Strip Club Chicken Wings

Lou Williams, legend.

Jim Rome
July 27, 2020 - 11:27 am
Lou Williams

USA Today


Last week, Clippers guard Lou Williams was excused from the NBA bubble last week to tend to a personal matter. And now he’s being investigated by the league for what exactly happened while he was gone.

And if for some reason you haven’t tracked this incredible tale, you’re in for treat.  Because this is about as good as it gets. 

Because rapper Jack Harlow posted a photo of himself with Lou Williams and the caption: “a location U would never guess”

Well, people did guess it. And the guess is…wait for it…allegedly…probably…possibly…potentially…

Magic City Gentleman’s Club in Atlanta.

Holy freaking crap. What an absolute legend. My guy leaves the bubble to tend to some personal business and while he’s out, he tends to some personal business…

He hit up a strip club during a pandemic.

3-time Sixth Man of the Year. Instant offense.  Permanent legend. A golden god.

And believe it or not, it gets seen better. Much, much better.  Yes, even better than just leaving the bubble to hit up a club with exotic dancers. And I can’t wait to unpack this whole thing. 

Sources told ESPN that Williams told NBA investigators that he attended a viewing for Paul G. Williams, which ended around 6pm Thursday evening. According to ESPN, Paul Williams is the father of a close family friend.

And on Friday, Lou Williams retweeted a photo of Paul G Williams with the caption “Long Live Pops.”

But before he tweeted that, he allegedly, apparently, probably went to Magic City Gentleman’s Club. He went from a viewing to a strip club. Power move. We’d all agree on that right??

And that’s when Harlow posted the pic. Because of course that would happen. There’s no way that you can show up at Magic City and reconnect with some friends without someone putting that on social media.

Harlow quickly deleted the post from his Instagram story and then tweeted: "That was an old pic of me and Lou. I was just reminiscing cuz I miss him."

Scuse me, my bad!

That wasn’t a new photo with Lou Williams in a gentleman’s club, that’s an old one. And I was just posting it with the caption “a location U would never guess” because, that’s my guy!  And I miss the hell out of him.  And of course, the best: gotta feed the social media beast.  and flex a little too.  But yes, that was an old pic, and I really miss my dude. Sure it wasn’t. Sure you don’t. And how do I know?

One problem with that explanation. Both guys are wearing masks, which would indicate that it’s a fairly recent photo. A photo from pandemic times. And more specifically, Williams is wearing a mask that the NBA was giving out in Orlando.


So that really would suggest  like Williams left the bubble to attend a viewing and then attended  another kind of viewing, while wearing a mask that was handed out in the bubble.

But before you come in here and say that these are the actions of one of those “horny dudes” that the anonymous baseball player had told Jeff Passan about last week, Lou Williams would like you to know that’s not how it is. Not even close. 

He tweeted: Ask any of my teammates what’s my favorite restaurant in Atlanta is. Ain’t nobody partying. Chill out lol #Mask on #in and out

Right. The old strip club excuse of “I was just there for the food.” That is a classic line. I wasn’t there for the show, I was there for the wings. I was there to see the menu.

Except in the case of Lou Williams, he means it. He is the first, last and only person on the planet who can be believed when he says that he was just at a strip club for the food. How do I know that?

Check this interview he did with Ros Gold-Unwude back in April.

That’s him hyping the food at Magic City months ago. Here he was on twitter last year, hyping it in an exchange on Twitter

I respect that but magic city and blue flame got the best wings in the city

That’s hyping not one, but two gentleman’s clubs for their wings. Magic City and Blue Flame. My guy knows his gentleman’s club wings. He’s like the bobby flay of gentleman’s club wings.

And when I say he hypes the Magic City food, I’m not giving you the full picture. He’s actually hyping his own food.

Because he is such a fan of the wings at Magic City, that he has his own signature wing at Magic City.

The menu at Magic City has this entry on it: “Louwill Lemon Pepper BBQ wings.”

Listen, I’m not here to judge. I’m not going to judge how someone grieves. We all grieve in different ways.

And I know we’re in a global pandemic and everyone needs to do everything humanly possible to keep themselves safe and everyone around them safe, but…

If you leave the bubble and you’re in a city that has YOUR name on THEIR menu, you pretty much have to go there. It would be a crime not to go there.

And I don’t care that it’s in a gentleman’s club. Are you honestly going to tell me that Lou Williams was going to be in Atlanta and he wasn’t going to pick up some “Louwill Lemon Pepper BBQ wings”?

No way.

And I know that the NBA can’t be happy. In fact, they have to truly pissed. There’s a billion dollar operation underway in Orlando and they don’t want guys risking it rolling out to gentleman’s clubs to get wings.

Just like Doc Rivers can’t be happy, because now Williams could be looking at a 10 day quarantine upon returning to Orlando, which could impact his availability for seeding games.

Rivers had the perfect quote on Saturday: "I can't share much with his journey. I wasn't on that journey with him."

That is the absolute truth. Nobody else was on that journey with him. But it was one hell of a journey. And I can’t hate that he took it.  In fact I love it. And wish I had been there with him. Lou Williams, legend. And don’t any of you forget it.