Steelers Still Talking About America's Team

Stop talking about the Browns who just destroyed you.

Jim Rome
January 12, 2021 - 10:16 am
Chase Claypool

USA Today


You’d think if you just got embarrassed on national primetime television—by a team without a coach, and by a quarterback playing behind an offensive lineman he just met in the locker room before the game—you’d stop talking mess. You’d think that if you came into Sunday night as a 6-point home favorite and left as an 11-point loser with the face of your franchise crying on the bench—you’d zip the lip. You’d think that if you were going home after a curb-stomping and the Browns were moving on after breaking in their steel-toes—you’d shut the hell up. You’d think—but you’d be wrong.

Because the Pittsburgh Steelers won’t stop talking. And it’s actually pretty incredible considering what just happened to them Sunday night. And how they ended the season after starting 11-0 and all this talk about whether or not they might run down the 72 Dolphins.

Look, I’ve had Juju Smith-Shuster’s back for a long time. Even as recently as last month—when he danced all over the Bengals logo before getting blown up in a third straight loss for Pittsburgh. You wanna hype yourself up by moonwalking on another squad’s family crest—go for it. Just understand if you don’t back it up, you’re gonna have to wear it. And he did.

Just like he’s had to wear his Browns is the Browns comment for the last 36 hours and counting.

Juju said what you just heard five days ago on Thursday. “I think they’re nameless gray faces. They have a couple good players on their team, but at the end of the day, I don’t know. The Browns is the Browns.”

That aged about as well as that weird, lumpy hot dog shimmering in grease on the roller at 7-11.

And the Browns let him hear all about it. Baker Mayfield shouted “The Browns is the Browns!” Running off the field Sunday night after slapping the Steelers around. Myles Garrett used juju’s comments as a voiceover for an Instagram video he posted. And the Browns is the Browns tagline has been plastered on t-shirts by at least six different apparel companies in the last day and half.

If you’re wondering; does juju regret saying what he said? He does not. He told the media after the game: “I don’t regret what I said. I said the Browns is the Browns. They came out and played a hell of a game. Today wasn’t our night.”

Today wasn’t our night is one of my favorite lines ever. 

What -- January wasn’t our year -- didn’t want any of that?

In all honesty, I’m way more down with a dude standing by what he said even if what he said was all sorts of stupid. I’m about that ownership. If you’re gonna run it—keep it. You said it. No need to walk it back. It’s a lot better than some canned apology. Juju said something. He was wrong. He didn’t walk it back. But he gave them credit. I’m fine with that.

But then you’ve got Steelers wideout Chase Claypool who went on Instagram Live yesterday and offered his thoughts on the Browns/Chiefs game coming up this weekend. (INSERT 2 – BROWNS ARE GONNA GET CLAPPED)

The definition of rich as hell—is when someone gets clapped, then says the thing that clapped him is gonna get clapped.

You don’t get to do that. It doesn’t work like that. You can't run smack from the grave.

I’m never gonna tell someone they can’t have an opinion, but I am gonna tell someone to keep it to themselves if they’re 24 hours removed from a nationally televised hospital job at the hands of the team you’re still talking junk about.

Even if the Browns get rolled by the Chiefs—that doesn’t validate Chase Claypool at all. All it says is that the Steelers would have gotten rolled harder. Again, you can’t talk smack, face down on the canvas about the next opponent your bully is about to fight.

The difference between Juju and Claypool is that Juju ran his before the game. And was asked about it after. Claypool is out here, fresh off an ass-kicking, with the benefit of hindsight, still talking. It’s incredible. Like I said at the top—you’d think they’d zip the lip. And you’d be wrong.

Claypool’s comments got back to Browns d-lineman, Adrian Clayborn who retweeted them and thumbed out, “Just go on vacation already, young fella.”

That’s some damn good advice. Especially coming from a guy who helped put you on holiday.

Turn off the phone. Stop talking about the Browns who just destroyed you. And go on vacation. Vacation is one of the perks of getting tattooed on national TV and knocked out the playoffs by your rival. And there aren't many perks.