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Shaun Livingston

The Golden State veteran talks winning streak, Video Klay, and more.

January 22, 2019 - 9:41 am

Info & Stats: Golden State Warriors Swingman

All Topics: Klay Thompson’s game last night vs. Lakers | Video Game Klay | Klay dunking four times against Denver last week | Steph Curry’s breakaway slip | Agrees with Luke Walton on the Warriors finding their stride right now | Team expectations | Adversity | Steve Kerr |

Jan 22nd 2019

CBS Sports Network Interview Highlight

May 21st 2018

All Topics: Western Conference Finals vs. Houston | Blowout126-85 win in Game 3 | Steph’s Game 3 | Steph’s health | His filthy move on James Harden last night | Role players on the team | Oracle Arena’s noise | Playoff diary | The story of Zion Spencer


CBS Sports Network Interview Highlight