Sean Payton and Drew Brees

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A Sunday Beatdown

New Orleans 48, Philadelphia 7.

November 19, 2018 - 9:21 am

New Orleans 48, Philadelphia 7. And after an absolute beatdown like that, I've only got one question: What the hell did Philly do to Sean Payton to deserve that? 

Because THAT was a felonious beating. An absolute hospital job. The kind of curb-stomping that wasn't just felt in Philly, but across the league. That was the defending champs getting treated like a freaking speed bag and the refs should've stepped in to stop that fight. 

Sean, you know it was Minnesota that knocked you out of the playoffs last year, right? It was Case Keenum and Stefon Diggs connecting on that miracle, not the dudes in green wearing dog masks? 

Because you only lay a number on someone like that if there's more to it. You only keep the pedal on the floor and the offense on the field, if there's a reason to do it. 

And maybe it was this: With all the talk last week on that epic battle between Andy Reid and Sean McVay on Monday Night, Sean Payton wanted to deliver a statement on Sunday afternoon. That statement being: 

We’re the team to beat. And you don't want anything to do with these Saints. 

Nothing. This team is freaky. They've got weapons falling out of their pockets on O. The D looks legit. And they've got a coach with a chip on his shoulder the size of a freaking boulder. And a couple weeks after putting it on the Rams, it was the defending champs turn to take the beating.  

Philly fans, I'm gonna be straight: NOTHING can take away from winning that Lombardi. 


That's an L that a Super Bowl champ has never taken. Literally. There have been 98 champs since the NFL got started in 1920. Not a single defending champ has worn it as badly as the Birds did yesterday down in NoLa. 

“I haven’t gotten my ass kicked like that in a long time,” Eagles defensive end Chris Long said after the game. No one has Chris. No one. Not your dad. Not your brother.  Pretty much no one.

Drew Brees just ran a junior high Track and Field day up and down the backs of your defense. 22 of 30 for 363. Four touchdown passes. Each one more cold-blooded then the next. 

First quarter, Brees threaded the needle from 3-yards out to Austin Carr to make it10-zip. Tough throw. Second quarter, he fit the ball in perfectly to rookie Tre-Quan Smith at the goal line. An even tougher throw. 

Third quarter, Mike Thomas 1-on-1. Pump, go. Absolute dime. You couldn't put that ball in a better spot to a better receiver. And finally, the saltiest of them all: In a 31-point game, on 4th and 7 in the fourth quarter, Brees in the gun. Alvin Kamara split wide. 

37-yard house call. 

That's as close to a cheat code as it gets. Pure marksman at quarterback. Scariest pass-catching running back on the planet split wide. And the Eagles just had to sit there and wear it.

What Brees is doing right now is insane. That's 25 touchdown passes and just 1 interception. A stat line like the one Brees put up yesterday actually lowered his completion percentage. And the amount of weapons this guy has at his disposal is an absolute nightmare for anybody trying to keep this dude in check. 

Nine straight wins and none of them have been more impressive than what happened yesterday. You want to know how good this team is, check this quote from Mark Ingram: "We got the best punter in the game and he don't even play." 

Why should he? The Saints can turn 4th and long into a home run and do it just because they want to. 

Bottom line: You can watch tonight's game and see two absolutely incredible offenses go to work. Monday Night Football is going to be elite on elite. But yesterday, the best team in the NFL made its statement. Statement being: Get the hell out the way. Because New Orleans means business. And in that house, on that field, in front of that crowd, there's absolutely nobody better.