Texans 28 Pats 22

Don't bury Hood and Brady.

Jim Rome
December 02, 2019 - 11:22 am
Bill Belichick

USA Today


When the Houston Texans linebackers showed up for their game against Indianapolis dressed at Mortal Kombat characters that was cool. And even cooler when they won.

But Texan fans, you had to be panicking when you saw the linebackers show up last night dressed as a SWAT team. Its one thing to break out Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes for Carolina, but New England is a different thing.

And when they rolled in wearing tactical vests, you know Texan fans were getting horrible flashbacks to the letterman jacket fiasco of 2012.  You can tell me that type of thing shouldn’t matter or doesn’t matter, but it does.  Ask the Steelers how they felt about Freddie kitchens rocking a “Pittsburgh started it” t.  In fact, you don’t even have to ask them, they’re more than happy to just bring it up.  These inevitably come back to those who are foolish enough to do it in the first place.  These are professional athletes we’re talking about: they look for any slight, real or imagined to pump into their tanks as fuel.  So yes, the Texans showing dressed as a SWAT team figured to bite them in the ass.

Except it didn’t last night. Because the Texans manhandled  the Patriots.  Straight domination.  Don’t let the final score of 28-22 fool you. That’s cosmetic. Because that was a comprehensive beating, starting with this interception by Bradley Roby.

Some how that matador tackling job by Tom Brady was enough to bring down Roby, but that was quickly chased by this a Duke Johnson TD.

But those things will happen. Mistakes will be made and you can chalk that touchdown up to a mistake. But the next time Houston got the ball, then went on a 13-play, 88-yard drive that ate up nearly seven minutes and capped off by this a Watson to Darren Fells touchdown.

That made it 14-3 Houston.   Nothing fluky about that.  They weren’t playing on a short field after a turnover: they went the length of the field on the Hood’s alleged, historic defense.  And then in the third quarter, they made it 21-3 when Watson hit Kenny Stills for a 35-yard touchdown.

The incredible thing about that touchdown pass was that it came one play after Deshaun Watson placed another pass in nearly the exact same spot, but it was ruled an incompletion.

With time starting to go against them, New England went on a 12-play, 75-yard drive that took 5 and half minutes to make it 21-9. And then they got really weird with whatever the hell they were trying to do on the extra point. They lined up to go for two, then didn’t go for two, and then took a delay of game and then missed the extra point. Nice work.

After putting on floppy shoes and a red nose during that extra point, New England got fully clowned on this play.


I don’t know what that was, but it was awesome. That was some Big 8, wing-t formation stuff.

Bill O’Brien said that came from the players: “I think they drew it up in the dirt over the bye week. They brought it in, had it on a piece of notebook paper, handed it to me. We’ve been working on that for a while. The timing was right. Wasn’t the exact look we thought we were going to get and they made it work.”

They sure as hell did. Bring me more of that. Sure, it’s dangerous as hell to have deandre Hopkins and Deshaun Watson placed in harm’s way on the same play, but it’s definitely juicy.  Nad it worked.   Even if Hopkins had to take a hit: “I would give myself a 10 maybe because I took a hit just to get it to him. They played it very well. He was patient. I knew I had to kind of tuck the ball, wait for him to commit, to throw it to Deshaun. I knew once I threw it to him, he was going to be in. In practice, it wasn’t a guy flipping me at practice. It was a lot clearer. I knew holding onto the ball, getting the guy to commit, it would lead to Deshaun being open. I knew all I had to do was give him the ball.”

At that point, Houston was just toying with New England. And even though the Patriots scored a pair of meaningless touchdowns in the final four minutes, that game was over.

And of course, everyone is going to come in today and bury the Patriots. Because that’s what everyone loves to do. They’re going to point out that New England’s receivers could not get separation against a secondary that has been patched together. That as soon as Julian Edelman was double-covered, New England’s passing game ended. And that the only time guys were getting open was when Houston had a breakdown.

Or that New England’s defense didn’t look so dominant against Houston’s offense. And that they got outsmarted and out-executed.

You watch that game and you can see why they were desperate for Gronk to come back and why they disgraced themselves by bringing in Antonio Brown. You watch that game and you’re ready to end the Patriots dynasty right on the spot.

But don’t do that, because every time you do, the Patriots come back from the dead and hit everyone with a shovel. That’s how it works.

That doesn’t mean that they’re going to win the Super Bowl this year, but declaring them to be dead when they’re 10-2 and their only losses have come at Baltimore and at Houston is dumb. I’m not going to blame this all on them being sick or guarantee that they’ll turn this around, but hold off on writing the obituary for this dynasty.

Yes, Brady and that passing game look really bad right now. And have for a while now. Maybe worse than ever, but i’ve said it before and I will say it again, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are done when they say they’re done.

But here’s something that’s not news – Bill Belichick is a sore loser. He is a horrible loser. Did you see that blow-by handshake of Bill O’Brien? That was embarrassing.  Especially since that’s branch from your coaching tree hood.  I get that most of your assistants never amount to anything, much less actually beat head to head.  But O’brien did.  For the first time in six tries.  Grow up, man up, look the guy in the eye and say nice job.  Especially to a guy who used to work for you.  It’s not that hard.  Not nearly as hard as you’re making it. 

You lost a game. In December. You’re 10-2. It’s not the end of the world. Grow up. Man up and shake the hand of the guy who beat you. I don’t care about what tension there might be between Belichick and O’Brien over some of the front office stuff in the offseason, be the bigger man and congratulate the guy who won.

And of course his postgame presser was awkward as hell. As you’d expect.

Just as nobody should be freaking out over one Patriots loss, Bill Belichick shouldn’t be sulking like a baby after one Patriots loss. Get it together, man. Seriously.

So your offense doesn’t look good and your defense had a bad night, get over it.  So your offense has looked anemic for a while and your defense isnt’ the 85 bears.  Get over that too. 

Losing happens. You don’t have to have a tantrum when it happens just to show us all how much you hate losing. We get it. You don’t like it. Nobody does. But just about everyone else handles it like an adult. ,not a troll.