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Sunday Night Football

Mike McCarthy’s seat has gone from hot to atomic.

November 26, 2018 - 11:58 am

Sunday Night Football wasn't just a big-time rivalry in the NFC North with the Vikings and Packers going at it. It was basically an elimination game. Win, and you've in the mix for a Wild Card bid. Lose and you're buying mixers for the Cabana you might as well rent for January.

Because the Bears keep trucking. After they dropped that hammer on Minnesota last Sunday, they went into the D and ruined Thanksgiving for Matty P. and they did it with CHASE DANIEL at quarterback. 

When you're pulling a dude off the sideline with TWO CAREER STARTS in a decade of clipboard work and they're out-dueling Matt Stafford, then you know you've got the thing rolling. Chase Daniel hasn't been unleashed since he was going HAM on the Big 12 at Mizzou in 2008. Now the dude was ripping HAM off the two Matts plates, going 27 for 37 with 2 touchdowns and no interceptions. Big, big performance for the big man. And just another reason why I'm not doubting the Bears ever again. 

And all that brings me to Sunday Night Football. Because Matt Nagy made Chase Daniel look like a world beater. And Mike McCarthy is turning the Packers offense into whatever the hell THAT was

17 points. Just 254 yards. Only 51 plays. And you can talk about injuries or personnel changes, but if you've got the most talented dude to ever spin a football behind center, you need to do better than that. 

Again, hear me very clearly. I'm not counting Aaron Rodgers out. Not that dude. Never that dude. Not with that schedule. And not if the math allows it. But I can't say the same for Mike McCarthy. Again, I'm not calling for a man's job. I respect the work he's done. 13 years is a helluva run. Nobody's ripping that ring off his finger. But that Lombardi came in 2010. A helluva lot has changed since then. Practically everything, but the Packers offense. 

So when I hear Number 12 go to the podium and break down what needs to happen between now and New Years for the Pack to get in, I’m listening. Hell, he basically lays it out as simply as you can. 

The Packers have the same record as the CLEVELAND BROWNS. And as crazy as it sounds, if you're looking at the talent surrounding each of those franchise quarterbacks, you're taking Cleveland's every day of the week. 

The Pack have Davante Adams and then a bunch of guys. Aaron Jones almost got buried on the bench by the head coach before finally seeing some playing time. And Rodgers turns 35 next week. I know guys like Tom Brady and Drew Brees are making that look young, but it’s closer to the end than it is the beginning. 

As you watch a team like Chicago basically reinvent itself in one offseason with a new head coach and a cutting edge offense, how do you look at what Green Bay is doing and not wonder if they're wasting this dude's best years?

So I'm not burying Number 12. If he's got a chip and a chair, then he's got a chance. 

But Mike McCarthy’s seat has gone from hot to atomic. And after all these years of the Pack being propped up by their quarterback, regardless of it they make another late-season run -- it might be time to find this dude a new head coach.