Shane Freaking Lowry

Champion Irishman of the decade.

Jim Rome
July 23, 2019 - 10:56 am
Shane Lowry

USA Today


Shane Lowry is your 2019 Open winner and Champion Golfer of the Year. You know this. You saw it Sunday and we talked about it yesterday. But if you thought he turned Portrush inside out that last week especially with that iconic 63 in the third round—he might have actually gone even more legend in clubhouse afterwards.

According to Padraig Harrington—Lowry and his family and friends cleaned out the entire beer supply at Royal Portrush by 9pm local time. That’s some serious pounding considering the tournament ended just a few hours before that and Lowry had to do a grip of media. Somewhere right now Wade Boggs is tipping his hat—and a cold one. Or 50.

But if you thought Lowry was gonna look around at a bunch of tapped kegs and call it a night—then you don’t know this Irishman. Because he, and his wife, and the Claret Jug—drove three hours from Portrush down to Dublin and continued to rage.

How many of you are walking 18 in sheets of sideways rain, drinking the clubhouse dry, and then humping it three hours to an after-party? None of you. Because of none of you are Shane Lowry. But when you win the Jug in your native land—then you party and drink all night with the natives. Even if there is a three hour car ride in-between parties.

At some point during the night at 37 Dawson Street Pub—Lowry got up in front of the crowd—with the jug—and a tall pint—and belted out a classic Irish ballad called, “The Fields of Athenry (INSERT)

Such an awesome moment. Especially since this guy was in the same threads he was wearing during Sunday’s round. Same pants, same golf shirt, same hat. Only the hat was turned backwards as he was leading the crowd in song. The dude had three hours to change clothes in the car and still showed up with his Sunday golf polo tucked in.

Imagine being an Irishman in that pub when the Champion Golfer of the Year shows up just hours after ripping the jug a couple hundred miles north. Says a lot about Shane Lowry that the first thing he did was share the moment with his people.

And not just moment. There are dozens of pictures of strangers from the bar chugging brewski from the Claret.

But the best picture actually came from the morning after on Lowry’s Instagram.

It’s a picture of the Claret Jug in his bed, on a pillow, with a caption the reads, “I pulled last night.”

Damn, right you did, Shane. Damn right, you did.

But the party isn’t over. The freaking Irish government is getting in on it because they’ve already arranged a homecoming party for Lowry. A homecoming party so big that Lowry canceled his trip to Memphis where he was scheduled to play in the World Golf Championship next week and instead—he'll stay home and continue drinking and celebrating with the people of Ireland.

Dude is literally canceling work to stay home and party with his country.

Looks and sounds pretty awesome, eh Rory?

Shane Lowry—Champion Golfer of the Year. Champion Irishman of the decade. And Champion Drinker of all-time.