Shade Season

Random observation, Dan.

Jim Rome
June 25, 2019 - 11:47 am
Danny Ainge

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Another reason why last night’s NBA Awards show was so weird – it’s not awards season. It’s billboard season. It’s free agency season. And MORE IMPORTANTLY…. it is shade season.

This is the time of year where people around the league hint or imply things about players. And everyone starts to lose their minds about the insults that are flying around. And everyone did that after Celtics GM Danny Ainge said this.

Daaaaan! That is a really interesting and random observation.

And the moment it left Ainge’s mouth, everyone started freaking out about him taking a run at a certain player – cough- no names mentioned – cough – but it rhymes with Irie Kyrving.

I don’t get what everyone is freaking out about. 

I mean, everyone would agree with the fact that it’s just better to work with people who are good people. Hell, I don’t even think he’s talking about basketball there. That rule applies to any workplace, like an accounting office or a janitorial supply service. That doesn’t mean he’s talking about a particular player, he’s just laying out a good HR practice.

What is everyone losing their mind about it?

Maybe the sound or the visual of Ainge saying it distracted you, so let me read that back: “I think it just makes life more enjoyable when everybody is humble, hard-working, and will play any role they have to to help the team succeed. You do have to have a certain amount of talent to win in our league, as we all know, but good people makes coming to work more fun.”

Oh, wait, no that’s definitely about Kyrie. 

In fact, if you watch Ainge’s eyes during that clip, I’m guessing he’s probably blinking out the name Kyrie Irving in Morse code. Danny Ainge was practically lighting a Kyrie jersey on fire as he said that. 

He couldn't make that any more about Kyrie if he tried, even down to the mention of needing talent to win, but good people are important. And make it more fun. And that this dude was a complete and utter buzzkill; the ultimate cooler.   

But he wasn’t the only one sending subtle messages about free agency and roster management. Andre Iguodala was on CNBC yesterday and he was asked about the future of his teammates, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. And of course he’s going to say that he expects Durant and Klay to re-sign with the Warriors. Why wouldn’t he? I mean, first off, he might actually have some decent insight on both guys, seeing as he’s a team leader and has played alongside them for years. And even if he didn’t, even if he was completely in the dark about what both guys are planning, there’s no way that he’s going to say, yeah, they’re gone.

But that wasn’t the best part of his answer.

Did you catch that at the end? Underneath the over-the-top laugh of one host, Iguodala just absolutely dunked the Knicks. Quote: “Nobody’s going to the Knicks. Sorry.”

I repeat: Nobody’s going to the Knicks. Sorry. My man is still hanging from the rim 16 hours of throwing own on them. 

That has to sting, Knicks fans. Because ever since the Kristaps trade, this is what you’ve been building towards. This summer. And the chance to bring in KD and Kyrie. And it has been one blow after another. Like not winning the lottery, which might have given you the chance to get KD, Kyrie, and AD.

You lose the lottery. KD gets hurt. You missed on AD. Kyrie is taking his non-team based approach to the Nets. And Andre Iguodala is just dunking on you and standing over you at the end. That sucks.