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Smash Mouth Wants Bryce In San Fran

I'm not sure where this goes next. I just want it to stop.

February 27, 2019 - 12:24 pm

While Nolan Arenado got his pay day, Bryce Harper is still waiting for his. 

We're at DAY 117 of Bryce Harper's free agency. And at this point, the news isn't just the teams that are chasing this dude, but the people who are jumping in trying to close the deal. 

The Phillies flew owner John Middleton to Vegas and reportedly weren't leaving without a deal... Until they left without a deal.

The Dodgers sent Dave Roberts to Vegas, and asked Doc for his most clutch rip since he swiped that bag on Mariano and Jorge.

Now Owners and Managers are one thing. But celebs and legends are a whole 'nother. 

The Phillies put none other than Brian Dawkins on the case last week. Turning down 300 million dollar offers is one thing. Turning down B-DAWK is another. 

Weapon X thumbed out the following tweet to Bryce last week: 

"No pressure... What say you...? Though it may be true that there could be some good fits out there... But GREAT fits? I can think of only ONE! Just sayin Phillies

At that point, it wasn't a matter of if, but when. Hell, at that point, it wasn't about Harp sliding that lettuce under a Phils lid, it was about Bryce getting permission from Dawk to do his tunnel crawl as part of his walk-up routine. But Harper still hasn't signed. 

Now you see a legend like that step out and make a gesture, it's huge. But not as huge as what went down yesterday with the Giants Number One fan.  

Because a lot of people have opinions on where Harper should end up. But a lot of people ARENT SMASH MOUTH. 

And the certified blue check account of Smashmouth took the Harper sweepstakes to the next level when it dropped the following FIRE on Twitter: 

We are hearing Giants ownership/upper management might not be on the same page as (President of Baseball Operations Farhan) Zaidi regarding Harper. They want to offer a long term contract like they did with Bonds and Zaidi does NOT want to. Sabean/Baer step the F up, this is your team, not some slappy's from the Dodgers! 


That's an incredible tweet for so many reasons. First off, that's not just a Bay Area super fan trying to get Harper to Frisco, that's Smashmouth throwing an elbow into the ribs of Jeff Passan and Bob Nightengale and Jon Heyman and breaking news. 

This dude is reaching into upper management and reporting on a rift between ownership and the President of Baseball Operations. 

Not only that, the dude from the Shrek soundtrack is calling the team's new president of baseball operations a SLAPPY from the Dodgers. I'm a little disappointed the guy from Matchbox 20 didn't hop into the comments and hit the 'Mouth back with a Battery Chucker blast and threaten to PUSH HIM AROUND.

Look, B-Dawk is a Hall of Fame football player. An absolute bad-ass. And a dude who embodied what the City of Philadelphia is all about. 

The dude from Smashmouth is... Well... The guy who all but told Farhan Zaidi that "if the offer is shun, you might as well be walking on the sun."  

It's not like that Tweet was a one-off. Dude didn't just post it and watch the thing go viral. He jumped into the mentions and got down and dirty with blue checks and eggs alike -- arguing with a dude who has 27 followers about the merits of WAR versus Entertainment Value. 

Look, I'm not sure where this goes next. I just want it to stop. Because we're about 24 hours away from Smashmouth hopping back in the studio and re-tracking All-Star. 

And if you thought 'The Knot, Nickelback and the Dragonz dropping gloves and throwing the hands around was bad, this could be even worse.