The St. Louis Blues Hoist First Stanley Cup


Jim Rome
June 13, 2019 - 9:37 am
Ryan O'Reilly

USA Today


Randy and Jason Sklar!

Nelly and the St. Lunatics!

Pam from the Office!

Jon Hamm!

Your Blues are Stanley Cup Champions!

Correction, the St. Bleeping LOUIS bleeping BLUES bleeping WON bleeping THE bleeping STANLEY bleeping CUP. Bleep.

I’m not sure what was more incredible – the Blues winning Game 7 last night in Boston or the uncensored celebration that followed.

That was awesome. The greatest trophy in sports. The greatest trophy presentation in sports. And the greatest lack of censorship in sports. Just beautiful. 

About as awesome as the Blues were last night. They did it. They bleeping did it. This crew was up 3-2 in the series. They had the chance to close it out on home ice on Sunday and got worked. They lost Game 6 at home 5-1 on Sunday. That was supposed to be a blown opportunity. That was supposed the night they spent the rest of their lives regretting. 

Because last night was just a matter of the Bruins showing up, flexing a little, running out a few of city’s formerly great athletes from other sports, and then skating around with the Cup, and then throwing yet another world championship in our faces. You know how Boston felt about it. Not the players or the team, but the city and the fans. The Cup was theirs. They knew it. They came to party. Yeah, well, St. Louis came to wreck shop and wreck that party. 

Again…Boston rolled out a bunch of celebrities, the Blues had Laila Anderson. And they had Jordan Binnington.

Holy crap. This dude was incredible, esp. In the first period when they had to have it. There was one-way traffic at the start of that game and it was all in the Binnington’s face. There’s tilting the ice and then there’s what the Bruins were doing last night. It looked like it was only a matter of time before he broke, but the rookie stood in. And then he stood on his head.

And then this.

That is Ryan O’Reilly. That is Ryan O’Reilly scoring in a Stanley Cup Final game. That is Ryan O’Reilly scoring in his fourth straight Stanley Cup Final game. The last guy to do that? Former St. Louis blues legend, Wayne Gretzky.

Except Ryan O’Reilly scored three goals in his first 22 playoff games. And now he and The Great One are part of a TWO MEMBER CLUB, for guys who scored in four straight Stanley Cup Final games.

That’s badass. And that’s how you win a Stanley Cup. That is how you shut a crowd up, on the road in Game 7.

To survive the first period would’ve been great. To survive it with a 1-0 lead would be amazing. But then to score right before the horn, is about the best thing ever for the city of St. Louis:

Boston’s Brad Marchand got caught in no-man’s land and St. Louis made him pay. Two shots, two goals. Thanks for coming. 

I’m not going to say that they should’ve called game after that, but they could’ve. Because they handled business in the second period.

And then came the third period and you knew that Boston was going to throw everything they had in the final 20 minutes. There was no way that St. Louis could keep Boston locked up for 60 minutes at home in a Game 7, right?

Then again, this is a team that was dead last in the league just a few months ago and now they are champs. I know that’s been hammered to death, but it really can’t be said enough. That is absolutely incredible. That does not happen. It’s not supposed to happen. But these guys did it. From dead last to one of the league’s best stories ever: it’s amazing. 

Because they were dead in January. And if they weren’t then, they were this past Sunday. But then again, almost none of this makes sense. Like the fact they were 6-7 at home in the playoffs this year, but 10-3 on the road. With a guy who is technically still an interim coach and a goalie who is definitely a rookie. There’s tough and then there’s St. Louis Blues tough.  

And then, with Binnington and the Blues facing the most pressure-packed 20 minutes of their lives in the third, they attacked again. They had a couple good looks to make it 3-0 and end it, but they couldn’t quite finish it off. Until they did.

4-0. Just walked into Boston and punched them in the face, repeatedly. Time and time again. And then walked out legends. Absolute freaking legends. Boston got a goal back to make it 4-1, but it was over. The St. Louis Blues are Stanley Cup champions. Stanley Bleeping Cup Bleeping Champions.

And they did it in the toughest, hardest, most badass way possible. They went on the road and dominated Boston in their house. And then partied with the Cup afterwards.

About the only thing that went Boston’s way last night was the chance to boo Gary Bettman and even that was a little quiet. But there was nothing quiet about the Blues skating around the ice with the Cup. Those guys were letting the f-bombs fly. “Exultation language” is how Doc Emrick described it. And it was perfect. Nobody should be apologizing for that.

And made sure that Laila, the legend, got her moment with the Cup on the ice. If that that isn’t the coolest moment ever, I don’t know what is.

Give me a little Gloria one last time.