The Worst 5-2 Team In Football

Your Chicago Bears.

Jim Rome
October 27, 2020 - 10:07 am
Nick Foles

USA Today


Losing to the 49ers last Sunday the way that they did left a bad taste in the Rams’ mouth. And last night, they took that out on the Chicago Bears. The defense was punishing and physical. The offense was efficient. And the final score, 24-10 was a lot closer than that game actually was.

You know how every coach loves to talk about how a game is about three phases: offense, defense, and special teams? Punter Johnny Hekker put on a show last night, pinning Chicago inside their own 10 five times. Normally, if your punter is getting a game ball, that is a really bad sign, but last night, it was a really good sign for LA, because Hekker controlled the game.

Hell, he probably could’ve beaten the Bears all by himself. Because there’s no way that bears’ offense was driving ninety yards for a touchdown. Hell, as bad as that offense is, I’m surprised they were even able to cross midfield. 

Don’t get me wrong, the Rams deserve a ton of respect for how they won last night. And the fact that they were mad about the way San Francisco beat them showed up last night. Aaron Donald was pissed about how the defense played in that game and last night, the entire defense played like Aaron Donald was pissed at them.

And the offense found a rhythm as well

Now, the Chicago Bears offense did not.

They went into last night at 5-1, the most disrespected 5-1 team in NFL history. And that’s because they were the worst 5-1 in the history of the game. You know the old, beaten into ground adage that you are what your record says you are? Yeah, well not in the case of the Bears: no one outside that locker room looked at that 5-1 mark and thought yep, that’s a 5-1 team right; and should be mentioned right alongside the other one loss teams, Green Bay, Baltimore and Seattle. No. Everyone looked at that mark and thought, the hell they are? And how the hell are these guys 5-1. And that pissed the Bears off.  And they were looking to make a statement. They were looking to go on national television and they were looking to prove a point.

Which is exactly what they did just not the point they wanted to prove. The point they proved is that they can’t score points. That they can’t move the ball. They can’t throw it.  They can’t run. They can’t do jack. And you better not come in here and blame Nick Foles for that.

I’m not saying Nick Foles is awesome, but he can’t do anything when Aaron Donald and the rest of the Rams pass rush are in his face every time he drops back. But it’s not just a Foles thing and it’s not just a Rams thing.

We’ve seen this movie time and time again, and it doesn’t matter who the quarterback is, if he’s wearing a Bears jersey and Matt Nagy is the head coach, it’s going to have the same ending.

Nagy has been the head coach for 40 games. In 24 of those games, the Bears offense has failed to score 21 points. And this guy is an alleged offensive mastermind. And he can’t scheme his way to three touchdowns a game in more than half his games.

That’s some Adam Gase offensive brilliance right there. He’s the Midwest version Gase.  He’s Gase minus the crazy eyes. 

So no, this is not about the quarterback. That’s not to say going back to Mitchell Trubisky is the answer. Because if Mitchell Trubisky is the answer, I’d hate to see what the question is. Hell, Trubisky has never been the answer, and never will. But Bears fans, I hate to tell you, it doesn’t matter who your quarterback is right now. Not when that guy is your head coach. The offense has been pretty much the same for the last three years and it hasn’t gotten much better. That’s why you got a Cordarrelle Patterson play on fourth and short.

The Bears defense outscored the Bears offense. But don’t worry, the head coach is on the case.

“[W]e’ve got to get stuff figured out. It’s not good enough and to be outscored by your defense obviously is unacceptable, too. So, that part’s frustrating. . . . I don’t ever remember having our own defense score more than our offense. That’s hard to do. So, that part I don’t like, and that bothers me.”

He is very bothered. He is very concerned. You might even say he’s troubled by this, so he’s on it.   Really on it.  Great, but can he fix it? Because he hasn’t yet.

And then there was this moment from the broadcast last night.


If the quarterback is telling the coach that they don’t have time to execute the play call, that’s not good. Not good at all. If the head coach can’t see that, that is a major problem.

After the game, Foles said that wasn’t what he meant. “That’s not what I was trying to bring across in that conversation. We go through plays and different situations, and I’ll be honest and say we need to get the ball out quicker. We were talking about game situations and Coach Nagy’s and my conversations and our relationship. I’ll say on the sideline, ‘Maybe we don’t have the time right now for this type of drop because of the pressure that they’re bringing.’ I think that’s a valuable conversation I’m able to have with him.”

Now, maybe Brian Griese misunderstood what Foles was saying. Or maybe he was saying something that he thought he said in confidence to a fellow qb. 

But it sure looks like that’s exactly what is happening when the Bears have the ball. It sure looks like the game is being called by a guy watching a different game. A guy who either intentionally or unintentionally is looking to get his qb killed. 

Because last night, Foles was getting killed. It felt like every Bears pass play was: drop back, get swarmed, and chuck the ball up as high as you can and hope that a receiver finds it.

And back to the notion that you are what your record says you are…well… that means that at 5-2, the Bears are a Super Bowl contender. Which is an absolute joke, even if they themselves don’t know it.

Nick Foles said this after the game: "Everything's in front of us, the season's not over."

I guess. And I guess they are a 5-2. I even guess you could argue that they still have a shot at the postseason: just don’t tell me they have a shot at winning anything that matters. Not with that offense. And not even with that defense which ultimately is going to gas out. They had a golden opportunity in primetime, too. Prove a point last night: to prove everyone outside that locker room wrong. Instead, they proved all of us right.  Because they’re not what their record says they are, and they’re not going anywhere at all.  Not with that offense; and not with that coach. That’s who they really are, and that’s how it’s really going to be until they make some wholesale changes.

And Foles is having to rally the team like they’re the Dallas Cowboys. That’s the quarterback of a 5-2 team saying "Everything's in front of us, the season's not over."

That’s not what a real 5-2 team would be saying right now. And again, that’s not on him. That’s just reality. He knows the deal with this team. And so do the rest of us.