Alex Guerrero and Tom Brady

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TB12 Stands Up For His Man

I hopped on Twitter this morning and saw the name ALEX GUERRERO trending.

August 27, 2018 - 9:17 am

I hopped on Twitter this morning and saw the name ALEX GUERRERO trending. Yes, THAT Alex Guerrero. Not just in the City of Boston. Or New England. But the entire United States.  

Alex Guerrero. The dude with the massage table and body oils. The one with the questionable medical background, but the unquestionable backing of Tom Brady. 

Why was THAT dude trending this morning? Did he die? Did he get arrested? Did he come up with a new use for those multi-colored stretch bands people always look awkward as hell using at the gym? 

Turns out Alex didn't do anything. Tom did. Because TB12 was standing up for his man. 

Brady was doing his paid, weekly spot for WEEI in Boston. And it was the standard Brady interview, meaning nothing interesting was flowing from TB12’s gap. But after talking about Week 3 of the preseason and the team’s revolving door at wide receiver, the talk turned to Tom Brady’s man and business partner. And that’s where things got…ockwood!

Nothing salacious. Nothing out of line. Just a question about whether or not Alex G was allowed back on Air Kraft, some dead line and then a follow up question about whether or not Guerrero was allowed back on the sideline. Not exactly Danny Kaffee hammering Colonel Jessup and demanding to know whether or not he ordered the code red on Santiago.

Fact is, Pats fan, you may not give a damn about Guerrero. You may not think it’s even a story. But it is. It is because Brady and Belichick reportedly were not on the same page last year and probably aren’t right now. And part of the reason for that is, Belichick obviously doesn’t like Guerrero; and that’s a problem for Brady since they’re business partners and Brady, in large, credits Guerrero for much of his success. So it is a story. And those questions aren’t unfair.

And Brady had to know they were coming. And should have had a much better plan in place when they did. Because this really isn’t so hard. Not nearly as hard as Brady is making it. Answer a couple of questions about Guerrero, keep moving and then it’s a non-story. Instead, he gets all butt-hurt, when it’s brought up, when he had to know it was going to be brought up and just pulls the rip chord and bounces. Bad play. Hanging up during an interview is always a bad look. And now that non-story is really a story because of the way Brady handled it. This is one of those cases where it’s not the guys asking the questions, it’s the guy who won’t answer them. And that’s the only reason we’re talking about it now. Because Brady wouldn’t talk about it then. Just like he does whenever something comes up that he doesn’t want to talk about. This is not the first time this guy has done this. If you want people to stop talking about Guerrero, do what you do with essentially every other interview question: roll out some nothing answer, and move on. Don’t freak out and bail.

And by the way, you can't sell us your cook book, your performance PJs, and the TB12 Method while telling everybody that Alex is changing the world, and then refuse to answer questions about the guy you're jamming down our throats. It doesn't work that way. 

Grrrrrbl ggrrrble grrrble -- I'm sorry for not naming you Patriot of the week last year. grrrrble grrrble Tell Alex he can set up his massage table in the loading dock. grrrble gggrrrble grrrble, can we be friends on FaceChat? 

You realize how big of a step that must've been for The Hood? I mean, when's the last time you saw The Hood kiss and make up with anybody who wasn't his daughter? 

But you talk about an unforced error by Brady. Now you can't NOT talk about this. Now this actually IS a story. Because Tom made it one.