TB43 Holds A Group Workout In A Pandemic

Is it arrogance or ignorance? And the answer is: yes.

Jim Rome
June 26, 2020 - 10:05 am
Tom Brady

USA Today


On Saturday, the medical director of the NFL Players Association released a statement that read in part: "Please be advised that it is our consensus medical opinion that in light of the increase in COVID-19 cases in certain states that no players should be engaged in practicing together in private workouts. Our goal is to have all players and your families as healthy as possible in the coming months."

COVID cases are rising in certain states, players should not be working out together. Pretty simple, straightforward message.

One of the states that has seen an increase in COVID cases is Florida, where the cases have gone through the roof in the last week. It’s also the state where at least two Tampa Bay Buccaneer players and an assistant coach have tested positive.

Florida is also the state where Bucs head coach Bruce Arians even recorded a message for the community on steps to take to be safe.

And Florida just happens to be the state where Tom Brady is now going to be playing. And where he is working out. With other players. Multiple times this week. And then dropping messages on Instagram about it.

On Tuesday, he had a least a dozen players working out with him. And they were not keeping their distance from each other. And afterwards, he posted a photo of himself with Rob Gronkowski and the message “No Excuses.”

What a badass. So cool and so tough. But just so we’re clear about it. The Bucs have already had multiple members of the team test positive and this dope is getting guys together to breathe and sweat on each other. Understandably, he took heat for it. You’re working out in a group in a state where the virus is exploding. You’re working in a group when your own players association advised to do just the opposite. Maybe you dial it down for a moment.

After all, a group of 49ers players worked out together in Nashville last week and one of the ended up testing positive.

But not only does Brady not dial it down, he doubles down. He ramps it up. He worked out again yesterday morning. Again. With a least a dozen guys. Again. And then jumped on Instagram. Again.

And this time it was a photo of himself drinking from a water bottle with the message: "Only thing we have to fear, is fear itself. FDR”

There is so much idiot in that post I can’t even get over it. First, there is nothing more hack that taking a dramatic quote and slamming it down over a pic of yourself drinking water during a workout.

Secondly, is that message really directed at people who’ve been critical of what you’re doing during a global pandemic? Please tell me it’s not. Tell me it’s just an insanely dumb idea from you that everyone else is misinterpreting. Then again, everything we’re told about this guy is that he’s really smart, really calculating, and thinks everything through.

So if you are that smart and that calculating and you know everything down to the smallest detail, I have to ask: are you really going with the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” when more than 120,000 people have died from COVID? Are you really freaking going with that?

Hey, I know more than 100,000 people have died from this virus and its currently spiking right in my neighborhood, but come on outside, get a group of friends together and breathe heavily on each other. Don’t be afraid. You shouldn’t be afraid of the virus, you should be afraid of fear.

If he really is going with that asinine post to flip the finger at medical experts and epidemiologists, he really is colossally arrogant. And genuinely stupid.   Yeah I said it. 

This isn’t just about the guy who was oh so hilarious about allegedly being in a park earlier in the epidemic when he shouldn’t have been. And it’s not about the guy who showed up at his offensive coordinator’s house to allegedly just pick up a playbook, but in reality had bags with him and probably wasn’t just swinging by to pick up a playbook that could’ve been couriered to him or more realistically, emailed to him.

This isn’t about a guy being an envelope pusher when it comes to what is and isn’t allowed, all in the name of wanting to improve and win.

This is about a guy continuing to hold group workouts in the middle of a hot zone in the middle of a global pandemic. And then posting tired “successory” quotes about it to his Instagram.

Look, I’ve been willing to give his health and fitness methods something of a pass in recent years because he’s playing at a high level into his 40s. The avocado ice cream and avoiding nightshades might have some validity. But this is beyond idiotic.

Not that anyone should be taking health advice from a guy who believes that drinking water prevents sunburns, but you want to be a role model when it comes to health? You want people to buy into some of the crap you’re selling with TB12? You want people to throw down for that cookbook and whatever other garbage you’re pushing?

You want to be a role model? Then be a role model and shut it down.

Don’t have workouts during a global pandemic and then post about it on Instagram.  And act like if the rest of aren’t running around doing whatever the hell we want during this pandemic it’s because we’re cowards. 

And yes, he’s not the only player working out in a group, but it sure seems like he’s the only guy doing it and essentially saying, F you to everyone advising against it. Those moronic spring breakers seem like rocket scientists compared to this guy.

And I’m not saying that he or someone in his group is going to test positive. But how many people are going to see that post and think, yeah, he’s right, the only thing to fear is fear, and then go out and get sick? Or get someone else sick.

Is it arrogance or ignorance? And the answer is: yes. It’s a global pandemic that’s spiking in your back yard. Be a leader, moron.