Jim Rome

Smackoff 24

We have a date. Invite only.

July 09, 2018 - 8:15 am

I’ve reminded you in recent weeks that it is officially Smackoff season and that you should be looking to qualify for this biggest day of the year in the jungle. Now I’ve got a place to put it. 

Consider this your official smackoff announcement. Smackoff 24. That’s right, 24 Smackoffs. This thing is nearly as old as Adam Hawk. Smackoff 24 is July 20. Write that down: July 20. 

Obviously, I can’t run the date through everyone who might qualify for the event, so here’s hoping it syncs up with your vacation. If not, and if you have a vacation scheduled on the day, don’t sweat it; there is an option. I’ve given this considerable thought as well.  If for someone reason, you’re on vacation, and have qualified for the Smackoff, but can’t participate that day, here’s  what you can do: you can cancel your vacation, because I’m not moving the Smackoff. 

You can move your vacation.  It’s July 20. In the meantime, if you’re not calling but you want to listen and take a part on social, put in the for the day off right now. Make it a three day weekend. Don’t get stuck at work, not listening and partying right along with it. 

Because this is thing is about to turn 24 and still breaking ground. 24 in but the first time we’ve put it on TV! Can’t lie when this thing dropped nearly a quarter century ago, it never dawned on me that one day we’d be doing it on TV, but we here are. Here we freaking are.

And a little background if you don’t know what it is. Listen, I’m pretty self-aware: I know what I’m good at and I know where I’m not as effective. Same with you: I know what you all are good at. And calling this show is not one of those things. Many of you, most of you want to be good, you’re just not. But there’s a small contingency of you killers who are. And I used to think, if I could just pick who I wanted to call this show every day, it would be so much better than it already is. But that just wasn’t realistic. I knew I couldn’t do it every single day, but I could do it once a year. And that’s how the Smackoff was born. 

One day, of nothing but calls, where the best of the best, go at it and go at each other for the right to be King Of Smack: the right to be called the best caller on the show for a year; oh and you get $5 grand in cash for winning it. 

The catch is, it’s invite only: you have to qualify; you have to actually be in to win it.  How do you get in? With quality calls. Or even one incredible call if I’m feeling it and want to award you with the so-called the golden ticket. Past winners have lifetime exemptions. 

And to be the champ, you’re going to have to beat the champ; in fact, the two time defending champ. The Laguna Beach Bully, Leff: who has pulled off some crazy bleep the last two years.

I have no idea what the hell Leff has in store for this year, but I do know he’s the one to beat. Write it down, July 20. You think you’re better than that guy, prove it. If you know you’re not and just want to listen or participate in social, get the day off. Now you know when it is, and now it’s official: Smackoff 24 is July 20. Be there! Because it’s going to be on TV for the first time.