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Stop Being You, Jerrah

Instead of Jerrah’s opening presser being focused on football, it was focused on the national anthem.

July 26, 2018 - 10:20 am

Jerry Jones had a press conference to opening training camp in Oxnard yesterday and the biggest headlines weren’t about Ezekiel Elliott or replacing Dez Bryant or whether Dak Prescott would return to the glory of his rookie year. The post-press conference buzz wasn’t even about the NFC East and whether the Cowboys had what it took to rip it.

So in the words of that classic Monday Night Football intro song: Are you ready for some foot----DISCUSSIONS ABOUT LEAGUE POLICY ON STANDING VERSUS KNEELING DURING THE NATIONAL ANTHEMMMMM!!!!!

Yeah! Woooooo!!!!

Because instead of Jerrah’s opening presser being focused on football, it was focused on the national anthem. You know, because what fans really want to hear just before the start of the football season isn’t  football, it’s about policy regarding where players can and cannot be during the playing of the national anthem. 

The protests were fading as a topic last season – that is the topic of the protests, not the issues that were being protested - but then, for some reason, the league decided to hit it with the paddles in May with a new policy that would require anyone not standing to remain in the locker room. That was a bad idea. 

Then there was the leak of the Miami Dolphins policy last week that would potentially suspend players who protested social injustices four games. That was a worse idea. 

And here comes Jerry Jones saying that the league policy of allowing players to stay in the locker room won’t fly in Dallas. 

"Our policy is that you stand at the anthem, toe on the line."

And that is the worst idea yet. The head of the biggest team in the league saying, screw your league policy, this is what’s going to happen here. 

And as for the ongoing discussions by the league and the players association to discuss the policy, Jerrah’s not real interested. 

“It did not impact our position, my position, relative to the Cowboys. Our position is real clear: You should stand.”

But honestly, the worst idea is talking about it period. But the league can’t stop talking about. They’re talking about player protests more than the players are talking about it. And every time they talk, it gets worse. 

Everyone has pretty much decided where they come out on the issue. Some fans support the player’s right to protest social injustice. Some fans do not. But the league continuing to talk about it and continuing to puke over themselves as they do it, certainly isn’t making things better. And Jerrah is the latest entry on that list. 

Forget for a second whether there’s a point of having a league policy if Jerry Jones is going to compel particular behavior. And forget whether that’s legal. And forget whether Jerry will be asking concession stand workers to stop selling beer and pizza during the national anthem. 

The larger topic is that there are so many other topics to be talking about, but the league keeps bringing it back to the national anthem. And for who? For what? 

Every time a team does something that brings this back into the spotlight, it’s like going to a concert and hearing the lead singer say, “And now here’s something off our new album…” 

NOOOOOO! Play the freaking hits!!! Talk about Dak Prescott. Talk about Jason Garrett. Hell, talk about crippled crickets and circumcising mosquitos before you talk about the national anthem, because it’s not helpin’ ‘em, it’s hurtin’ ‘em. 

And I know that Jerry said that “I, like everybody, would like for it to go away." Not nearly as much as the players who are protesting injustices would like those injustices to go away. 

But here’s an idea, if you want the topic to go away, stop talking about the topic. Stop deviating from league policy, which not only continues the topic, but makes it bigger. In other words, just stop being you.