The Bills Are Damn Good

The Steelers aren’t the Chiefs biggest threat in the AFC, Buffalo is.

Jim Rome
December 14, 2020 - 9:57 am
Stefon Diggs

USA Today


I’m going to start this take with the same question I tweeted out last night: How you livin' Bills Mafia?!

How is life for you right about now? Because your team just wrecked the Steelers in prime time last night. They’re now 10-3. They have a two game lead in the AFC East with three games to go. You’re close enough to a division title to taste it. Pull it off and it would be the first division title since 1995.

For perspective, that title was 25 years ago. Josh Allen is 24 years old.

I’ll get back to Allen in a second, but first a quick question: what has happened to the Pittsburgh Steelers? Because they were undefeated last Monday and since then, they’ve lost two straight.

And more specifically, what has happened to their hands? Manos de piedre.

Because Pittsburgh’s receivers were dropping passes again, and nobody was doing it more than Diontae Johnson. He came into the game leading the league in drops with ten and then added two more before getting benched for most of the first half. Mike Tomlin had warned that might happen and I can’t blame him.

You can’t tell me those drops aren’t in everyone’s head right now. Because they are. And they’re contagious. And the best way to not drop the football is to not think about dropping the football, but it’s impossible to not think about dropping the football when you are constantly dropping the football.

But last night wasn’t about the Steelers and their drops, it was about the Buffalo Bills and everything they are doing.

Because like Kansas City earlier in the day, Buffalo didn’t come out and dominate from the start. In fact, they were kind of sloppy. And you know the haters were coming out and getting ready to crack Buffalo. Getting ready to take a run at the shining, up and coming, city of Buffalo. Preparing to run smack about the technology corridor.

But Taren Johnson changed all that.

51-yard house job with less than a minute to go in the half. From down 7-3 to up 9-7 heading in at the half. That is how you flip a game. And then Buffalo came out in the second half and kept that flip going.

And this is officially the part where we need to give Stefon Diggs some love. Because when Brandon Beane made that trade with Minnesota, there was talk that he gave up too much for Diggs. There was talk that Diggs might have worn out his welcome with the Vikings. This is might not be a guy you want in your locker room... That even if you did, he might not be a difference maker.

And all that talk is gone now. Because he’s leading the league in receptions, he’s third in yards, he has ten straight games with six receptions, and he dominated the Pittsburgh Steelers last night.

After the game, Allen was asked what changed for the Bills in the second half. His answer was simple: “We started throwing it to Stef.”

That was a clinic from Diggs, particularly in the third quarter when he had six receptions, 83 yards, and that touchdown.

The fact that he and Allen already have the chemistry they have after the offseason that no one had, is freaky. If this is what they’re doing together after a pandemic offseason, what will they be doing a year from now? Hell, what will they be doing a few weeks from now?

I know the answer to that question: scaring the hell out of playoff opponents with their chemistry, Allen’s arm, and Diggs footwork.

And remember the questions about how he’d fit with the team in Buffalo? Yet again, if I’m looking for the inside scoop on the Bills, I’m turning to the Schno Man, Dion Dawkins.

Check out what the big man had to say about Diggs: “As I see him play. I just want to rip off my captain’s ‘C’ and throw it on his chest because he’s a stud. And he’s been grinding. He’s come in and just continues to outperform and outshine and prove to us, day in and day out, that he’s a different guy, and he’s our guy. I guarantee you he’s gravitated to Buffalo with an unbelievable love. We can feel it in the locker room in how he plays, how he talks, how he walks around, how he respects his teammates. Stefon Diggs, he’s gritty. That’s our teammate and we love him.”

That is some seriously high praise. In fact, it doesn’t get any better than that. Any more questions about Diggs? About his ability? About his attitude. Yeah, that’s what I thought. 

But the most impressive drive of the game wasn’t the Diggs touchdown drive. The most impressive drive was one that didn’t lead to any points, but did seal the win.

It was the one that started after when Levi Wallace picked off Roethlisberger with 7:11 to go in the game.

On a day full of great interceptions, that was one more. Buffalo was up 26-15 at that point and Pittsburgh never touched the ball again. Buffalo did what winning teams do – they just ate up the entire clock and never gave the ball back.

If the knock on this Bills team was they hadn’t beaten a legit contender, they just did last night.

So professional and so impressive. Pretty much like the entire organization. Again, I’m going to my local correspondent, the Schno Man, for his take on the win:

“It really just shows what a great job the people upstairs did. When I talk about upstairs, I talk about our GM, our head coach, our owner. They did a great job of getting the right guys here to make plays. We have a lot of weapons now. Josh has a lot of people to help him get the job done, as in playmakers. That all falls on the people upstairs. They just did a great job of getting people here. So now we have opportunities to do it in multiple ways.”

They do have opportunities to do it in multiple ways. But it all starts with Josh Allen. Numbers-wise, that wasn’t his best game ever: 24 of 43 for 238 yards, plus another 28 on the ground, along with two touchdowns and a pick.

But it’s about what he did in the second half and the fact that he found a way to win after his team didn’t play particularly well in the first half. And like Diggs, he’s eliminating questions on a weekly basis.

One of those questions back in the day was his accuracy. The old way of thinking is that accuracy is tough to improve, if not impossible: but not for Allen. He completed less than 53% of his passes as a rookie and less than 59% last year.

And then comes out this year and is currently at 68.6%. That is damn impressive. And as I said on The NFL Today yesterday, this is only the start. He’s only getting better.

But again, don’t take it from let’s throw it to Jill Kelly, who tweeted: And I quote, “Josh is going to break every record I have.” Jim Kelly Love to hear it!! GO BILLS!

I’ve said before, been tempted to mention their names in the same sentence, but I have so much respect for Jim Kelly, it’s so hard to do it. But if Jim Kelly is mentioning Josh Allen’s name alongside his own, I’m going to do it too.

That’s how good Allen is and that’s how good this Bills team is. And they’re only going to get better. And Josh Allen is a flat out stud. And he’s got plenty others around him. So I’m going to ask you again, Bills mafia: how you livin? How the hell you livin? And you can imagine how many freaking burning tables would have been anhyiliated by now if this was done in a none pandemic time? The Steelers aren’t the Chiefs biggest threat in the AFC, the Bills are.