Stay Away From Chicago, Carson

You'll end up like Craig Krenzel or Caleb Hanie.

Jim Rome
February 17, 2021 - 11:12 am
Carson Wentz

USA Today


There was a time not that long ago when Carson Wentz was going to be theee big prize of the offseason quarterback sweepstakes. He was going to be the one big name quarterback on the market. And then suddenly, just about every other quarterback in the league jumped into the pool and lapped him.

Which is pretty much how his career has gone – he looked like the best guy around for a moment and then everyone else blew right by  him. And he became pretty much forgettable.

And right now, there are so many other quarterbacks who are on the market, could be on the market, and want to be on the market. And then there’s Carson Wentz.

And if you believe the rumors, the trade market for Wentz is down to Indianapolis and Chicago. Pretty much the same two teams that have been in it from the start, which tells you a lot. Just two teams for a former potential MVP and a guy who looked like he was on the way to becoming one of the best things that ever happened to City of Philadelphia.  A soon-to-be legend. So….quick question, the hell happened to that guy?! Something, obviously, or these wouldn’t be the only teams really interested, reportedly. 

A trade to Indianapolis makes sense, obviously, because it would mean a reunion of Carson Wentz and Frank Reich, the offensive coordinator who got the most out of Wentz.

And trade to Chicago makes sense because it would mean a reunion of Carson Wentz and John Defilippo, the Bears new passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach, who was the quarterbacks coach in Philly when Wentz was thriving.

And right now, if you believe the reports, the Bears have the best offer on the table. So Carson Wentz might become a Bear? Ehhhh, let’s not get into that just yet. Not if Wentz himself has anything to say about it. Because there might be one small thing holding up a potential Wentz to Chicago deal. And that small thing is, he may not want anything to do with the train wreck that is the Bears. 

And I can’t say I blame him. At all.

A trade to Indianapolis means joining a team with a loaded defense. A trade to Chicago means joining a team with a loaded defense.

A trade to Indianapolis means going to a team that is going places. A trade to Chicago means going to a team that is already in the gutter.

A trade to Indy means going to one of the most respected GM-head coach combos in the league. A trade to Chicago means going to one of the least respected GM-head coach combos in the league. And a combo that could be looking for new jobs very soon.

And if I’m Carson Wentz, I am fighting like hell to stay away from them. Because the only thing worse than being traded to Chicago is being traded there and then having the guys who traded for you get broken off after a year. So now another head coach and GM is going to have to decide if you’re their guy and you don’t want to be in that spot.  Because almost assuredly, they’re going to want their own guy. 

And that’s before we get to the whole history of quarterbacks in Chicago. I’m not saying that Chicago is the place where quarterbacks go to die, but if your name isn’t the Punky QB, Chicago is the place where quarterbacks go to die. 

Run down the list of legends that have been under center in that city and you are going to see some true icons.  We’re talking about guys like Jim Miller, Chad Hutchinson, Kyle Orton’s neckbeard, Rex Grossman aka Gross Rexman. There was even a Peter Tom Willis sighting. Correction – multiple PTW sightings.

And if you’re Wentz and you’re looking to revive a dying career, I don’t think you’re looking at what Matt Nagy did with Mitchell Trubisky and thinking, that’s the guy to hit my career with the paddles. He’s not there to bring you back to life, he’s there to dig a hole and shove you into it. If you’re on life support, and wentz pretty much is, Nagy is the guy to rip the plug out of the wall. 

Carson Wentz knows all too well just how good Nick Foles can be and look at how Foles showed up last year. And if part of the knock on the situation in Philadelphia is the fact that Wentz had absolutely nobody to throw to – good luck finding it any easier in Chicago.

Sure, they could force Allen Robinson to stay around, but after that, good luck turning your career around with the likes of Darnell Moody and Anthony Miller.

Honestly, at this point, as bad as things have gotten for Wentz in Philly, staying in Philly seems a lot more appealing than going to Chicago. And that’s saying a lot.

So what do you do if you’re Carson Wentz? It’s not like you have a ton of leverage in this situation. There is a reason he’s on the trading block and the reason is: he sucked this year. He looks like a shot fighter.

He’s a shell of the guy who was an MVP candidate a minute ago and it’s not like teams are lining up for him. That line is exactly two deep and, according to reports, the Colts aren’t giving the Eagles what they want to get this done. In other words, yes, they’re interested, but not THAT interested. Because Wentz is no longer THAT GUY. 

Not that I would ever compare wentz to Tom Brady, but I can compare their situations: incredibly enough, there really wasn’t’ much interest around the league in Brady this past offseason: reportedly only two teams really had interest in him as well. Difference being, one of those teams, the Bucs was willing to do anything and everything to get the guy and do right by the guy and provide an environment that really wanted to go to. That was Tampa Bay and it worked out brilliantly. That’s not the scenario Wentz is looking at.  Not even close.

And if Chicago has a better offer, you know Philly is going to want to take it. Which means, if Wentz really doesn’t want to go there, he has to go nuclear. He has to threaten that he won’t show up to camp and won’t play if they do send him to the Bears.

Of course there’s almost no way that he actually follows through on that. There’s no way that he retires instead of playing for the Bears – but I wouldn’t blame him if he did.

But he has to scare off the Bears. Make it toxic for them to trade for him. Make it so risky that there’s no way they’d actually send something of value back to Philadelphia. Put so much doubt in their heads that there’s no way Chicago actually follows through on the trade.

You have to find the highest rooftop there is and start screaming, hell no, I will not go!  Hell no, I will not go!! I hate these guys: and I’m already dying here, no way in hell I let these guys finish me off: don’t make that trade for me, because that’s the last place I want to be. And no, I don’t need to hear your plan, I just need to turn on the tape; that tells me all I need to know. I’m talking about my career. Or what’s left of it. I know what will happen if I go to Chicago: I’ll end up like Craig Krenzel or Caleb Hanie. And I’m not about to let that happen.

I’m not saying some of this isn’t on Wentz. And I’m not saying I appreciate the way he’s handled himself recently.  I’m saying that he wants to salvage what’s left of his career, Chicago is the last place he should be looking to do it. And knows it.