The State Of New York Football

The Giants and the Jets are bad. Really bad.

Jim Rome
September 28, 2020 - 11:50 am
Sam Darnold

USA Today


As you all know, personal appearance is no show fodder. One, you should have all stopped being about that life once you got out of grade school. Two, if I did allow it, all I’d get is a steady diet of how ugly this person is. So I’m not doing it. And I’m not having it. And personal appearance STILL is not show fodder. Got it? Good. That said, the state of professional football in New York could not be any uglier than it is right now. Think of the ugliest thing you know: then multiply that by 100 and you have the Jets and the Giants. And not necessarily in that order.

Let’s start with the Giants who were hosting the San Francisco 49ers. Actually, they were hosting what is left of the San Francisco 49ers.

Because the Niners went into that game without Jimmy Garropolo, George Kittle, Deebo Samuel, Raheem Mostert, and Tevin Coleman. And that was just a partial list of the offensive players they didn’t have.

On defense, they were missing Nick Bosa, Solomon Thomas, Dee Ford, Richard Sherman, Dre Greenlaw, and more.

So if ever there was a time for the Giants to face the 49ers, yesterday was it. And the Giants did what they do best. They got their asses kicked. Not only could they not beat a team that was missing 9 starters, they couldn’t even compete. Not only couldn’t compete, but got blown the hell out:

Final score: The Remnants of San Francisco 36, the New York Giants 9.

The Giants played a team that was essentially missing its entire team and they still lost by four touchdowns.

And stop me if you’ve heard this before, but Danny Turnovers was doing what Danny Turnovers does best. Turn the ball over. Like dude, you may have hated that Danny dimes nickname: I get it. It’s lame. But it’s still better than being called a turnover factory, which is what you are.

Better known as Daniel Stephen Turnovers the First. The Giants have played three games, Jones has 6 turnovers. That fumble in the first quarter was his 20th fumble in the first 16 games he’s played. The only guy who fumbled at a higher rate than that in his first 16 games was Tony Banks.

But don’t worry, Jones is on it: "Those are costly mistakes. Certainly need to correct."

Thanks, D. Glad you’re on top of the problem. Identifying it is the first step, fixing it is the next step. Any time you want to get around to that second step, would be great.

And it’s not like he’s Brett Favre in that he’s going to have some turnovers, but the offense will be explosive. Hell no. That juggernaut of an offense didn’t even get into the red zone yesterday against a banged up 49ers team. Forget getting into the end zone, they couldn’t get within twenty yards of it.

And I hate to say it again, but do you remember when he beat the Buccaneers last year and everyone was looking to crown him as the next great quarterback in the league? And remember when I was saying, pump the brakes?

Y’all can apologize to me any time you’d like. It doesn’t have to be fancy or formal, call it in, tweet in it, email it in, just make sure you get it in. Because I’m still waiting. 

And as bad as the Giants offense was, their defense wasn’t much better. They got carved up by Nick Mullens. I repeat, Nick Mullens. He went for nearly 350 yards yesterday.

While the Giants couldn’t get into the red zone, the 49ers were scoring on seven of their first eight possessions.

But don’t worry, Joe Judge, who generated a ton of attention because of his tough-guy approach in practice is on the case.

What exactly was he talking about? Shock of all shocks, Joe Judge isn’t bill Belichick.  What the hell kind of answer was that?? There was a lot of aggressive chatter about blue collar jobs, but what does that have to do with your football team? You’re 0-3. It’s an embarrassment. Zero credit for not looking for excuses and pointing fingers.

And for a moment there, it looked like the Giants might be the worst team in the league. But along came another team from the area and they said, you aren’t ripping that crown from us. Not on our watch. Yes. You’re horrible. Yes you’re an embarrassment to your craft and this town. But you’re not worse nor more embarrassing than us. 

I’m talking about the New York Jets who saw the garbage the Giants put on the field and had one thought: hey y’all, watch this!

The Jets had the ball to start the game and pick six.

At a time when it seems like you can count on nothing at all, you can count of that. The Jets being horrible.  B-U-M-S. BUMS, BUMS, BUMS.  But then the damnest thing happened: They bounced back from that pick six and went on a 14-play drive that ended in a touchdown. That was weird. And for a moment, they almost looked competent.

But fortunately, and not surprisingly, it was only a moment. Because the Colts ran off 10 straight points and led 17-7 at halftime. And it tells you everything you need to know about the Jets that being down by just 10 at halftime felt like a win. And sure enough, 17-10 became 24-10 in the second half and then it got worse, another Darnold pick six. 

Who let Matt Schaub on the field in a Sam Darnold jersey? That’s two pick sixes in a game. But the Jets offense wasn’t done handing out treats. They had more they wanted to give, a safety. 

The Giants puked all over themselves and everyone thought, these guys are the worst. And then the Jets went out and threw a pair of pick sixes and gave up a safety. They lost 36-7 in a game where their defense gave up 20 points and the offense gave up 16 points.

So again, which team is worse: the Giants or the Jets? And the correct answer is: yes.

These days, the best part of Jets games are the press conferences after the games. You’re watching the game and thinking, oh, hell yes, this is going to be an awesome post-game presser.

And sure enough, it was. There were the players, like Sam Darnold, who were bravely trying to have Adam Gase’s back.

"I truly believe this, and the guys in the locker room feel the same way: We've been put in great positions to go out there and succeed, to go out and execute a game plan that's put together perfectly for us. It's just about us executing, that's all."

All I can say is Sam Darnold is one hell of a person. maybe not one hell of a NFL quarterback: but one hell of a human being: That is a standup guy to be in that situation, getting the hell beaten out of him every day since he entered the league, and saying, the coaches are doing a great job. He’s watching Gase single-handedly destroy his NFL career and he’s not publicly blaming the coach at all. Never mind canton, this dude should be in the human being hall of fame. What color are those blazers?? 

Then there was this from offensive lineman Greg Van Roten: "To the fans that are calling for his head, I never really understood that. I was on a team last year [Carolina Panthers], we fired the coach and it's not like we started winning. You go further in the tank. I'm not sure what that solves. But I get the frustration; I understand that."

You’ve lost games by 10 points, 18 points, and now 29 points and you’re telling me that it could get worse? You’re telling me that Gase is the difference between getting blown out and genuinely humiliated? Bring it on. 

But really, everyone just wanted to hear from Gase himself. He was asked about the speculation regarding his job security: "I'm going to do what I always do: Come to work tomorrow and try to get things fixed. It's something I can't worry about. I have to focus on getting our guys right."

He was asked directly if this was embarrassing: "Yeah, you don't want to go out there and get your ass kicked. It's frustrating. I'm frustrated for our guys."

Really….because from where I’m sitting you seem to be pretty comfortable with it. And the best part of all this, is the Jets have a short week before facing the Broncos on Thursday night. You talk about an all-time horrible prime time matchup: Gase’s seat is already red hot lose that game, it will be a raging inferno. I’d tell you to coach em up, Gase, but if you could, you would have already done so. Eyes wide open, my man. Keep your eyes on the prize.