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Series Tied

The Stanley Cup Finals are going to be way more lit than the NBA Finals.

May 31, 2018 - 9:20 am

Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final was one for the ages. 10 goals. 4 lead changes. A Carrot Top appearance. Set the bar that high right out of the gate and it’s going to be nearly impossible to reach it for the rest of the series. And yet, the Capitals and Golden Knights did it again.

Game 2 might not have had the same volume of goals as Game 1, but it had all of the action. There was a classic pre-game duel between the Golden Knight and someone representing the Capitals before the game. And mini-brawl; on the ice after the final horn. And in between, there was plenty of juice.

Less than 8 minutes in, James Neal got loose and Vegas got nice.

Damn, he made that look easy. And when the Golden Knights get rolling and that joint gets rocking, it looked like it was going to be a long night for the Capitals. But if you thought these Caps were going to go into the tank, you clearly haven’t been paying attention. They’ve trailed in every series so far, so they weren’t going to trip. Because these Caps aren’t the Caps of yesterday. They don’t take a knee when they get punched in the face. They don’t grip at the first sign of adversity. They rise up. And they did it again. 

Even after they lost Evgeny Kuznetsov for the game in the first period. First there was the goal from Lars Eller that tied the game 1-1 at 17:27 of the first period. 

And then they kept the foot down with a goal from a legend.

Alex Ovechkin has 607 regular season goals, but he’d taken plenty of heat over the years for failing to show up and show out for the Caps in the postseason. But he’s burned that rap this year. 13 goals, 11 assists, and a truckload of big hits. THIS CAT has set the tone for the Caps throughout the playoffs, so it should be no surprise that he scored a huge goal last night. 

Now what did seem a little surprising was Brooks Orpik buring one

First goal in 220 games and it could not have come at a better time. And when Orpik gets one, in that situation, on that big a stage, you start to think this is the Caps night. This might even be their season. But just as you knew the Caps weren’t going to fold, there was no way Vegas was going to give in  either. And they got one back at 17:47 in the second period.

3-2 heading into the third and then Vegas had a 5 on 3, for more than a minute in the third, but they couldn’t capitalize. However, with two minutes left, they’d pulled the goalie, they were mounting pressure and you just knew that the damn would break. And it did. Alex Tuch had a wide open look… a wide open net…. ROLL IT:

Wait, what!?! Absolutely incredible. Run that back again, because I still don’t believe what I saw. HOW THE HELL DID HOLTBY GET OVER THERE IN TIME? HOW THE  HELL DID THAT NOT GO IN??!?

If Washington wins the Cup, that right there will be the reason. Because that puck was all but buried in the back of the net, until Holtby somehow got that lumber in the way and went legend. I’m not sure who was more surprised, Alex Tuch or Doc Emrick. Call it a tie for first. And I’m not sure who had a better reaction on that play: Braden Holtby or Doc Emrick. Call it a tie for first.

Washington’s Lars Eller: "It shouldn't be possible."

Washington’s Jay Beagle: "Maybe the save of a lifetime. It's unreal."

Washington’s Braden Holtby: “Luckily it hit me.”

In other words, about the only guy who wasn’t impressed with Braden Holtby was Braden Holtby. But the rest of the world was and for good reason. Because of him, that game wasn’t tied and the series is tied. 1-1 heading back to Washington. And good luck trying to top the first two games in Vegas for drama, excitement, and action. An absolutely incredible start to the Final and the best thing about Washington winning last night, is that we’re now guaranteed at least three more games of it. I’ll say it again, the NHL postseason is the best postseason, and the Stanley Cup Finals are going to be way more lit than the NBA Finals. And that’s generally the case, and if you would just do what I tell you to do every year, and actually watch the Stanley Cup playoffs, you know that.