Still Think Anyone Can Do Dak Prescott’s job?

Cards 38 Cowboys 10

Jim Rome
October 20, 2020 - 10:23 am
Andy Dalton

USA Today


Let me open the show with a question: still think anyone can do Dak Prescott’s job? I’ll answer that for you: no. Actually, hell no.

Still think that he’s just a guy who’s been handed the keys to a really nice rig and all he has to do is turn it on and drive?

Remember all those dopes who were saying that Dak wasn’t worth what he was asking for? After watching the Cowboys last night, I’d be willing to chip in a few bucks to make sure Dak gets what he wants so I never have to see that again. Because that was hideous.

Dak’s price went up about ten million last night and it should. Because that was truly terrible. I mean, just abhorrent. So much for the idea that the Cowboys would pivot from Dak and just become a run-first team, and essentially play the way they were supposed to play. At least that’s what some folks were saying, almost implying that the guy who was throwing for 400 yards per game was getting in the way of them running their offense.

And that pivot went terribly. You can’t be a run first team if your running back can’t hold onto the ball. And Ezekiel Elliott had no interest in hold onto the ball last night.

It’s not just the fumble that was bad, it was what the fumble did. Because it didn’t just keep Arizona in the game, it gave them the game. The Cardinals offense hadn’t exactly been clicking on its first three possessions, but when Elliott gave them the ball, they were ready to capitalize and take a 7-0.

Then Dallas got the ball back and on second down, and Zeke fumbled again.

Two fumbles on two consecutive touches for Elliott. Not good. BELOW NOT GOOD.

The whole thing had been that the Cowboys were going to be an Elliott-centered team. They are going to go back to the glory days when they were handing him the rock time and time again, and they would just beat teams into submission.

You know, feed him. Feed Me. That’s Elliott’s celebration. It’s his brand. He has it tattooed on his stomach and he couldn’t wait to show that tat off earlier in the season.

Last night, they were feeding him and he was puking all over the place. Pretty hard to feed you if you insist on vomiting the ball back onto the field every time you get it.

And sure enough, the Cardinals turned that second fumble into a 14-0 lead pretty quickly. And still the Cowboys offense couldn’t get going and when Arizona got the ball back again, you knew what they were going to do.  It was only a matter of time before they hit on one of these:

Incredible throw from Kyler Murray, great hands by Christian Kirk, and atrocious defending by the Cowboys. You had to know something like this was coming? How? Because the Cardinals had already taken multiple deep shots and just missed. It wasn’t a question of IF, but a matter of WHEN. And they did to go up 21-0 and start the humiliation.

And the embarrassment kept on coming. This isn’t all on Elliott, although a lot of it is. But, Andy Dalton wasn’t exactly the Red Rifle that everyone expected. He averaged 1.3 air yards per completion in the first half. When you see a number like that, you have to wonder, was he shovel passing everything?

It says here Dalton will get better, I mean, he can’t get any worse, so he’ll improve, but I’m not sure how much it will matter. Because the offensive line continues to be a complete and utter mess, the defense is a joke, and the head coach isn’t the genius that everyone was expecting. Speaking of which, Mike McCarthy turning Jerry Jones inside out with that video pitch he created of him and some other coaches grinding it out his football barn is looking more and more genius by the day. I’m not sure McCarthy can do anything to help the Cowboys, but damn, man, good on you for getting the getting gig with the best video deck ever. I’m not saying he can do the job but damn did he ever nail that interview and close the old man on that gig with that football barn of his. 

But back to last night’s ass-kicking….There are two different kinds of wounds you can suffer during a game – the one that an opponent does to you and the ones you do to yourself. Can someone explain to me what Dallas was doing when they lined up and kicked a field goal.

Let me be more specific: can someone explain to me why Dallas attempted a 58-yard field goal when they were trailing 28-3? Is that on the card somewhere? When you’re down by 25, try a long field goal to cut the lead to 22.

You might as well just quit that point. Those are just dignity points, that’s not about trying to win. And they couldn’t even get the dignity points.

And speaking of 28-3, the Atlanta Falcons were clowning the Cowboys last night. They tweeted: No need to @ us. We already know...

That’s how bad it got for Dallas. The Falcons, obviously feeling themselves after that win over the Vikes, a team even more disappointing than they are, jumping in with the self-deprecation hoping it makes people forget they choked away the super bowl. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t. But as long as the rest of nation is clowning the Cowboys, you may as well also.  After all, that was a national television humiliation or the Cowboys las night.  That 38-10 curbstomping tied for the worst home loss in that stadium’s history.

Speaking of McCarthy, how about the announcers last night mentioning McCarthy’s thing that he didn’t want to be putting up 500 yards per game and trailing for most of the game? Great take, Mike. You just put up 344 yards and trailed the whole game, so mission accomplished.

If you were looking for Jerry’s sleepover buddy to come up with some great answers to what’s going on, you’re begging: “We didn't play very well on offense, defense or special teams and most importantly, I didn't coach very well. I have a continuing issue with ball security on my football team. It's something I personally take a lot of pride in, and how it reflects how you play the game of football. And I'm not getting that done right now.”

No you are not. In fact, I’m starting to think the Cowboys were better when Jason Garrett was the head coach. When you’re getting punked by 28 at home on national television, The Clapper starts to feel like the good old days.

It really is amazing that Dak Prescott kept this group competitive. Like, somehow, he had them in games that they had no business being in, because this is not a good football team. And by not good, I mean they’re garbage.

Here’s another question for you: who had a worse day – the Dallas Cowboys or that legal analyst who was trending after subjecting his co-workers to sexual misconduct in on online meeting? Before you answer that – that dude was on Zoom. The Cowboys got exposed on national television.

But here’s the best thing – the Dallas Cowboys just go smashed at home by 28 points to fall to 2-4. And they are still in first place in the NFC East. And if you hate that, you’re wrong. Because that is awesome.

Don’t come in here with your hack “NFC Least” takes. The NFC East is incredible. It’s the best division in football and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. Because I have a dream of a 6-win team reaching the playoffs and this year, I think someone can pull that off. Don’t let me down, Michael, coach em the hell up.  And you too, zee: both hands on the freaking rock, dude. This dude needs to be carrying rock with him 24/7 and sleeping with hit: because if they are going to get those six wins they need to win the division, this dude needs to stop putting it on the ground nearly every time he touches it. I’m not asking for a helluva lot here, Zeke: just that you don’t fumble it every single game, and you help your team get to those magic six wins in the worst division. Not a helluva lot to ask dude. 

When Tony Dungy called Dak's injury a "blessing in disguise", I think he meant the "alleged America's Team DEMISE".