The Cam Newton Show Is Awesome

The most compelling show at this time isn’t Tiger King.

Jim Rome
April 02, 2020 - 9:39 am
Cam Newton

USA Today


Let me rid you of a certain belief right now. The most compelling show at this time isn’t Tiger King. And it’s not something you’re going to find on Netflix.

The most electric show at the moment is the Cam Newton show and he’s broadcasting it every day on his Instagram page. Have you been checking this out?

Because if you haven’t, you should. I’m checking in every single day on him and every single day this dude delivers.

Black and white photos and video of a guy on his grind. And he is doing work. He is doing his work. He’s doing your work. He’s doing my work. He’s doing everyone’s work.

And he’s doing footwork. You have questions about how he’s recovering from that foot surgery? He’s got answers. How about some ladder drills?

You’re probably not doing that if your wheel’s still busted.

And credit to Cam for the versatility. He’s doing ladders, but he’s also doing stadium steps, he’s on a treadmill going forwards, he’s on a treadmill going backwards, he’s on a Stairmaster, he’s rowing – although, I have to say, that form could use a little work, Cam.  Technique is everything, you know that, superman! 

I mean…Not to be that guy who jumps into the comments on Instagram with advice about form or depth….but on your return, don’t bend the knees until your hands are past them. That’s just a helpful hint from me to you. If you need any other pointers, MVP, you know where to find me. 

That said…I have to say, these videos are absolutely riveting. Compelling as hell: I find myself hitting refresh on them throughout the day. Because he is absolutely killing it. And leaving the cardio machines soaked in sweat. I’m talking rivers running down the machines. It is insane. 

And he is motivated as hell.  This dude is a on a bleeping mission. Check his comments after finishing a set of triceps extensions.

There’s a chip on that shoulder. And as he’s working out, it seems like that chip is getting bigger.

He’s not just doing cardio and strength. He’s clearly doing work on the football field as well. 

There is the video from yesterday of him absolutely unleashing a bomb…only to have the receiver drop it or not run under it. It’s hard to tell from the video because the receiver is about a mile away, but you can tell from Cam’s reaction that the receiver didn’t make the play.

Instagram posts can fool anyone, but based on that video, I’d say his shoulder is feeling pretty decent. And if it’s not, I can’t imagine what he’ll be doing when it is.

He’s not just dropping videos, he’s dropping wisdom in his signature font. Like the caption for that missed connection was: When you walk into the grocery store and all your favs are gone. Shine through the shade. Not for the likes, just for life.

Or, as he posted a little while back: By no means is this a ploy. By no means is this something to get likes or impressions. This is only used to motivate and inspire. To hell with the cute workout videos over a fye ass song that’s hot right now. FTS. Just work and show results.

My guy is all about the work. And he is completely motivating and inspiring. I see that and I immediately want to drop down and bang out a set of pushups or flip some tires.

And yes, I know that this is a carefully curated look into his offseason training. And that there are thousands of people on Instagram who present an image of their fitness routines that are nowhere near the reality of their fitness routines. There are folks who photoshop images and soak down equipment to make it look like they went a lot harder than they did.

So I’m not saying a team should sign Cam Newton based off his Instagram page, but I will say this. The Cam Newton Show is the best thing around.  And while I don’t know exactly what’s it his guy’s head and heart right now, or how medically, how his foot or shoulder are, but I can tell you how it looks: it looks like he’s hungry as hell; it looks he’s paying a serious price: it looks he’s using this huge setback to put up a much bigger comeback. 

And never forget just what an unbelievable athlete he was, and judging from these pics and videos might still be. The images you have of him in the second half of 2018 and the start of 2019 were of a guy with a busted up shoulder and a busted up foot, trying to gut it out.

But don’t forget this is a guy who was listed at 6’5, 245, who’s also rushed for nearly 5,000 yards in his career. He’s a league MVP who is tough as hell. And has been through a lot physically over the last few years. He took an absolute beating at times in Carolina.

Cam has always been a polarizing guy for some people, and I’m not saying you have to like him, but I will say right now, I love these videos. I’m officially banging the drum for Cam Newton. I’m captivated by the work he’s doing, how badly he seems to want it and the kind of rocket fuel he appears to be running on. As you know, I don’t root. But I am rooting for Cam Newton. 

I also say, if you are a team looking for a quarterback, I suggest you take a long, hard look at Cam Newton. I’m not going to guarantee instant success or that he’ll turn around your team, but I am going to say that if you are looking for my early favorite for Comeback Player of the Year, you can find him at w w w dot Instagram dot com slash Cameron 1 newton.

The Cam Newton Show is awesome. And I can’t wait to see it in an NFL stadium again very soon. And if this dude could bottle and sell what he’s running he’s running on now, I’d buy as much as you possibly could. He’s a battered stock of a previously great company that I would load up on right now if I could. Because while it’s just a social media account, I really like what I see.  In fact, I love it.