The Patriots Are Back, Baby!

Line up the duck boats and plan out the parade route!

Jim Rome
December 10, 2019 - 10:29 am
Pats Camera

USA Today


Roughly 24 hours ago, a lot of people were coming for the New England Patriots after that home loss to Kansas City. They were saying that the offense was garbage and the dynasty was over. And I was saying, hold up. They do look vulnerable; and they do have issues offensively. But they ARE 10-3 and they AREN’T done.

And then came this press conference with Bengals head coach Zac Taylor, where he was asked about rumors that the Patriots had a videographer in the press box on Sunday who was taping the Bengals sideline.

"I'm aware there was an incident, but I know the league is investigating it. I've got no comment."

Wait…what??! Did I just hear what I thought I heard? That the Patriots had a videographer in the press box allegedly recording the Bengals sideline.

Do you know what that means? Have you contemplated what this says? I’ll tell you what it means and what it says:


Hell yes! I told you not to bury these guys because they will come back out of the ground with a shovel and crack you with it. And if they are sending videographers to opposing games to film the sidelines, they are officially back.

Line up the duck boats, plan out the parade route, the Patriots are back, yo! 

And of course a bunch of you weirdos and cry babies are freaking out and saying that it’s cheating. See! See! Spygate. Deflate gate and now this! They’re serial, they can’t stop!!  You know what, maybe you haters are the ones who need to stop. Why are you quick to rush in? And rush to judgment? Why are you jumping to that conclusion? So it’s someone associated with the Patriots running around with a camera filming the other team, why would you think that’s cheating?

I mean, you’d really have to be addicted to cheating if you are trying to cheat against the Bengals. And you want to talk about risk and reward ratio: why the hell would the risk that much for so little gain: he’s the best coach ever, they’re one of the worst teams ever: why would he need to cheat to beat them? And given his rap sheet, why would he risk it?

How about you hear them out on this before you rush to judgment. Bill Belichick told WEEI that "I heard about this and evidently this is our production people on the TV show that were there and I have absolutely nothing to do, we have absolutely nothing to do with anything that they produce or direct or shoot. I have never even seen any of their tapes or anything else. This is something that we 100 percent have zero involvement with. This is something you'd have to talk to the production people about and what they were doing, or whatever it was. We have never seen anything that they've shot, other than what has come down on TV."

Belichick added: "As I understand it, they were videotaping him to show kind of what an advance scout does, or something like that."

See? They were just videotaping something to show the world what kind of work an advance scout does. Or something like that.

It’s a perfectly reasonable explanation. Nice try, haters.

Do you really think the New England Patriots would stoop to something as low as filming another team when it’s not allowed? Those aren’t the New England Patriots I know. You must be thinking of some other team that’s been caught filming opponents, possibly showing up a Super Bowl walkthroughs, and allegedly deflating footballs.

Again, nothing to see here. Just your regular, run of the mill, feature on an advanced scout that they happened to film in the press box of a game that includes their next opponent.

So what that the next opponent is coached by a first year head coach who you haven’t faced? That’s just a weird coincidence.

And who cares that Bengals don’t think it was an innocent mistake and a big misunderstanding; who cares that they seem to think Patriots knew exactly what they were doing which is why the Bengals ripped the video and immediately sent to the league for review. Who cares? 

Again, there is absolutely nothing to see here. But some of you want to call them the Cheatriots again.

There is nothing to see here, even though Tom Pelissero reported that "What really drew the interest of the Bengals is the fact they were shooting into the bench area. I have spoken with several people familiar of what was in that tape, including one person who has seen that tape, and said it included video of the Bengals coaches making signals and then panning out into the field."

And so what if that employee allegedly kept the camera locked on the Bengals sideline, shooting the coaches and staff, for the entire first quarter? Is there something wrong with getting b-roll? Since when is it a crime to do a great production and have 45 minutes to an hour of b-roll of some random opponents sideline?

Anyway, I’m sure if they did pick up signals or communications from the sideline, they would just delete that part of the tape anyway.

So to recap: the Bengals saw something that looked weird, but a source told Adam Schefter it was fine and Belichick told a local radio station it was fine. So all of you people are freaking out and getting worked up about nothing. Especially since the Patriots admitted they violated the rule but had no intention to do so, quote:

 “In addition to filming the scout, the production crew — without specific knowledge of league rules — inappropriately filmed the field from the press box. The sole purpose of the filming was to provide an illustration of an advance scout at work on the road. There was no intention of using the footage for any other purpose. We understand and acknowledge that our video crew, which included independent contractors who shot the video, unknowingly violated a league policy by filming the field and sideline from the press box.”

You know, the old “I have never knowingly taken anything illegal” defense after being busted for being roided out of your mind: you buy that, right? Of course.

How do you not give these guys the benefit of the doubt: sure they’ve done it before: sure, they just did it again; and sure, Hoodie is the biggest control freak ever, and knows every little thing, about every little detail of the organization; sure he does: he just doesn’t happen to know anything about this crew: and this crew apparently doesn’t happen to know anything about NFL rules. Why is that so hard for so many of you to believe.

Shame on you for thinking that the Patriots were doing anything other than producing a high quality documentary series for their website. Those aren’t the Patriots I know. Those Patriots will never knowingly deflate footballs or illegally tape the other team, not even once, much less twice. Don’t hate what you can’t replicate.