The Summer Of The Knicks


Jim Rome
June 27, 2019 - 10:45 am
Kevin Durant

USA Today


Woj reported this morning that the Celtics have emerged as the frontrunner to sign Kemba Walker when free agency opens on Sunday. He’d be a good fit for the Celtics offense, would finally be surrounded with talent in a way that he’s never been in Charlotte, and gives Boston an immediate and reliable offensive weapon. Also, he’s an addition to the locker room, not a subtraction. He’s an energy giver, not an energy vampire unlike that person who wasn’t mentioned by Danny Ainge the other day.

Here’s the other thing about the possibility of Kemba Walker going to the Celtics, it means he won’t be going to the Knicks. But don’t freak out, Knick fans. At least not yet, because they are being linked with a lot of players.

They are targeting Kevin Durant. And Kyrie Irving. And Kawhi Leonard.

Not only are they targeting those guys but Charles Oakley posted a pic with KD in New York, with the caption: I see you out and about in my city. Wishing @easymoneysniper a speedy recovery.

Knicks fans had to be freaking out about that. Are you kidding me? Kevin Durant in New York with Charles Oakley. A Knicks legend and a future Knick legend?

There’s no way that Oakley isn’t selling Durant on the Knicks and what it means to be a Knick – oh, wait, there is a way: the fact that James Dolan had Oakley put in handcuffs. Yeah, knowing that, I highly doubt that Oakley was doing a hard pitch for the Knicks.

Come to New York. Wear the jersey. Play at Madison Square Garden. And some day, you too can be arrested at Madison Square Garden because the owner is a petulant child.  And fronts the worst band in the history of musical; and if you even look at the guy the wrong way, much less tell him to sell his team and his records suck, you’ll be banned for life. Or worse yet, fitted for the silver bracelets. If you’re the Warriors or the Clippers or any team not named the Knicks, the fact that Oak and KD were together isn’t bad news.  In fact, it’s great news. The best news. Because you know Oak is going to tell KD how he really feels about Dolan. Not that we don’t all already know. 

But don’t sweat it, Knicks fans. I mean, I know you’ve been dreaming about Sunday and the start of free agency ever since the Kristaps trade, but don’t sweat the KD thing. There’s still Kyrie Irving. And he’s still got a great reputation around the league, right?

Actually, he doesn’t and what once seemed to be a foregone conclusion that he was going to be a Knick, especially if you listen to Knicks fans, is now dwindling as he reportedly becomes more and more interested in the Nets.

Okay, so the KD-Kyrie combo that was guaranteed by every Knicks fan on the planet when they traded Kristaps might not happen. But the Knicks are still going to make a run at Kawhi. And they really have a legit shot at that.

Sure they don’t.

The Lakers thinking they’re going to sign Kawhi can’t believe how delusional Knicks fans are about Kawhi. You’re telling me that Kawhi is going to leave San Antonio because of the relationship with the organization, then he goes to a spot in Toronto with one of the best organizations, but he’s going to leave that to go to the Knicks?!?!, one of the worst organizations in sports, with one of the worst owners? Oh, ok! 

At least the Lakers are in SoCal. I mean, they might have a dysfunctional organization and nobody knows who’s calling the shots, but Staples is at least near Riverside. Near his fam and closest friends. The Knicks have a dysfunctional organization, everyone knows who’s calling the shots, and it’s nowhere near the Inland Empire.

And don’t try to sell me on the idea, as some Knicks honks have, that going to New York will be good for Kawhi’s brand. Don’t come in here with the take that Dennis Smith Jr’s social media following grew by more than 50% when he arrived in New York. Kawhi has tweeted four times. Four. July 7th will be the fourth anniversary of his fourth tweet. And his last tweet.

How stale is his twitter account? His second-to-last tweet is about a custom swagboard. Do you even remember swagboards?

That would be like his second-to-last tweet being about pogs or slap bracelets. Dude follows just six other accounts and one of them is the San Antonio Spurs!! Worst break up ever, but he still follows them on twitter. Clearly, my dude doesn’t remember he’s on twitter. So I don’t think that selling him on growing his Twitter followers is how you’re getting Kawhi. Better yet, I don’t think you’re getting Kawhi. In fact, I know you’re not.  Like, I don’t a single thing about Kawhi Leonard: after all, he’s the most mysterious dude in the world. But I do know this; he’s not going to the Knicks. 

According to Marc Stein, they are also interested in DeMarcus Cousins. There are reports about the Knicks making a run at Terry Rozier. And Bobby Portis. And Julius Randle.   You know, pretty much anyone who has ever picked up a basketball.

How are Knicks fans going to keep up will all these photoshops? They’re going to be burning the midnight oil this weekend, just hammering out one jersey after another.

Here’s the thing that you have to be worried about if you’re a Knicks fan. If you’re already hearing about DeMarcus Cousins and Terry Rozier and Bobby Portis and Julius Randle, that doesn’t bode well.

If you’re already hearing about certain guys as “backup plans,” that means those backup plans are about to become THE plans. If you’re hearing a report about a guy being an option if they miss on their first option, they’ve pretty much have already missed on their first option. If you’re a team that’s linked with everyone, you aren’t signing anyone.

This was supposed to be the Summer of the Knicks. Listen to any Knicks fan and they would tell you.

This was the summer when everything changed, when the sleeping giant awoke, and when the Garden came to life. The superstars were going to line up outside the Mecca. And right now, it sure seems like this summer is going to be like every one that came before it – a complete whiff for the Knicks. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.  So I’d love to tell you Knicks fans this is where everything changes. Except that would be the biggest lie ever. Nothing is changing. And from the looks of things, nothing ever will.  But you still have James Dolan going for you. So that’s nice. If the Knicks sucking and J.D. And at the straight shot being even worse, is inevitable, you may as well just sit back and enjoy it. I know I will