TB43's Pre-Game SB Speech


Jim Rome
February 16, 2021 - 9:46 am
Tom Brady

USA Today


I swear—one of these days the Tom Brady Super Bowl stories are gonna dry up and end. This, however—is not that day. Because, believe it or not, there’s still more to get to. And I’m gonna squeeze that beautiful pigskin that my friends at Wilson sent me like it’s the last damn orange on the planet as we head into the dreaded seven-month abyss without football.

Tom Brady—as you already know—is a lot of things. 7-time champ. Undisputed GOAT. Drunk Lombardi thrower. Cringe social media user. And an alleged helluva motivational speaker. I say alleged because over the course of his 21-year career on more than one occasion, it’s been noted by teammates of his that he really lit a pregame fire in them.

I wouldn’t know. I was never there. But as a guy, myself, who’s always looking for fuel and who has a genuine curiosity to how peak-performers get the most out of themselves and people they’re surrounded by—I’m not gonna lie—I’m more than a little interested in what a guy like Brady is saying pregame to a room full of alphas who have undoubtedly heard it all before.

Then some tidbits started to leak out about how impressive Brady’s Super Bowl 55 pregame speech was. Bucs linebacker Devin White asked the team to release it so the public could see just how genius it all. Multiple teammates said it absolutely played a role in the curb stomping over the Chiefs. And one player told the Tampa Bay Times that it was, “the epic of epics.”

As Rob Gronkowski would say: Wow. 

This sounds like Braveheart, Hoosiers, 300, and Gladiator all rolled up into one. And I’m with Devin White—come on, Bucs! Release the tape to us plebs. Let us common-folk get a taste.

Well—while we wait on that, NBC’s Peter King was able to unearth some appetizers. Unfortunately no audio, but the text is just as profound. It hits just as hard. And let me tell you—if you’re around a brick wall right now, that sucker is about to get bulldozed. Ready for this?

According to Peter King, Brady rallied the squad and told them…

“Seize the opportunity. We win today and we’re champs for life.”

Do I even need to say it?!


Seize the opportunity! We win today and we’re champs for life.

I agree with that one player—that was the epic of epics. The epic cliché of epic clichés.

We worked all year for this—didn’t want any of that?

No one can take it from us—was too busy for the Super Bowl?

Let’s go Lake was more inspiring than seize the opportunity. (INSERT)

At least let’s go lake is fresh and original. I can safely say I’ve never heard that before.

Seize the opportunity is as motivational as the Hang-In-There cat picture.

We win today and we’re champs for life is the verbal version of that skydiving teamwork poster.

Now I’m really with Devin White. The Bucs need to release that tape so Peter King’s report of ultra-lame one-liners aren’t the only thing we have from “the epic of epics.”

Leonard Fournette did say that Brady talked about honor and that it hit him in a way that it never has before.

That’s cool. Hopefully no one from the 2015 Patriots team was in that locker room because it would have hit them like a retread. Because before the Super Bowl against the Seahawks, Brady said, “It’s about honor. We win this game and you’re honored! Your kids are honored! Your families are honored! Win on three!”

I’m starting to think it’s less about what’s being said—and more about who’s saying it. Because even Jim Zorn thinks these speeches are lame. (INSERT - HIP HIP HOORAY)

Hey man, if it ain’t broke—don’t fix it. Clearly these dudes are getting something out of it. And so is Brady. Like 7 Super Bowls in 10 trips. And not just that—dude’s getting the SNL treatment. Because this past Saturday, Beck Bennet appeared on Weekend Update—in a Bucs gamer, a backwards hat and sunglasses. And he played the role of Drunk Tom Brady coming off the boat from the parade. And after using the Lombardi as a bottle opener for his Heineken—he said this. (INSERT 3)

That sketch was either written by a Clone—or directed to the Clones.

Anyway—maybe tomorrow Tom Brady will finally fade from this 9 day news cycle he’s riding. We’ll see.

Until then, remember—seize the opportunity. We win today, we’re champs for life.