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Tell us something we don't know Adam Gase.

Jim Rome
December 04, 2020 - 9:20 am
Adam Gase and Sam Darnold

USA Today


It’s a busy Friday, but I have to start with breaking news out of New York.

The breaking news is out of New York and it is related to the New York Jets. Head coach Adam Gase…still has a job. But that’s not the breaking news. The breaking news is that has not done a good job developing Sam Darnold.

Let’s go to Gase himself for comment on the issue: "I came here to help him, help him develop his career, and we haven't been able to do that.”

Mind blown, right?  Dude just went there! Dude just admitting on record he has done nothing to help or develop Sam Darnold. I mean, holy crap. Let me pick my damn jaw up off the ground. Crazy eyes, the alleged offensive genius just did the damn thing, but owning that he hasn’t done a damn thing for Sam Darnold. Insane! And wait, there’s even more, quote. 

"We need to do things well around him, but at the same time, it's on me to get him to play better than what he's played. I haven't done a good enough job."

Hold bleep. Adam Gase hasn’t done a good job?  Did he really just say that. Adam Gase just copped to doing nothing to develop Sam Darnold and…and…and……that he’s not good at his job. Dude! That is stunning. What’s next? That Adam Gase isn’t a “brilliant offensive mind”? That the Jets aren’t a good football team? That Gase isn’t the most overhyped, overrated coach not named Jim Harbaugh, ever? 

Adam Gase saying that he’s failed at developing Sam Darnold would be like me announcing that the sun will set tonight. Or acknowledging that it will rise to tomorrow morning. Hey, this just in….Alvie hit me with the breaking news sounder again….this breaking news just in…Jim Rome admits that there are seven days in a week and that Gase has crazy eyes.

Somebody has to warn me before a statement like that comes from Adam Gase because I’m not sure I can handle him dropping these truth bombs

Seriously, of all dudes, I can’t believe this dude went there. 

Not because it’s not true. But because it’s extremely true. And this dude isn’t about that life.  The telling the truth, life. Remember when he asked a very simple question about who is or isn’t calling the plays. And he lied out his ass.

Way to handle that…like a four year old, caught in a lie, and trying to dig his way out, only to make it worse and worse.  And you know how it is with people who don’t tell the truth: you wonder how many other lies they’ve told you: and whether or not you could ever trust them to ever tell the truth

Because that’s pretty much the Gase brand: make extremely weird faces. And even weirder statements. And then don’t own any of it, at all.

And of course he hasn’t done a damn thing to develop Sam Darnold.  You know the very thing he was hired to do:  Let’s be real clear about this.  Developing Sam Darnold wasn’t part of why he was hired, it was the only reason he was hired.

It was the only thing he was there to do. Because the quarterback is the most important position. You have to have a quarterback and when you have a future franchise quarterback, you have to develop him. That’s why they went with Gase in the first place. That’s why they hired him instead of a defensive-minded coach. Because more important than anything else was developing your franchise quarterback. 

Remember, the New York Jets fired Todd Bowles and hired Adam Gase. And they hired him despite the fact that the Dolphins had just fired him. They hired him right after he had back to back losing seasons in Miami.

And they did it because…well, they did it because they’re the Jets. But they said they did it because they believed he was a quarterback whisperer. That he could develop Sam Darnold. And he hasn’t. In fact, Gase has been a complete disaster. 

He could not have done a worse job. That’s not an exaggeration, that’s a statement of fact. If Adam Gase was hired to sabotage Sam Darnold’s career, I’m pretty sure it would look exactly the way Darnold’s career looks right now.

Darnold is 0-7 this season, he has the lowest passer rating in the league, he hasn’t thrown a touchdown pass in four games and has only led six touchdown drives all season. Not only has Gase not developed Darnold, it’s a testament to Darnold that he hasn’t completely destroyed him.

And check Darnold’s response when he was asked about Gase’s comments:

"First of all, I take full responsibility for the way I’ve played. I haven't played well enough. Like I continue to say every single week, we have great people in this organization. With that being said, everyone is going to take blame for certain part of us losing. But for me, personally, I’ve got to play better and put the team in the right position to have a chance to win games and make it close at the end."

Nothing but respect. How is he ten times more mature and ten times the leader that Gase is? Because it has to be so tempting to say, finally, that hack and fraud admitted it. I’ve been trying to tell you all for years that this guy is ruining everything he touches.

But instead, Sam took the high road and took full responsibility for how he’s played and put it all on his own shoulders. That is really impressive. Especially when you’re playing for a guy who can’t even acknowledge who is actually calling the plays. 

Let’s go back a little bit. Because the final four games of Sam Darnold’s rookie season, the final four games before Gase arrived, Darnold threw for nearly 1,000 yards, 6 touchdowns, one interception and had a passer rating of 99.1. Not bad for a rookie on a losing team. Especially for a rookie playing for the Jets. Not bad at all.

But it has gotten worse in every single way since Gase arrived. Not only has Gase not developed Darnold, he’s made him so much worse that the offense runs better under Joe Flacco.

Instead of developing Darnold and starting the Sam Darnold Era in New York, he’s destroyed Sam Darnold and launched the Trevor Lawrence Era in New York. Take a bow, Gase. That’s damn impressive.

Adam Gase has been so bad as the Jets head coach, the only reason he’s still the Jets head coach is they’re worried they might actually win a game if they fired him. Job security through sucking is a remarkable thing. You’re right dude, you haven’t done a damn thing to develop Sam Darnold and may have even wrecked him. And you haven’t done a good job; in fact, you’ve done one of the worst jobs ever. Now finish what you started, run this thing backwards so the guy who replaces you get a chance to work with Trevor Lawrence.

If in fact, Lawrence goes anywhere near that dumpster fire that is the Jets.