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Sunday Rory

Someone go tell Rory McIlroy that we all missed him yesterday at the final round of the Masters.

April 09, 2018 - 11:55 am

Someone go tell Rory McIlroy that we all missed him yesterday at the final round of the Masters. If you can find him. 

Rory was supposed to tee off yesterday at 2:40 local time—but the dude that talked all the junk Saturday night about how the pressure was on Pat Reed—that guy never showed. More like some hack who wasn’t ready to run down a first-timer pegged it up at number 1 and punted a ball to hell on a dead 45-degree angle.

Nervous much, dude? 

That’s how Rory’s round started. It ended with a meaningless par at 18 to lock up a four-way tie for fifth place.

This was supposed to be a rerack of that epic singles match at Hazeltine in 2016. The one where Rory went WWE heel and Reed earned the gloss, “Captain America.” The one where these two dudes threw haymakers for 18 holes before Reed buried Rory on the 18th to win 1-up. It was supposed to be all of that. And then some. Because Ryder Cup singles matches are great. But they aren’t Sunday at Augusta with a green jacket on the line.

And with all the hype in the world coming into yesterday’s final pairing—Rory didn’t even both showing up. The dude that fired a 65 on Saturday and put himself three back to start Sunday and had a chance to tie early with a very makeable eagle putt, was nowhere to be found. Saturday Rory was dialed in. Sunday Rory was a loose wreck. Saturday Rory couldn’t miss with the putter. Sunday Rory shouldn’t have even bothered.

After the bogey on 11 put him to two-over on the day, CBS stopped showing his shots. Probably not a better barometer out there of how you’re doing than the amount of TV run you get. 11 holes into the final round, in the final pairing, and CBS couldn’t waste valuable airtime on Rory. Not when Jordan was charging, Rahm was making a move, Fowler started his charge, and Pat Reed was still pacing everyone out front. Rory? Please! Dude shot himself out the career slam by the turn.

There’s not a more maddening game out there then golf. Sometimes you have it. Sometimes you don’t. But the greats can summon it when they need it. And Rory never needed it more than he needed it yesterday. The dude was running down history—trying to join the most exclusive company in golf—as the 6th player ever, and the first European, to win every major. 

And it was right there for him. Make no mistake: This guy would sign up to be three shots off the lead on Sunday at every single Masters. Especially if he’s chasing a first-timer who he outdrives by 30 yards. But no matter how great it all lined-up for him—he couldn’t cash it. He no showed on that very same world stage that he said Reed would fall right through. But it was Rory who was nowhere to be found.

Afterwards Rory said he has to remain positive because he played well this week and came in off a win at Bay Hill. That’s all true. But playing well and coming in off a win doesn’t put a green jacket in your closet. And no amount of spin will.  Next time save your psychological warfare on someone it will work on. Because Reed’s just laughing at you .

Just as Rory should know he may have as good a look at winning that green jacket as he did yesterday. It took the dude seven years just to get back to a final pairing at the Masters and he blew it again. Don’t get it twisted, this is about Reed winning it, not McIlroy losing it. But it’s also about one guy who had never been there before showing up, and the guy running his mouth not bothering to. And it all came back to bite Rory in the ass.