Shane Bieber Is A Legend

Gaucho recognizes Gaucho.

Jim Rome
July 10, 2019 - 10:56 am
Shane Bieber

USA Today


The only thing that saved that game last night was one Shane Robert Bieber. Your 2019 MLB All-Star MVP.

What an absolute legend. Let’s go back a bit. Because when you’re talking about Shane Bieber, you’re talking about a guy who was a walk-on at UC Santa Barbara. 

Hell yes, he’s a Gaucho. Of course. If you didn’t know that before, you knew it last night with the way that he handled his business when he entered the game in the fifth.

Here he is facing Wilson Contreras.

Take a seat…MEAT. 

Next up, Ketel Marte.

Have some.

Ronald Acuna Jr? Nope.

Shane Robert Bieber, if you need him. And that game and night absolutely did. It needed someone to come in and take control. To seize the moment and become a star. And that’s what Shane Bieber did.

No walks. No hits. No nothing. Three up, three down. What a performance in front of his hometown fans, who were going crazy, and chanting “Let’s go Bieber!”

As the MVP himself said afterwards: "I couldn't really feel my body that much because, like I said, the electricity and the atmosphere we had going, but also you didn't want to leave a cookie over the plate because these guys are so good, and they will take advantage of it. Really just tried to fill up the zone as much as I could and go out there and get three outs. That was the main agenda." 

Agenda set, mission accomplished, MVP won.

As Francisco Lindor said, "Shane Bieber, he showed them something today.” He sure as hell did. But then again, he always does. That’s how we do it at UCSB. That’s what Gauchos do.

Then again, Bieber’s not just a Gaucho, he was a walk-on. I repeat, a walk-on. How insane is his story? Five years ago, he was on worried that he might be cut from the UCSB team and last night, he’s picking up the MVP trophy for the MLB all-star game.  And the keys to a new rig.

Back then, when he thought he might not last at UCSB, he was throwing in the mid to high 80s. A couple years later, he was the team’s ace and leading them to Omaha. And now he’s the All-Star Game MVP.

And if that story wasn’t already incredible enough, he wasn’t even on the All-Star team until Friday. And then he showed up and dominated the way he did.

Then again, the fact that he got an opportunity and absolutely crushed it shouldn’t surprise you at all. He made his MLB barely more than 13 months ago and is already an All-Star and an All-Star Game MVP.

He was rock solid as a rookie last year, but coming into this year, he wasn’t expected to carry the team. Then Corey Kluber and Mike Clevinger went down with injuries and Carlos Carrasco was diagnosed with leukemia.

And all Bieber has done is what he always does – step up. Top ten in the AL in innings, strikeouts, WHIP, and winning percentage.

And now the All-Star Game MVP.

It’s not just hard to win the All-Star Game MVP as a pitcher, it’s damn near impossible.   Of course. Because you’re barely in the game. Here’s a list of the pitchers who’ve been named All-Star Game MVP in the last 30 years:

Pedro Martinez

Mariano Rivera

Shane Bieber

That’s it. That’s the list. Three of the absolute best to ever do it. So how did he feel after winning the MVP award? "I really didn't know what to think. Kinda lost all feeling in my body. But it's an incredible feeling now. Now that it's kind of sinking in, just to be able to do it in front of the hometown crowd in my first All-Star Game is definitely not something I expected."

Oh, I expected it. Game recognizes game. Gaucho recognizes Gaucho. Shane bleeping Bieber. A bleeping legend. And I couldn’t be more proud of you brother. And that thing about me not rooting, for anyone or anything other than something to talk about? Still true.  Unless it involves a UC SANTA BARBARA Gaucho. And then I’m all in. In fact, my only regret is that I didn’t lead the show with it. I should have. Way to rep the gaucho nation, Shane.  Pitchers on me at Sam’s To Go, bro.  War D.P.  War. F.t. war the 6500 block of Sabado.  War the countdown at the old nightclub, the graduate.  And war the greatest university in all of the land, UC Santa Barbara.  Way to show out, Gaucho.