Slam Diego, Super Padres!

The Padres sure as hell are aiming for the big cake.

Jim Rome
September 01, 2020 - 9:22 am
Mike Clevinger

USA Today


Check this. Did you even know yesterday was the baseball trade deadline? Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t. I mean this has been a really weird season. So freaking weird that the seventh inning is now the ninth inning in double-headers and the Yankees and Mets played a game the other day where Aroldis chapman gave up a walk-off home run and allegedly didn’t know it was a walk-off, because it was the seventh inning and he didn’t know it was the bottom of the inning.  Like that weird. 

So if actual players don’t know what the hell is going on, I can’t blame you if you don’t either.  But I’ll tell you who knows exactly what time it is.  And exactly what the hell is going on.  The dudes about an hour to the south of me.  Your slam Diego Super Padres! Who dominated yet another day: they’re not just winning days, they’re murdering days; and not just any days, but trade deadline day.  And if you’re looking for a list of winners and losers from yesterday, the winners were the padres and the losers were just about everyone else.

I’m telling you… the padres just did the damn thing. And they are taking a huge swing.

They just beat the Rockies 6-0 yesterday, capping off a four-game series where they put up 32 runs on Colorado and won three of four. Now they have an off day and they’re going to need it. They need to catch their breath and they need to meet a lot of new faces.

Padres gm A.J Preller made 6 trades involving 26 players in 48 hours. I don’t think I had six of anything in 48 hours. I’m not even sure I had six meals in 48 hours and that guy is making 6 trades involving 26 players?

That is massive work. That is an absurd volume of trades.   That’s the very definition of quote, “doin work.”

And it’s awesome to see, because let’s face it, the padres haven’t tasted real success in a really long time.  And it would have been so easy to say, we were a last place team last year: and we’re pretty much a lock to make the playoffs this year and everyone is putting respect on us: let’s just let that ride.  No need to mess with what aint’t broke: no need to take any chance or expend any of resources or assets when we’re already doing so much better than anyone expected.   Would have been so easy to do that: and no one would said jack if they did.  They could just sat back and enjoyed all the positive buzz and hype and just let Fernando Tatis Jr. Do Fernando Tatis Jr. But they didn’t!! And I couldn’t respect it any more than I do.  Your freaking slam Diego padres pretty much just pushed all their chips to the center of the table.  And threw in their watch for good measure.

Not only are they ahead of schedule that may have damn well may have just arrived!!  They have the second best record in the national league and their roster just got better.  A lot better.  And never mind making the postseason finally; they may make a deep run once they get there.

To the question of: who is the number two contender in the national league behind the dodgers, the answer is clearly the Padres. If there was any doubt before, the moves at the deadline erased that.

My head is still spinning from what Preller has done in the last 48+ plus hours, so let me see if I’ve got all of this.

On Saturday, the padres sent Edward Olivares and a player to be named later to Kansas City for reliever Trevor Rosenthal. I like it.   A nice deal that gives the padres another arm at the back of the bullpen.

They chased that on Sunday morning by acquiring Mitch Moreland from the red sox to be their designated hitter. I like that too. . Another good deal. Bring another bat into the slam Diego lineup.

Then they sent four players to Seattle for catcher Austin Nola and two relievers.

Then the made a deal with the angels for catcher Jason Castro. So that’s four trades in a short window, bringing them three relievers, two catchers, and a DH. And they still weren’t done.

Late yesterday, they went back to Seattle and traded for yet another Mariners reliever. They are taking a torch to the Seattle bullie.  Then again, who cares?  Not the mariners.  Or their fans. 

And of course, the biggest deal of them all, the nine-player deal with Cleveland that brings Mike Clevinger to the Padres.

Look, there are no two ways about it – that was a really weird deal. That was a deal that only COVID could bring. In what other situation are you going to see a team in first place in the al central trading one of their best starting pitchers at the trade deadline?

It’s because of COVID. And because of what Clevinger and teammate Zach Plesac did earlier in the season when they snuck out of the team’s hotel, breaking quarantine, and then Clevinger got onto a plane with his teammates after that. And when it all came out, his teammates were pissed as hell.  Clevinger believes his act has nothing to do with this deal.  He’d be wrong about that.  Listen, doing what he did, and handling it the way he did in the aftermath, doesn’t make him the worst guy ever.  It was just one of the worst decisions ever.  And it cost him a great opportunity, in a great situation.  Lucky for him, they didn’t ship him to a horrible situation.  This dude is falling forward and ends up in a great spot.  And the padres are getting a pretty damn good pitcher: an ace.  Their game 1 starter in the postseason and… they didn’t give up a hell of a lot to get him. None of their top five prospects went to Cleveland in that deal.

In fact, they didn’t give up a hell of a lot in any of these deals. The advantage of having a farm system as deep as the one the padres have is you can trade from the middle of your prospect list and still get major league players in return.

So those weren’t some crazy, reckless, desperate moves by Preller. In fact, it was just the opposite.  This was calculated. This was a process. He had a plan and he executed it.  They are taking swings are looking to win big; and do it right now.

Or to put it another way, as Fernando Tatis Jr. said before the season: "we're aiming for the big cake. And why not? Let's go win the World Series."

A-freaking-man, nando. The Padres sure as hell are aiming for the big cake. And at the trade deadline, they smashed that big cake with a big knife and a big plate.

Altogether now, everyone!! Sing it with me!! Slam Diego, Super Padres!!! Get it plastic knife!