The Future Of Drew Brees

Dude looks great.

Jim Rome
March 01, 2021 - 9:10 am
Drew Brees

USA Today


Did you see that video of Drew Brees that his trainer dropped over the weekend? The one where he’s pushing a weight sled and running like a lunatic? And the trainer is yelling at him to stop, but he keeps on running, pushing the sled down a hill, past its stop point, on his way to the street and back?

There was a lot to that video. Starting with the comments on the video that included messages like “We got a little squirrelly today…” and as Brees is sprinting down the hill, messages like “what is he doing?” With the crying laughing emoji’s and hashtag “he’s never done that” with the shrugging emoji’s.

And then this message: “not sure why he’s so cray-cray today but something must be brewing…” with two more shrugging emoji’s.

There is a ton to unpack with that video. You can take it in so many different directions. Starting with the fact that someone needs to dial it back on the emojis and the on-screen text. I’m not sure who was working harder in that video – the person pushing the sled or the person pushing out the messages.

And here is the big observation: that video did not look like the video of a guy who’s about to retire.

And he also doesn’t look like Drew Brees.

Let’s get this out there immediately and then we’ll move on – his hair looks darker than it has in the past and it seems like there’s more of it than maybe there’s been in the past. It looked like he suddenly grabbed Zac Efron’s hair and stapled it to his head.

The world hasn’t been that caught off guard by a Brees look since Oprah tried to get lipstick off Drew’s face.

That Oprah appearance was about a decade ago and he somehow looked even younger in this training video. Maybe that hair was why he was so “cray-cray” today. That didn’t look like a guy who turned 42 last month that looked like a guy who turned 22 last month.

And no, this isn’t to lettuce-shame. I love it. I dig it. Change up the look. That’s great. There’s no shame in that. He looks younger. He looks like great. He looks like he’s hungry.

And that gets me to the biggest question – not about his hair, but about his future. Because the reports were that he was retiring after this season. That the loss to Tom Brady in the playoffs was the end of his career.

And that seemed to be underlined when Brees and his family hung out on the Superdome field after the game, with his kids playing around. And then Brady came out to talk to him and it felt like two great quarterbacks saying farewell to each other as competitors.

And the expectation was that Brees would announce his retirement a few days after that game. But it never came. A few days went by, a few weeks went by, and now we’re closing in on two months since that game and there hasn’t been an announcement from Brees.

Last month, he took a paycut for this season, one that took his base salary from 25 million to the league minimum for a player who’s been in the league as long as he has. And when that happened, when he took that haircut from 25 mill down to just over one mill, it seemed like that was just a move by Brees to free up space for the Saints from an accounting standpoint.

Except we still haven’t had that announcement that he’s retiring. And if he really is retiring, why would he be out there doing prowler pushes in the hot sun? That’s not what someone does in retirement.

That’s not what you do when you’re looking to look good in a suit in a broadcast booth. I get the idea that he wouldn’t want to get out of shape in retirement. It’s the Takeo Spikes argument about wanting to still be able to take off his shirt at the pool.

But what Brees was doing in that video is totally different from what you’d do if you just wanted to stay in shape in retirement.

You don’t do prowler pushes just to stay in shape after your playing days are over. Pushing a sled is brutal. It sucks the wind out of your chest and the life out of your legs.

You don’t need to do that to stay in shape. You do that to be in peak shape. You retire so that you don’t have to do prowler pushes, not so that you can free up time for more prowler pushes.

So if he’s letting that video go out and he’s working that hard, and he hasn’t announced his retirement, what does that mean? Does that mean he’s coming back?

That would be awesome. It really would be. The league is better when Drew Brees is in it. If he’s coming back, that is great. I would love to see a fully healthy Drew Brees come back for one last ride. That would be cool.

Was he motivated by seeing Brady winning another ring to think that he had another run in him? After all, he did go 2-1 against Brady this year. And if he saw Brady, was he thinking about maybe trying to pull a Brady and go somewhere else for the final chapter?

That would be really weird. You’d have to think he’s coming back with the Saints. I couldn’t see a scenario in which he comes back and plays for someone else – what other team has those weapons on offense and that talent on defense?

So I don’t know what that video means. But I know what it better not mean – if this is some sort of prank, it’s not funny. If he’s just yanking everyone’s chain, knock it off. And if this is some sort of attempt at viral marketing to get buzz for a product, that will be less than cool.  ay less. 

Those videos that are calculated misdirection’s are never cool or clever. In fact, they’re the exact opposite of that.  They’re lame.  They’re annoying.  And the folks them doing them should have better things to do with their time: especially if those folks are all time greats.  Like Drew Brees. 

Remember that note about “not sure why he’s so cray-cray today but something must be brewing…” that gets my antenna up. If that mention of “brewing” is the start of a viral campaign for coffee or beer or hair restoration that is going to suck. That will not be “cray-cray” that will be super “lame lame.  .”

I’m not going to say that Brees has to announce his retirement yesterday. It’s the hardest decision. He can and should take his time. Just don’t ruin it with some sort of corny viral campaign.

If this video is the start of a Brees comeback, I’ll be pumped. If this is the start of a commercial for car insurance, I’ll be pissed off.

If this is an elaborate Hulu promotion, not cool.

And haters… I know what you're thinking, instead of a 50 second prowler push, cray-cray would be Drew throwing 50 tight spirals into the wind and not a bunch of fluttering duck-ducks.

 It’s March 1st, let’s see this play out.

No "growler pushes"-emails, Rex. Its Prowler pushes.