Swish To The Lakers Seems So Right

Better known as JR Soup.

Jim Rome
June 26, 2019 - 10:56 am
JR Swish And LeBron James

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For a long time, the thinking has been that if Kawhi Leonard leaves the Raptors, he’s coming to the Los Angeles Clippers. Well, a new challenger approaches and a new fighter has entered the arena, at least in their own minds.

According to Marc Stein: The Lakers have believed for weeks — even before they acquired Anthony Davis — that they would factor into the Kawhi Leonard chase. This has been widely billed as a two-team race between the Clippers and Toronto, but the Lakers' chance to hush their skeptics is fast approaching.

There’s Lakers exceptionalism and then there’s that. And I have to say, that is an all-timer. Believing that Kawhi would leave Toronto, where he just won a title and is the face of the franchise and practically the nation to go to a team where he’d be at least the second fiddle and maybe even third is legendary.

This is a guy who by all accounts was bothered by how things went in San Antonio and the relationship with the organization there, so he’s going to leave an organization that has done everything it could to care for him over the last year to join the leakiest, ricketiest, most dysfunctional organization around. And the Lakers believe that. And have believed it for weeks.

That is the best. 

I love that they’ve whiffed on so many free agents, to the point where Paul George ignored them completely, and they still think they’ve got this. The Clippers have been stalking Kawhi all over North America and the Lakers think they’re just rolling in with a Lakers jersey with Leonard on the back and some crappy PowerPoint deck and they’ll get this.

Their pitch to Paul George was a poem and the entire league laughed at them, but they’re really feeling good about this. Are they going with a haiku or a limerick this time?

Again, nobody knows what Kawhi wants or what motivates him, so maybe he really does want to take a step back and not be the leader of a team. And if so, that’s cool.

Almost as cool as the Lakers believing for weeks, even before getting AD, that they’re in on Kawhi.

Let me say this right now, if that happens, you better put a Rob Pelinka/Jeanie Buss/Linda Rambis jersey in the rafters. Give all three of them a jersey up there. Because convincing Kawhi to come would be more impressive than convincing LeBron to come and trading for Anthony Davis. That would be one of the all-time great heists.

It would be absolutely stunning. Truly the move of a “where were you when” moment, if it happens. Which it won’t. But it if does, you can go right away and drop a statue of Linda Rambis in front of all the other Laker greats outside of Staples. But since that’s never going to happen, let’s talk about some moves that might: and no, I’m talking about the report that has Carmelo Anthony joining the Lakers. That report has been circulating for months and he’s still not a Laker and he’s still shooting jumpers in a gym somewhere.

Nope, I’m talking about the impending arrival of one Earl Smith III. Better known as JR Smith. Better known as JR Swish. Better known as JR Soup.

According to Chris Haynes, the Cavs are trying to trade JR Smith and whoever gets him is expected to waive him, which means he’s available to go to Los Angeles. And I will be available to pick him up at the airport.

That’s how badly I want this to go down. JR Smith on the Lakers is soooo riiiighhhhhttttt.

And you better not come in here and try to tell me that he’s old. I don’t care that he’ll be 34 when the new season starts, he’s JR Smith. He took most of last year off anyway. He’s probably younger and fresher now than he was five years ago.

And don’t tell me that he’s bad for a locker room. Wrong. He’s awesome for a locker room. He’s awesome for every room.

Will he make a boneheaded play every now and then? Sure.

Do those boneheaded plays cost you games in the worst moments, like Game 1 of the NBA Finals after LeBron has scored 51 points? Sure. What’s your point?

Do those boneheaded plays in Game 1 of the NBA Finals lead to Patrick Beverly tweeting: R u kidding me!!!!! #Dumbo

And Joel Embiid tweeting: Jr is on that henny lol


Is that play so boneheaded that it results in LeBron reportedly breaking his hand and playing the rest of the Finals with a messed up hand? Yes. Again, what’s your point? It’s JR Swish. And if JR Swish is available, you get JR Swish. 

That moment in the Finals was so iconic, it launched a million memes. That is exactly what the Lakers need right now.

The Lakers need veterans who can space the floor, hit a three, and play with LeBron. That doesn’t come without side effects, like bowls of soup being thrown at assistants. It happens. It happens to us all.

Does it mean Lionel Hollins is definitely going to get Egg Drop soup dropped on his head? No. Just like it’s not a guarantee that Jason Kidd will get popped with some gumbo. But it doesn’t mean it won’t happen.