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Heat 116 Bucks 114

Jim Rome
September 03, 2020 - 9:31 am
Marc Davis

USA Today


Last night was a big night in the Association. You had Jimmy Butler and the Heat looking to take a 2-0 series lead on Giannis and the Bucks. And later, you had James Harden, Russell Westbrook, and the Rockets going up against Chris Paul and the Thunder in a Game 7.

But what you really had last night was a gigantic serving of Marc Davis and Scott Foster. Hell yes. Last night wasn’t a night for the players to be stars, it was a night for the refs to become legends. And there was no way in hell Marc Davis and Scott Foster were going to blow their chances.

They didn’t put in all that time in the offseason, the preseason, and the regular season, and then go down to the bubble to just ref a few games and go home. No, they were there to make their presences felt. That’s why you do the road work in the offseason, that’s why you run all those miles, and spend all that time in the weight room to execute the perfect blocking call.

You might have thought Heat-Bucks was Butler vs. Giannis and you would be completely wrong. Sure, the Bucks did a nice job limiting Butler all night, but the scary thing is that they limited Butler all night and the Heat were still leading by six with 27 seconds left. And then all hell broke loose.

There was the Giannis dunk to cut the lead to 4. And then Jimmy Butler, well frankly, appeared to go brain dead on this play.

Afterward, Butler tried to say what was going through his mind: “I tried to shoot it in their basket, obviously, and I almost made it. I don't know why I threw the ball so high like Goran could jump that high and grab it. But I saw Goran and thought, "Throw it Goran's way." That's actually a terrible IQ play. You should never throw the ball towards the other team's basket. I had a lapse of judgment.”

I wouldn’t just say that was a lapse of judgment, I would say it was the worst lapse of judgment ever, but then Marc Davis said, step aside, I got this.

Because after the Heat inbounded with a two-point lead, Butler was fouled and made one of two from the line. So Milwaukee is down 3, they’re in-bounding, and then this absolute mess happens.


Now, there is a thing in basketball that there are certain calls you don’t make in the final minute of a tight basketball game. That is not one of them. Because that’s not a foul in the first minute of a game or the last.

Just a truly terrible call, not just in that moment, but in any moment. But Marc Davis sure as hell thought it was. And he sent Middleton to the line to shoot three free throws to tie the game.

And if that was all Marc Davis did last night, it would’ve been too much. But he wasn’t done. In fact, he was just getting warmed up.

If you thought the foul that sent Middleton to the line was bad, wait until you see what he’s got next.


Holy crap that’s an awful call. Absolutely hot garbage. You’re calling that on the final play of the game? A foul is a foul is a foul and should be called whenever it happens, but that was not a foul. And it sure as hell isn’t a foul on the final play of the game.

Did you tune in to see the Freak and Playoff Jimmy? The hell you did. You tuned in to see Marc Davis. This was his time to shine. When the clutch moments come, as Chris Paul likes to say, "Some people built for it, some people shy away from it."

And Marc Davis just drove a Mack truck through it. He’s not shying away. He’s flooring the accelerator and bombing towards the moment.  

He knows that and he was giving you the show that you wanted. Why would you want to see two basketball teams decide a playoff game when you can see one ref decide it and he’ll decide it both ways.

Davis gave this explanation to a pool reporter: "He must be allowed the space to land and Giannis contacts him with his left hand on his torso and I felt like it affected his balance and did not allow him the space to land in a normal basketball position. As a result I judged this to be a shooting foul."

I’m not sure what’s worse – the call or the explanation. Are you kidding me with that? That was the most makeup of makeup calls ever. The late Tammy Faye Bakker can’t believe how much makeup there was on that call HEEEYYYYYYY-OOOOOOOO.

Seriously, that really was awful. It was horrible live and it gets worse every time I’ve seen it since then. What a complete and total joke. And a terrible look for the league. At least that Fail Mary ref who was seen partying in a Fresno bar one day after his disaster was a replacement ref. Marc Davis isn’t .

Marc Davis might as well have just shouted “I’ll make up for it now” before blowing the whistle. Just tell the pool reporter after the game that you screwed up the first call and wanted to make it right.

And not only did you have that terrible call, but then you got the bizarre scene of Butler taking free throws with zeroes on the clock and nobody allowed to be near him. So he officially won the game after the game was over.

That is one of the games where I wish fans had been there, because I would’ve loved to hear the reaction from Bucks fans at a Milwaukee home game to that second call. Actually, maybe I wouldn’t have, because that would’ve been ugly.

And it’s definitely one of those times where I wish the league announced that they weren’t going to fine coaches or players for comments about the officiating, because you’d get some pretty awesome answers. Instead, you had Bucks head coach Mike Budenholzer taking the highest of high roads after the game.

While I really would’ve preferred a series of f-bombs, the truth is, the Bucks are in a terrible spot. They’re down 0-2 to a Miami team that is absolutely fearless. They’re trailing a Heat team that is built for this moment. There is a ton of pressure on the Bucks heading into Game 3 and the only question is: who will be the bigger star – Giannis, Playoff Jimmy, or the refs?