The Game Of A Lifetime

The two dumbest teams in the league.

Jim Rome
October 02, 2020 - 9:26 am
Sam Darnold

USA Today


The 0-3 Broncos vs. the 0-3 Jets on Thursday Night, AKA The Game of the Season, hell, the Game of a Lifetime… certainly lived down to the hype. I tweeted it last night: that was the worst football game ever.  That’s not lava, or some manufactured hot tweet, designed to get likes and retweets: that’s a straight fact: worst football game ever. I mean, there was nothing but horrible on that field last night. From everyone involved. Players, coaches, refs; anyone and everyone who had anything to do with that garbage last night, was straight horrible. And as NFL folks like to say, that garbage all went on film; and that’s never going away. And we all knew it was going to be like that. Hell, if any of them, who had anything to do with it were being real with themselves, they knew it was going to be like that. Straight horrible. 

Now, as long as I’m asking folks to be real, I’ll be real for a minute. For a second there, I thought actually thought this might not be the worst game; I actually stopping thinking they don’t pay me enough to watch this crap. Because in their opening drive, jets qb Sam Darnold did this:


Holy hell, what was that? Sam Darnold was about to get absolutely buried on a blitz, but somehow shook off one guaranteed sack, broke another tackle, and then got into the open field and was dropping moves. He looked like John Elway and Mike Vick combined.

And I wasn’t the only one impressed by that. Patrick Mahomes tweeted: Yo that was a crazy run!!

It sure was. And LeBron responded to Mahomes with: Facts bro! Tough

And also had another tweet of his own: Helluva run by Darnold! The juke move once he got out the pocket was a running back elite move

You see a play like that and think, damn, did the Jets just find something?  Is it their time?  Are you coming out of this finally?   And of course the answer is no.  Hell now. They didn’t find jack.  Because not long after that, Darnold got wrecked on a sack, looked like he snapped his collarbone, and had to leave the game.

And you know what that meant? Hey! It was Flacco Time. A classic Joe Flacco Revenge Game!

Meanwhile, the Broncos were starting Mark, errr Brett, Rypien and he didn’t look too bad. Then again, it’s almost impossible to look bad against the Jets defense. I mean, how you can look bad when you underthrow a pass and it ends up going for six like this.

Credit Jeudy on that play, I guess. But really, just blame and shame Pierre Desir. Jeudy didn’t take the ball from him, Desir practically gave it to him. It hit Desir in the face. Of the three possible outcomes on that play: interception, incompletion, and touchdown, the touchdown was the least likely. But the Jets are the Jets and they’re gonna jet.

But remember, this is a Gregg Williams defense. And he’s supposed to be the biggest bad-ass defensive coordinator there is. Yet his crew was getting dissected by a third string, former practice squad qb who entered the game with 9 career pass attempts on a short week.

Triple G was probably looking to affect some heads after watching that.

So the Jets are down 10-7, their franchise quarterback is already busted up, they have to go with Joe Flacco, things are looking grim. But suddenly, Darnold appears on the sideline and he’s slinging the ball around. Maybe it IS going to be all right. Maybe the Jets will be kings. For a night… for a 3rd and 5, Darnold is back, showing grit and toughness. Only to get smashed for an eight yard sack.

The Jets are the absolute best. They really are. Send you’re banged up, alleged franchise quarterback out there for a third down and nearly getting killed him. If that collarbone wasn’t cracked before, it had to be now. And speaking of sending guys out there, can someone tell me why first round pick Mekhi Becton was playing last night?

He is the one good thing the team has going right now, but he has a jacked up shoulder and the team said that he would only play in the case of emergency. And yet there he was, just minutes into the game, out on the field, risking potential further damage to his shoulder.

That’s reckless and truly idiotic. You’re shoving that guy out there to beat an 0-3 Broncos team? For who? For what?

But this isn’t all about the Jets. The Broncos have a tone of blame in turning last night’s game into the dumpster fire that it was. Just as Vic Fangio had threatened, I mean promised, he also played Jeff Driskel in the first half, which meant we just witnessed an NFL game where four quarterbacks played in the first half. It was like a clown car of bad quarterbacks.

Remember when I said that Brett Rypien didn’t look half bad in the first half? Yeah, well in the second half, he didn’t look half bad, he looked all bad.

Let’s be perfectly clear about something: that wasn’t just a bad game, that was the worst game. And those aren’t just the two worst teams in the league, they are also the two dumbest teams in the league.

Don’t believe me? When was the last time you saw a penalty involving the long snapper? Last night there were multiple penalties involving the long snapper?

There was Denver steamrolling the Jets long snapper on a punt, so New York got to keep the ball. And there was this.

A false start. On the long snapper. Who does that? I’ll tell you who does it, the 2020 Denver Broncos.

You still don’t believe me that it was a battle between the two dumbest teams in the league? Adam Gase was dialing up wheel routes for Frank Gore. That is not to bash Frank Gore. I love Frank Gore and the paint-by-number quote unquote jokes about Frank Gore being overrated are tired, stupid, really unoriginal, and really unfunny. Seriously.

Frank Gore is talented, but I’m not sure scheming wheel routes for him is the best use of his talent.

And don’t get me started on the ending of the game that was so awful and so awesome, it’s getting its own take.

And yet, despite all of that, despite sucking all season and for most of last night, the Jets still had a chance to somehow get a win. Down 2, they turned the ball over on downs at their own 43 with 1:48 left in the game. Get a couple stops, use your timeouts, force a punt, and you’ve got a chance to win it.

And in that situation, the Jets dug deep, manned down, and did this.

When the going gets tough, the tough quit. The Jets are the absolute best. I love this team. Just when you think they’ve hit rock bottom, they pull out a jackhammer and goggles and go to work. Turn up, love you guys, awesome. Keep doing you, New York. Because it’s awesome. Give me an A or give me an F, and you guys are showing straight Fs every week.