. And if you’re wondering what the 352 means, Payton cleared that up as well:

52 is 5 man protection. 352 is simply a 3 step drop 5 man protection.

This is just a free masterclass in offense. And of course because we can’t have anything nice, someone jumped in to try to put a halt to it.

Somebody please unquarantine @seanpayton before this man spills ALL the offense on Twitter. Coach, you know Todd Bowles, Raheem Morris, and Eric Washington can see this, right?

Of course, that had to come. Someone had to jump in and try to put a stop to the fun before some of the defensive coordinators in the NFC South saw Payton’s posts.

To which Payton responded: They've been seenin this!!

Hell yes. That is how you handle that. They have been seenin this. They’ve been seenin it for years.

Besides, Payton’s not giving away state secrets here. He’s showing a couple of base plays. One that’s from Jerry Rice, one that’s practically called “find Michael Thomas” and one that’s about getting Alvin Kamara a touch.

I’m pretty sure Todd Bowles and Raheem Morris have seen all of those plays a million times before. And Eric Washington is now in Buffalo, so that’s not a huge worry for the Saints.

Bowles and Morris aren’t going to suddenly be screenshotting those tweets and handing them out to their players when the teams re-assemble. Those are base looks. They’re really cool to you and I, but they’re pretty vanilla.

Do you really think that Sean Payton would just be hanging out at home, firing off pics of the playbook and ruining the Saints season?

The hell he would. Sean Payton is way, way smarter than that. This is Sean Payton you’re talking about, not Marcus Jordan. No way he’s screwing up on Twitter and then trying to cover it up by coming back with “Anyway, what’s poppin Twitter #Happy Sunday”

Besides, it’s not the play calls, it’s when you call them and how you execute them that really matter. Just thank Payton for the cool session and go about your business. Enjoy the diagrams, the explanations, and sandwich references.

Now let’s go to eat a g-d snack.               

I know... I know... Saints fan. I can see the email before you send it.

I can stop those plays. 

Signed, the refs.

Save it.