The Love For Andy Reid

You inspire that kind of love and that kind of respect by how you treat people.

Jim Rome
February 04, 2020 - 11:44 am
Andy Reid

USA Today


In the buildup to the Super Bowl, there was a lot of talk about the fact that Andy Reid had not won a Super Bowl. And a number of guys talking about wanting to win one for him. And Reid making it clear that he doesn’t want anyone to win anything for him, he wanted everyone to win it for everybody.

Because that is classic Andy Reid. Never wanting it to be about him. 

But when it was over, there was nothing Reid could do to stop his guys from hyping him and talking about why they wanted to win it for him. 

Albert Breer wrote that as he was heading to the victorious locker room, he texted a number of members of the Andy Reid coaching tree for their reactions. And the texts came flooding back. Ron Rivera got chills. Sean McDermott was tearing up. John Harbaugh was so happy. Matt Nagy was fired up.

And Reid’s current coaches were hyped too. KC quarterbacks coach, and a former player for Reid, Mike Kafka’s voice started to crack as he talked about what it meant to him.  

“It was one of the biggest things for me, one of my biggest goals. If I had an opportunity to help him win a world championship, I would do anything possible to do that. It gets me emotional thinking about it, because he gave me an opportunity here to be a part of it, which is huge. It’s awesome. There are no words to describe that man. It’s … Coach.” 

And there was more. Breer showed the texts from the other coaches to Tyrann Mathieu. “He's such a good guy, he's such a good coach. He gives us our space, he lets us be ourselves. We have a lot of personality in this locker room. We got a lot of personality in this locker room. He lets us believe in that. Hats off to him. He does a lot not only for the players but the coaches as well. He's created this coaching tree. We're proud all the way around."

Frank Clark, like Mathieu, another new arrival, was thrilled to get one for his coach. "My coach, being a fan of his before I came here and now, the fact that he's able to have a championship … It's just an honor to bring coach a championship. He's been doing this for year’s man, that man finally got him one."

I could keep going. There’s Brett Veach, the GM telling Terez Paylor that among his first words to Reid after it was over were “‘I love you, and it’s been the greatest honor of my life to help you get a ring.’”

And fullback Anthony Sherman who told Paylor that he can’t wait to be part of the eventual documentary: “There’s no greater feeling to know that when they make ‘A Football Life’ for Andy Reid, we’re gonna be in it. And that’s what I told the special teams guys this week. I said, ‘Listen, they’re gonna make ‘A Football Life’ for Coach Reid, and let’s be a highlight in those reels for this game.’”

I could keep going, but I’ll stop. The thing that is so amazing about all of this is how many people are happy for Reid. And how many of them talk about the fact that this was a goal for them, not to win a Super Bowl and get a ring, but to win one for Reid and get him a ring. 

That says a ton about him, not as a coach, but as a person. Because you don’t inspire that kind of love and that kind of respect just because you can scheme things up to get guys open. Or because you know the right call on fourth down. Or by having funny one-liners at press conferences, wearing Hawaiian shirts, and being self-deprecating.

Reid can do all of that and the fact that he is funny at press conferences is a nice reminder that you don’t have to be a cave troll grumping your way through press conferences and through life to win big games. No names mentioned. 

But guys don’t love him like that and lay it all on the field for him like that because of the scheme or the jokes.

You inspire that kind of love and that kind of respect by how you treat people. And if you listen to everyone around him, Andy Reid treats people incredibly well. That is awesome. And makes that win so much better.  

How ‘bout those Chieeeefffffs? And how ‘bout Coach Reeeeeiiiiiddddd?  No one like Andy Reid: and now he has his ring; even if he wanted for everyone else and the rest of the world wanted it for him.