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Sherm vs. Everybody

Richard Sherman is coming back to Seattle this weekend.

November 30, 2018 - 11:00 am

Richard Sherman is coming back to Seattle this weekend. And if you thought Sherm was coming home to mend fences and catch up with old buddies, then you don't know Richard Sherman. 

Because the Niners might not be playing for anything. But Richard Sherman is playing for everything. And I don't think I've ever been more hyped to watch a 2-win team go on the road as a double-digit underdog. 

The Seahawks are playing damn-good football. Seattle just put the paddles to their own chest when Russ ran down the pack and Carolina in cold-blooded fashion. But with all due respect to the qb battle of Russ v Nick Mullen’s, I’m way more into the matchup of Sherm v everybody. 

Pete Carroll knows what's coming. Does this not sound like a dude trying really hard to get out front? Here's what Peter had to say earlier this week when he went out of his way to rightfully praise the corner that did it better than anybody when he was the front-man of the L.O.B: “He’s having a very successful season. Every year you adapt, and Richard is a brilliant football player. And he has always been a guy that we would always work together with the little things that we would grow with year to year to try to stay ahead of it. And he’s continued to do that. I think he’s been very successful this season.”

Nice statement, right? Complimentary. He called him brilliant. He talked about his ability to adapt. He all but said, "Let’s just let bygones be bygones." 

What do you say, Sherm? You cool with the way things went down now? 

Reporter: I think you expressed some surprise that the Seahawks, for lack of a better term, got rid of you. 

Sherm: "you just expect that after you've done so much for a franchise that they wouldn't cut you while you're hurt. It's kind of more of a respect thing than anything. But they did. So you've kind of got to roll with the business.

Reporter: you've seen other guys. You see what they've done to the other guys. 

Sherm: they rarely ever cut anybody while they were hurt. We hadn't honestly seen that very often." 

Yeah, doesn't sound like Sherm is ready to make nice just yet. Not when brought a Lombardi to town, went to 4 pro bowls and made 3 All-Pro teams and then got the axe while his Achilles was barely reattached after it rolled up his calf. That's not a dude who's angry. That's just a guy not quite ready to forget that he put his heart, soul and Achilles on the line for seven seasons and once it went out, he was gone, too.  

Oh, but hey -- if Sherm’s not cool with Pete yet, maybe he's cool with Russ. Look, it was no secret that these two guys weren't always the tightest. When they'd go head up in practice that things got a little testy. That could be expected when you have a team philosophy of competition. When he d and the o went head up at practice, right? 

But now that they've had some time to reflect on what they accomplished together, maybe Sherm would take this as a chance to put some respect on the play of his old teammate. 

Let's give a listen: 

Reporter 1: You've seen through the years what Russell is capable of doing --"

Sherm: yeah, I've also seen him throw five picks in a game, so you know you see what he's capable of on both sides of it, so you understand that he can be defended. So you go out there and do the best shot."

Reporter 2: What's your relationship with Russell?"

Sherm: I don't really have a relationship with Russell. We were teammates and we played during a very special time for the franchise." 

Damn. That journo put that thing on a tee for Sherm to just hit that softball out of the park and instead he turned it around and went in. The question wasn't even out of that dude's mouth and he just stepped in front of it, picked it off, and high stepped that thing all the way into the end zone. 

Most guys would've been like, "Yeah, i've seen Russ do it for a long time. He's one of the most dangerous guys in the league." but Sherm 's not most guys. "I’ve seen this dude chuck five to the wrong dudes, so you know what? I'm just gonna take my chances." 

Look, I hope one day that Pete and Russ and Sherm can all get into a room and hug it out. But I’ll be straight. I don't want that day to happen for a long, long time. 

I love this rivalry. I love this fire. I freaking love Richard Sherman. And while this season hasn't gone the way he's wanted it to since Jimmy Garoppolo went down, the fact that Sherm’s back playing at a high level less than a year after shredding his Achilles is freaking awesome. 

I'd tell Richard Sherman to never change, but I already know he won't. And you know if he gets his chance to make either Pete or Russ look terrible on Sunday, he's gonna absolutely love doing it. 

Sherm v everybody.